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The Best Mattress for Scoliosis

Brand Type Ratings Comments
Saatva Mattress Hybrid 4.5/5 Chiropractor Recommended Read Review
Bear Mattress Hybrid / Foam 4/5 Best mattress for Recovery Read Review
Avocado Mattress Latex 4.3/5 Natural and Organic Mattress. Firm, Yet Soft Read Review
Nectar Sleep Memory Foam 4/5 Most affordable mattress. Memory foam Read Review
Spine Align Mattress Hybrid 4/5 Crafted for spine & Back Related problems Read Review

The best mattress for scoliosis is the one which conforms to the body. It needs to provide the right pressure at the right places. Too much or too little pressure will create pain to the person’s body or be too uncomfortable. Before we get into the right mattress for scoliosis patients its important to understand the requirements of the patient.

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  1. A mattress which conforms to the body yet be firm and supportive
  2. A mattress which does not sleep too hot
  3. A mattress with no motion disturbance
  4. A mattress which is essentially easy to move around in
  5. A mattress which will allow zoned comfort levels
  6. Free from allergy and chemicals
  7. Optional Adjustable Bed compatible

There may be more requirements based on some patients. Some people may prefer a natural material. If you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper you may want a different kind of comfort levels. If you have undergone surgery, the requirements may vary slightly. Lets play into all these factors and figure out some of the mattress in the industry and how good they are for scoliosis patients

The Best Mattress TOPPERS for Scoliosis

Brand Type Ratings Comments
Saatva Mattress Hybrid 4.5/5 Memory Foam Toppers Read reviews
Plushbeds Latex 4/5 Latex and Foam toppers  Read Review
Avocado Mattress Latex 4.3/5 Pure Latex Toppers . Organic Read Review
Puffy  Memory Foam 4/5 2 Thickness levels. Adjustable  Read Review
Latex for Less Hybrid 4/5 Latex Mattress Toppers. Read Review

Pressure Relief and Firmness

The most important of all the factors for a scoliosis patient is a mattress which is medium or medium firm, yet provides the right Pressure relief. Memory foam mattresses were known to provide the best pressure relief. Today technology has evolved and some latex mattresses do provide better pressure relief than memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses too have equaled or excelled in terms of pressure relief. 


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Pressure relief Ranking by Mattress type

  • Memory Foam 7
  • gel Infused Memory foam 7
  • Latex 8
  • Hybrid pocketed innerspring 9

Research indicates that innerspring mattress provides the best pressure relief when compared to other types of mattresses. Individual pocketed coils allows the mattress to conform to the weight of the person , allowing the pressure to be balanced throughout the body. Memory foam mattresses  and latex are continuous sheets and does do a good job in providing pressure relief undoubtedly but its entirely based on the weight of the person and the density of the foam. Its not uncommon to find people who find a perfect memory foam or latex mattress to their comfort, often better than hybrid mattresses. 

TIP : Its better to find a mattress which is the firmest and comfortable to you. Over time, the mattress will soften and you will find the mattress to your taste. If you find the mattress a bit too firm after a few weeks, you can always throw in a topper which is soft and it will be perfect, giving you a softer feel on the top, yet a balanced firm feel.

Our Recommendation 

Saatva Mattress – A Hybrid mattress which is Chiropractic seal Approved. It is medium firm, Pillow top versions available. 

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss – Botanical bliss is a Latex mattress which provides the best support in medium or medium firm variation. You can also change the firmness level of your partner if they want a different setting. 

The bear mattress – A simple firm mattress which is used by sport professionals for better recovery. Its firm and the top layer is copper infused Foam

The Puffy Mattress – The puffy mattress is Firm yet soft, gel infused and the basic of all mattresses.


The Best Memory foam Mattress Recommended for Healing.