Magniflex Duogel XS Deluxe Mattress

Magniflex mattress is one of the oldest companies in USA that puts customer’s comfort before themselves. It ensures optimum satisfaction in the years to come. If you are looking for the perfect mattress, then you need not go beyond Magniflex mattress. This article is all about Magniflex mattress reviews, customers’ say, their questions in mind and many more.

About – Magniflex mattress

Which began during the sixties as a small workshop is currently one of the top ranking mattress companies in America. It features excellent designs and well built craftsmanship. Magniflex mattress offers you hundreds of models, sizes, designs and bases for those who want to enjoy a deep night sleep after a day’s work.

Currently, Magniflex mattress has more than 90 international markets with 8 show rooms all over the globe. The company has many certifications and accreditation received worldwide. It also meets each and every country’s manufacturing standards that can be seen while making the mattress.

If this is not enough, Magniflex mattress has initiated effort for reduced carbon foot print by cutting down many of the functions that require CO2 usage. For instance, the company uses solar panels for generating energy and other functionalities. This means reduced carbon release in the environment.

Another feather in the cap of Magniflex mattress is its vacuum packaging which was patented for its exemplary feature. The vacuum packaging ensures that each mattress cuts space upto 90% during packing. Therefore, 13 mattresses can be delivered within a space of one cubic as compared to 3 mattresses using normal packing techniques. This is a big step in supporting the environment as the company need to use lesser vehicles on road thereby curbing very much on CO2 emission.

Magniflex Mattress for back pain

Everyone deserves a good sleep. A rigid mattress can not only give you a bad backache but will also rob away your sleep. The result of a grumpy face to wake up that will keep you negative and elevate the stress levels. This will indirectly affect your health. Why go through such pain? Choose the right mattress that comes with proper firmness and motion isolation that will motivate a peaceful sleep and a healthy life in the years to come.

Oh, here is a healthy tip. If your bed tends to bounce around every time your partner tosses and turns in the middle of night, make sure you get a bed with your partner. This is because each and every body is different and motion isolation is a factor that is crucial.

Features and Benefits of Magniflex Mattress

Magniflex mattress offers a huge range of collections. They are not only eco-friendly but are also available in types as per body type. As said earlier, no body is equal. It is necessary to relax the body without triggering any strain on pressure points. Based on different users, here are some of the amazing features that Magniflex mattress offers you.

Internal structure

Foam is one of the core point that need to be seen when you are buying a mattress. If you are dealing with severe backache, then here is MEMOFOAM that comes with high density open cell structure that molds itself as per your body giving you a good cuddle just as you enter the bed. With constant level and layers of support, it moves with your body giving you a peaceful sleep.

Next on line is the MAGNIGEL foam which is made out of high density structure that keeps you cool and dry. Infused with cool and flexible gel, the foam breathes easily and keeps the temperature of the Magniflex mattress constant without heating up rapidly compared to other foams.

Other types include

  • Magnifoam – with microcellular structure that is available in two versions – soft and firm
  • Mallowfoam – that is anti-inflammatory and comes with soothing properties making it a great support for the nervous system
  • Geolatex – combined with water based polyurethane, geolatex is a durable product that has ergonomic properties.
  • Spring mattress – from Magniflex which is made out of 2.2 tempered steel that ensures flexibility and strain resistant.
  • Ecogreen – made out of orthopedic material that ensures proper alignment of your body such as neck, back, shoulders, limbs etc. Made out of water, essential oils etc., the mattress keeps you cool and dry under hot sun.

Padding in Magniflex Mattress

If the constant layers are not enough, magniflex mattress comes with winter side of cashmere (cachemire), merino wool, camelhair, horsehair etc. and summer side that is filled with silk, cotton, linen, goose feathers etc.

Mattress padding on top of mattress speaks good about quality. Usually mattress padding indicates good quality delivered by the company and is made out of polyurethane foam, cotton batting or puffed up polyster. Of course, extensive mattress padding using natural materials can cost more than a budget but many users find it worth investing when compared to the comfort it delivers. Some of the fabric magniflex uses are:

  • Camelhair wool – ideal during winter time as the cellular structure retains heat. The hygroscopic properties absorb the moisture and help them evaporate keeping the climate dry and pleasant at all times for you.
  • Cashemire – is another animal fibre that not only withstands dirt but also has a high degree of heat insulation that ensures constant warmth during chilly times.
  • Goose feathers – has the capability to hold good volume of air. It holds the body’s temperature giving the skin free area to breathe. The group of filaments in the quill promises proper lift and elasticity.
  • Rolloboules fibre – the lightness and the elasticity are two of the prominent features of rolloboules fibre. Used in pillows and tops, the fabric is absolutely tough and an hypo-allergenic product. Delivering a feather like comfort, you can feel the plush feel every time you enter a peaceful sleep.

Outer structure

The outer cover for the mattress are equally vital when you are purchasing a mattress. So make sure you are opting for the right fabric that will work in your advantage. With varied designs and equally exciting properties, it can be difficult to choose the one fitting your preferences. While some are anti-bacterial, some offer you fire retardant formula and give you myriad health benefits.

  • Outlast – a heat regulating fabric, it was initially crafted for astronauts’ space suits that contains many spheres made out of specially prepared wax that melts at a temp of 36 degrees.
  • Viscose – an extremely soft and silky fabric that has been derived from cellulose from trees. It absorbs moisture quickly thereby ensuring a crisp breathing mattress.
  • Medicare treatment – keeping in mind the environmental regulations, the medicare treatment fabric is completely hygienic that is resistant to bacteria and moths.

