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The Best Memory Foam Mattress – For Back Pain Sufferers

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The Best memory foam mattress for those suffering from Back pain should meet certain qualities. The Memory Foam mattress should be medium firm and that’s the first and most important factor for back pain relief. Research shows that a medium firm mattress is known to relieve back pain better than a firm or a soft mattress. If the mattress is too firm or too soft, chances are that the pressure is not evenly distributed, which creates more pressure on certain parts.

A good night’s sleep is a basic priority which is needed by every human being. But many times, we don’t get what we have wished for. Such troubles mainly could be due to our mattress itself. Many working professionals say, that waking up with a back pain has become a common habit for them. This kind of musculoskeletal discomfort is not restricted to adults only. Both young and adults have to suffer from lower, middle or upper back pains at least once in their lifetime.

Studies shows that around 31 million Americans suffer from back pains at any one time. Besides, 83% of Britons shared their experiences of having worst back aches in their morning hours. The American Chiropractic Association estimated 40 – 60% people with trouble sleeping.

Best Mattress For Back Problems

Causes of back pain

Back pain can happen from your neck to the hips. This is most common in the lower area. Mainly happens when the body is unable to maintain a proper posture. This bad posture finally affects the spine which causes pain in the shoulders, neck, lower, middle and upper back. It’s important that when lying down body lays flat with continuous support and equal contact (from the surface) in a balanced manner. When there are gaps between the body and the surface of the top cover, we are unable to get the full support.This will end up with joint pains in the morning.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is topped with a layer of temperature –sensitive Visco material. Since, the material is affected by room temperature. You can feel the mattress cold and hard in your first experience. This is the second most popular mattress which is preferred by most of the people. As choices vary some persons avoid choosing such kinds of mattress mainly due to reasons like temperature variations. There are different types of memory foam mattress. Pure memory foam mattresses possess extra layers of memory foam. Hence is also called as memory foam-only mattresses.

Pros of Memory foam mattress 

  • Spinal Alignment: Memory foam has the ability to maintain the correct alignment of the spine, by ensuring you a better and healthy night sleep.
  • Stress Relief: Highly effective for persons suffering from aches and pains.
  • Anti-Allergic: This mattress is filled with polyurethane foam which is safe and handy for the consumers suffering from allergies.

Cons of Memory foam mattress

  • Smell: The mattress is having a slight kind of smell. Since this is treated by chemicals. This smell might not be liked by many persons and they feel some kind of irritation.
  • Low support: People who prefer firm mattress may mostly say “no” to this kind of mattress. Memory foam is flexible where your body sinks into the mattress.
  • Sensitive to heat: This is not good for you if you sweat a lot during sleep hours resulting in a restless sleep.

Differences between firm and soft mattress

Always a mattress which keeps your back support firm should be chosen. Too soft mattress creates an uneven surface while lying down. Similarly, firmness will put more pressure on the body. This, in turn will enhance pain in different parts like back, neck and shoulders.

Whenever, I used to visit my family doctor for monthly checkups, I used to find many patients suffering from the same disorder. He mostly used to prescribe them certain medicines like pain killers. These medicines may feel good for a time being relief. But regular intake of such medicines will lead to the worst consequences in the future.

Proven facts

Research proves that more than 20% of people are comfortable and have experienced some sort of relief from the pains. High density foam offers best support and proper spinal alignment. Even, a study done in 2010 shows the same result, where people using firm mattress layered with memory foam, proved significant improvement in both neck and shoulder pain.

Best Mattress For Back Problems

Pressure points are a key factor

The mattress has the ability to mold with our body pressure and spread an equal body weight over the entire surface of the mattress. This manner helps the body from all types of strains (like back aches) and the critical pressure points of the body also gets protected and comforted. Thus, allowing you to sleep in a more comfortable way.

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