This is not something you hear often especially from a person with curved spine who goes through excruciating pain almost every day. At the age of 13, Emily had to undergo a surgery that changed her whole life. To make the situation worse, her sister, Audrey, too was suffering from scoliosis that had to undergo surgery the very next day. Read the whole story about choosing mattress for Scoliosis patients.

As it always goes, blood tests, x-rays were carried on till the day of surgery. Frequent pleading and excuses by the kids didn’t work and the surgeries were fixed. Fortunately for them, the doctors and the staff were absolutely supportive and composed that eased the worries from children. I am a true believer that supporting words from doctors and staff can help anyone in chucking out worries and infuse a certain faith in overcoming lurking fears. As good fate had it, the operation went successful and the results were impeccable.

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Planning to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Emily has begun volunteering at Children’s Hospital and is assisting many kids suffering from scoliosis to combat their distress.

This is just one of the many stories. Scoliosis affects 2-3% of the 7 million population of the United States with patients including infants to teenage adults. Females are 8 times more likely to develop a curve magnitude that cries for treatment.

Puffy Mattress

Does your partner tend to toss around in bed a lot? Puffy Mattress comes with motion resistant feature that inhibits movement transfer which means even if your partner tosses around, you can sleep peacefully without knowing a thing.

Scoliosis Myths

There are many myths surrounding scoliosis and its causes. Let me tell you that it does not occur by watching too much TV or munching too much junk food and certainly is NOT contagious.slide_12

Few claim that soft mattress can cause curvature of the spine and lead to scoliosis but that’s not true. However, there are correct sleeping positions for Scoliosis patients that will help in alleviating the back pain. Opting for the right mattress for Scoliosis patients also plays a vital role in cutting down pressure on the spinal area.

Scoliosis – Causes and Treatment

Scoliosis occurs due to hereditary factors and this ‘abnormal curve’ sadly goes unnoticed during the initial years and becoming evident only during adolescent or in teens.

Know, that surgery is not the only option for you. Pain killers, increasing the strength and flexibility of the spine, weight loss, chiropractic therapies etc. are few of the remedies to cut down the impact of scoliosis and lead a better life. Bracing (using a corset brace to eliminate motion of the back) is also a popular remedy for those dealing with back pain.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Scoliosis patients

Keep in mind that the patient’s sleeping position has nothing to do with treating or worsening the condition. However, a comfortable and sufficient sleep has its own benefits. And without a doubt, a mattress has a vital role in supporting a good night’s sleep especially with scoliosis patients. If you are looking for Mattress for Scoliosis patients, scroll down to know all about it.

Here are five scoliosis tips for a better sleep and choosing the right mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

It is not at all a wise decision to sleep on your tummy. This not only throws the natural curvature alignment of the spine to an abnormal bend but can also increase the neck and back pain.

Perfect mattress

If you are using an old mattress that has been passed on from generations or simply a wrong mattress, its time to retire them. Choose a mattress that supports the back’s neutral position. If you are in a mattress store, don’t be embarrassed and lay down for a while. Connect with the mattress and feel how it relates to you. Choose the mattress that’s worth every penny you pay.

Mattress Toppers

If you already purchased a mattress, you can always go with mattress toppers. Bear in mind to opt for organic cotton/wool that wicks away excess heat and keeps your body cool especially at hot humid climates. This is very much important for treating scoliosis patients. Ensure that the topper is only 1-3 inches thick. Excessive thickness might feel good at first, but trust me it does not give the neck and spine much needed support.

Sleeping postures

Depending on the severity, your doctor may recommend you to switch to side sleeping or on your back. Propping a pillow under or in between your legs can give you a craved comfort level. It is said that people dealing with scoliosis have a slight degree of hyperkyphosis (a tiny hunched back deformity) that is related with the spinal curvature. With the help of a firmer mattress, roundedness of the spine can easily be eliminated.

Support your head and neck

Do not go for large pillows. They will push your head forward and disrupt the spine alignment. It can also hinder natural breathing process while promoting severe neck pain. Cervical pillows are the best. This is because they optimize REM and come with many hypoallergenic fabric that ensure good cervical health. They also shoo away any respiratory or allergic disease as well.

Best Mattress for Scoliosis patients

I do understand that the comfort level differs; for instance, some prefer a firmer mattress while some like it soft. But one type of mattress that is constantly termed best mattress for scoliosis patients is the memory foam.

Today’s mattress are made out of polyurethane with other chemicals that boost the foam’s viscosity. The ability of memory foam mattress is to distribute the body weight thus eliminating the severity in certain pressure points of the body. It also contours to your body shape and bounces back to its original position once you are up.

What do you get? A comfortable sleep without keeping you tossing and turning. placing the body in painless position. You won’t feel like climbing out of bed with this type of mattress. Memory foam mattresses are not just beneficial for those dealing with scoliosis but for those with back pains, arthritis or people dealing with sleep disorders.

Any mattress that you choose has to give good spinal support. The level of firmness will depend upon the individual preference. Any mattress will have to be replaced after 8-10 years of use, else the mattress will begin to sag. Heavier people will need mattresses which are more firm. The website gives details of the firmness level to find the recommended best bed for scoliosis patients and those suffering from back pain by Dr. Hali.

Bottomline – Mattress for Scoliosis patients

To conclude, optimum comfort and support is necessary while choosing the right mattress. While trying on a new mattress for Scoliosis patients, lay down for 15-20 minutes and ensure if its the comfy enough to support your back. Not two people are same. While few prefer firm mattress, studies show that they increase the back pain. It is always better to go for medium firm mattress or memory foam mattress. Such mattresses are proven to deliver optimum relief in scoliosis patients than firm mattress. This is because medium firm mattress allows the shoulder and hips to sink lightly than firmer ones that can cause pains or aches in pressure points.

Always remember, it comes down to your health and do not let a smooth talking salesperson to get you away with the wrong mattress.

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