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Mattress Mania offers a range of memory foam mattresses that flaunts different types of memory foam layers at the top. These memory foam mattress mattresses stick with the healthy spinal alignment and also make the sleep comfortable.

People look for memory foam mattress to have a little softness in the bed and the fancy memory foam layer offers this softness. The support layer is the high density foam that is firm and supports the body well to maintain the healthy spinal alignment.

Mattress Mania memory foam mattresses are mostly 2 layered mattresses and some are also 3 layers with an extra layer at the top. All of these memory foam mattresses by Mattress Mania are covered with a comfortable fabric to protect these layers.


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  • 100 night sleep trial

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Memory Foam Layers In Mattress Mania Mattresses

Rapid recovery memory foam

The rapid recovery memory foam, is as the name suggests takes very less time to recover. The memory foam which sinks when the body weight is placed on must recover its previous state as soon as the weight is taken off. The rapid recovery memory foam can achieve its previous state within no time. Therefore this rapid recovery helps in extending the comfort all over the mattress. This is also beneficial in the larger mattresses of queen size or larger. The rapid recovery memory foam uses lower density foam to have the softer feel to it.

Ventilated memory foam

A ventilated mattress allows air flow through it all the time. This helps keep the mattress fresh and aerated. The memory foam mattresses are notorious for the chemical smell and the proper aeration will reduce this off gassing and keep the mattress good smelling. The memory foam layer here will have vertical air channels that pass through the entire depth of the mattress. These channels also help in regulating the mattress temperature and maintain a cooler surface. This lower density foam layer will add softness to the mattress.

Arctic chill memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses retain the body heat from the sleeper and could get heated. This heat can make the sleeper sweat buckets while sleeping. The visco memory foam is made to reduce this temperature and the improvisation of this layer also makes the mattress cooler. The Arctic chill memory foam layer has the gel infusion in it that helps in the dissipation of the heat. In addition to the gel infusion, this layer of memory foam will also have the air channels that let the air pass through. Together these make the mattress feel cool as in Arctic region.


  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
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  •  20 Years warranty

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Top 4 Memory Foam Mattresses By Mattress Mania

Mattress Mania 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Full)

The Mattress Mania 8 inch memory foam mattress is made of 2 layers of foam. The upper layer of rapid recovery memory foam and the lower base support layer. The upper layer is 1 inch thick and the support layer is 7 inches in thickness. The overall comfort level of this mattress is medium firm.

The mattress is covered with a mattress cover made of breathable material. This can be removed and washed to keep the hygiene of the mattress. the mattress is available in the sizes twin, full, and queen sizes. The full size mattress is the most popular of all.

Mattress Mania 8 Inch Rapid Recovery Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)

This is another type of 8 inch memory foam. Here the mattress has the upper layer at 2 inches thick and the lower layer is 6 inches in thickness to form the 8 inch mattress. This Mattress Mania mattress with its rapid recovery memory foam layer makes a softer surface. The thicker softer layer makes the comfort level of the mattress at medium to medium soft.

This type of memory foam mattress is available in full and twin sizes. The twin size is more popular as people prefer it as the children’s bed. The removable and washable mattress cover makes it easy to keep it clean.

Mattress Mania 10 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress (Full)

This is a thicker mattress for a more luxurious feel. The mattress is constructed with 2 layers of foam. The upper layer is the ventilated memory foam that has a thickness of 3 inches. The lower base layer is 7 inches of high density support foam.

The mattress could be termed as a medium firm mattress with better cooling ability than other ordinary memory foam mattresses. The mattress is available in twin, full and queen sizes. People are preferring full size over the others.

The zippered mattress cover here is removable and machine washable, so there is no hassle in keeping its hygiene.

Mattress Mania 12 Inch Arctic Chill Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

The Mattress Mania Arctic Chill memory foam mattress is an innovative made for the mattress. The mattress has 3 distinct layers as opposed to 2 in the other memory foam mattresses from the same brand. The top layer with its gel infusion and the air channels are working on to keep the surface cool and comfortable. The top layer allows maximum air flow to keep the mattress fresh feeling and cooler.

This 3 layered structure makes the mattress softer. The top layer is the Arctic cool memory foam layer that is 2 inches thick, which is followed by the ventilated memory foam. The middle layer is 3 inches thick. The support layer is the high density foam with a thickness of 7 inches. The 12 inch mattress is quite thick and also makes you feel like sleeping on a luxurious mattress.

Care And Usage Tips For Mattress Mania

The memory foam mattresses by Mattress Mania are coming in a compressed and rolled state. One must unroll and open the wrap to let the mattress expand. This expansion might take a few hours, a maximum of 48 hours as well. It is advised to have the mattress expand in an airy area to let any lingering smell go away.

The mattress cover is removable and washable but they are not water proof. Being a memory foam mattress it is advised to have a water proof mattress pad or cover at the top to protect it from any accidents.