If this is not enough, natural and eco friendly fabric cover include bamboo fibre, organic cotton, wood, silver fibre and more. The properties of these fabric are exceptionally incredible and come with anti bacterial features not to mention proper breathing techniques that will maintain the durability of the mattress while aiding in deep and uninterrupted sleep.

The fabric inhibits odor proof properties and are made out of careful ingredients. For instance, organic cotton aids in maintaining heat during winter delivering a warm home for your body. Bamboo fibre ensures that the body is cool and fresh during summer times reducing skin allergies and itches.

Collections – Products for you from Magniflex Mattress

From mattress to pillows to bed bases, you will find everything that you are looking to enjoy a deep and comfortable sleep.


  • Virtuoso – has a refined look and contains one of the best features any mattress can offer. With decorative motif of florentine lillies and naturistic fibres, you need not look beyond this mattress.
  • Supremo – for those who want maximum relaxation, supremo provides different comfort level ranging from medium soft to super soft. With extraordinary benefits such as thermo regulating features, Supremo comes with 12 years warranty.
  • Magnigel – Choose the best dimension as per your preferences and opt for magnigel that has been certified OEKO for its top notch quality.

Other mattress include Armonia, Toscana, Impero and many more. These mattress come with 12-20 years warranty for replacement or spare parts if need arises.


A soft fluffy pillow just does not provide great comfort to your head and neck but is also goes well for a good hug and a smooth sleep. It doesn’t matter if you are back sleeper, face down/up or side wise, a good pillow can reflect your health very much. The right kind of fabric can inhibit sudden change of temperature and give you childlike sleep every night. If you are dealing with neck issues, then geogreen orthomassage is considered best for you. Made out of eco compatible materials, geomemory foam that comes with organic cotton cover is a great comfort for your cervical vertebrae as it can stimulate the blood circulation thereby alleviating neck sprain or ache. Few of the pillow types include memoform, magnigel, sushi, feather and more.


Currently there are three bed bases available in Magniflex mattress, Ergoblock deluxe electric version, Ergoblock deluxe electric power cut off and Ergomix. While ergomix comes with flexible slats to support the shoulders, legs and knees, Ergoblock is an electric version that adjusts the angle of the head and shoulders to support the lumbar region with the ergonomic plates.

Pros and Cons of Magniflex mattress


  • Features memory foam and latex foam to opt that suits your body
  • Contours to your body shape and retracts to original once out of the bed
  • Personal isolation between partners
  • Has therapeadic features too to support lumber, neck and shoulders
  • Durable than innerspring mattress
  • Eco friendly foam and fabric for cover
  • Excellent warranty period
  • Available in medium soft and super soft types


  • Expensive than other mattress in the market
  • Memory foam tend to promote off gassing (that’s a rare review)

Consumer Reviews – Magniflex mattress

To be honest there are rare reviews about the product in the market. Now based on them, I would have to say that magniflex mattress is quite a hit among people. However, there are some issues that need to be noted. For instance, if you are buying a memory foam mattress, it tends to leak some foul odor during the initial days of usage. Another drawback is the latex foam mattress which will totally be neglected by people who are dealing with latex allergies. If this is not it, then the price tends to lean on the expensive side which can really burn a hole in your pocket.

“Just as advertised” – Jesse H.

I bought the pillow about 2 months ago to alleviate my neck pain. I have to hunch over to look over the computer screen all day which caused neck pain. The pillow works just as boasted and has actually alleviated my neck pain. There is no smell right out of the box. I am extremely sensitive of these things so when I am saying no smell, I literally mean no smell at all. It is of good quality which is evident in the result and the comfort it offers. The only downside is the instruction that needs to be followed exactly as mentioned. If you tend to mess up, you are in for a helluva neck pain. Just follow the rules and you are good to go.

“Two stars” – Jaime Padilla

Pillow is not thick enough after it has been compressed.

“Loved it” – Phoenix

Magniflex mattress has some great plus points as well as negative points. The strength goes to the european polyfoam and memory foam manufacturers that deliver high quality foam not to mention less toxic ingredients or inhibit off gassing. The Oeko tex 100 standard certificate means that the product is excellent and is actually safe for babies. Now the negative side. It is the price which is a competitive range but the exclusive claims that they make can still give them good users. Though the quality is undoubtedly true the long term compression idea just does not go down well with me but it is needed especially while shipping to long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any negative Magniflex mattress reviews available online?

Few claim that the memory foam leaks chemical odour during initial and though it fades away after a few days, it can still disrupt the sleep till that moment. Price is another factor that needs to be noted as the mattresses tend to be quite expensive.

Are Magniflex mattresses made in Italy?

Yes, fine Italian craftsmanship is one of the qualities of Magniflex mattress. The mattress are manufactured in Italy and have been certified CE and OEKO that speaks volume about the quality of the product.

Does Magniflex mattress emit any toxic chemicals?

The chances are less since the mattresses are made out of natural fibers but few say that the memory foam releases chemicals during the initial use that can be disturbing at times.

Where can I find Magniflex mattress at sale?

There are many websites such as or the official website where you can find the product. If you want to check the product personally, check the following link to see if it falls in and near your neighborhood.

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