Puffy Mattress

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Mattress sets include both the mattress and also the box spring or foundation which are purchased together. The popular types of mattresses are the memory foam mattress, latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses and air bed mattresses. The main advantage of buying mattress sets on sale are that the foundations or box springs are sold along with the mattress. These foundations are usually the ideal combination for a particular type of mattress and customers do not have to hunt around for the foundations separately. The main advantage of using a box spring or foundation is that it increases the life of the mattress by preventing it from sagging.

Box Springs vs Foundations in mattress sets on sale

Box springs were used with mattresses more than 20 years ago and have since been replaced with foundations. Box springs had coils inside which were stronger than those used in mattresses. These springs could absorb the weight keep the mattress in shape. Foundations have replaced box springs in most of the mattresses except the high end mattresses since box springs are very expensive. Foundations use V-shaped steel modules to form a grid. These help to distribute weight evenly. Some foundations use only wood. Foundations are made according to the type of mattress. So the manufacturers sell these mattress sets consisting of the mattress and the box springs/foundations. The name box spring is a commonly used among customers and some manufacturers / distributors use the name to refer to foundations also.

What is the benefit of buying Mattress sets on sale?

The main advantage of buying mattress sets is that you do not have to shop around for foundations which suit your mattress. The manufacturer will provide the mattress and foundations together.

Can you recommend some tips while choosing a foundation?

The foundation provided by the manufacturer usually fits the mattress perfectly. But just for information, memory foam mattresses need sturdy, non-yielding foundations or platform surfaces. Inner springs mattresses do not require very hard foundations and some types of mattresses do not require any foundation at all, especially if the bed used is a platform bed.

What sizes of mattress sets are available on sale?

If you have already have a bed frame, you can choose a mattress sets to suit the size of the bed frame. Mattress sets are available in Twin size, Queen, Full. King and also the California King size. In some shops, you may even get sheets , blankets etc. to suit the mattress sets.

When buying mattresses, is it essential to buy a new foundation, if I already have one?

There are a couple of points to check while using an old foundation. If the foundation that you have is more than 10 years old, it will affect the life of the mattress. Second, some of the older foundations may not suit the type of new mattress that you buy. Also, some of the older box springs will not pass the flammability test. After considering all these factors, if the foundation is relatively new and is compatible with the new mattress, you can use the old foundation.

If you are using platform beds, some types of mattresses you use may not require a foundation or any other support.