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Luxi Mattress

10 year warranty
100 night trial
Excellent pressure relief design
Patented technology
Shape matching
Friendly to all sleep types

Luxi is a family-owned company that makes shape matching mattresses, out of memory foam. It is a revolutionary design within the mattresses that have the same usefulness of a spring mattress but having completely memory foam layers. This advanced technology and design make it more flexible than any other regular mattresses. Luxi mattress is here to make a difference as the comfort level of the mattress can be altered to your preference.


Luxi Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

A lot of people choose for the wrong mattress with wrong firmness levels. But Luxi is an exception! It is far different from other mattresses available in the market as it’s quite easy to customize and the firmness offered, will definitely make you go crazy for this bed.

Overall, the reviews on Luxi are overwhelmingly positive. The mattress has been rated 5 stars out of 5 from most of the users who have been through this product. They are saying “the mattress is great for couples due to its adjustability and quality of materials added”. Equally, no other mattress offers this type of customization as Luxi. However, this mattress is proven best in terms of support, durability, motion transfer, firmness, sleeping hot and other related features. Here’s one of the interesting reviews stated by Trevor on Luxi. This could really serve you with the best possible details on this mattress before you purchase.


Best Mattress Models from Luxi Mattress

Luxi made by David Farley and Shannon comes in 2 models; Luxi (adjustable) and LuxiOne (non-adjustable) are available in different six sizes, including Twin XL and California King. Both these models are combination memory foam mattresses that are made up of 4 core layers, shipped to the customers at the medium firm arrangement. Besides, the company offers a comfort guarantee on these mattresses backed by a 100-night risk-free trial and a 1000 night pledge. So, Luxi will refund all your money back if you are not satisfied with the mattress quality or features offered.


Luxi Mattress Sizes

Luxi mattresses are available in all the standard sizes, regardless of the type. They can be bought in the sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California King. You can have the larger sizes split by default or without split on demand as well.

Twin38″ x 75″ x 11″
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 11″
Full54″ x 75″ x 11″
Queen60″ x 80″ x 11″
King76″ x 80″ x 11″
California King72″ x 84″ x 11″

Luxi Mattress Specifications

Memory Foam quilted cover. Excellent plush feel with 70% polyester. Excellent air flow and a luxurious feel
Support balancing feature with Cooling and one of the best motion transfer features

Adaptive Transition foam for minimizing movement and perfect sink

A Luxitex foam for a buoyant feel

Durable Base foam for a great stability

Luxi Mattress

10 year warranty
100 night trial
Excellent pressure relief design
Patented technology
Shape matching
Friendly to all sleep types

Luxi mattress – split it

The Luxi mattress allows you to split the larger mattresses so that you can have each half of the mattress surface to be of different comfort levels. This is the ideal solution for couples, without having to pay double for adjustable beds and mattresses separately.

The split can be applied to the queen, king, and California king mattresses. This way, you can have your side of the bed at your comfort level and even change it when needed, without disturbing your partner and vice-versa.

Comfort level changing

For convenience, the 3 inner layers are enclosed in a Lycra covering material. You can simply flip this whole thing to change from soft to medium comfort level.

  • For a soft feel, the layers will be in the order of SBT foam, transition foam, latex foam and then the base foam
  • For medium comfort, flip the top layers to have the latex layer at the top, transition layer and then the SBT foam layer above the base foam.
  • For a firm mattress, flip the entire mattress upside down with the base foam at the top and latex foam at the base. That’s it!

Luxi sleep mattress layers 

The Luxi mattress is made of 5 different layers. These 5 layers make up to 100 inches of thickness. Of these 5 layers, middle 3 layers are adjustable to suit your comfort level. This adjustment can be done by you at the comfort of your home. For the ease of adjusting, these 3 layers are zipped inside a covering material inside the regular covering material for the mattress. The layers are as follows,

  • The topmost layers are the quilted memory foam cover. This layer comes as part of the covering material. This covering material covers the entire mattress right from the base foam to the topmost individual layer. The memory foam attached to the cover provides the cushiony effect no matter what the comfort level inside is.
  • The support layer that comes by default is the 3.5 inches thick SBT foam layer with the flam columns for individual support. These columns provide aeration space inside that allows cooling effect. It provides durability to the mattress, relieves pressure and provides support for the spinal alignment. It also reduces the motion transfer.
  • The transition layer is the adaptive memory foam. This 1-inch thick layer has the perfect sink but not too much. This layer also helps reduce the motion transfer.
  • The comfort layer is the 1.5” thick Luxitex foam which is a latex layer. This layer provides buoyancy or spring-like feeling across the mattress.
  • The base layer is the 3.5” thick hard foam that is durable and breathable. The foam is made with open cell structure to allow aeration and to avoid the overheating of the memory foam. The position of this foam cannot be changed for the sole purpose is to provide support and not comfort.

Discount Prices On Luxi Mattress

The Luxi mattresses are regularly priced in comparison to other leading brands. The price ranges from $899-1599 for twin to Cal King sizes.

The Luxi is cheaper rated for its standard use. It is more of the economical option for the tight budget people. The price of this lower step Luxi mattress is almost half of what the Luxi 3-in-1 would cost. The price is between $499-849.

The sizes are all the same as the regular Luxi mattress, only the price, and thickness of the mattress changes.
For the best Price on Luxi mattress, check out the Luxi website. You can be assured of the best price from the official website.

Get $75 off when you purchase Luxi mattress and also get 2 pillows worth $188 completely free. Check out the website for more information and use the coupon code below.

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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Luxi Mattress

Luxi sleep comfort innovations are pioneers at making a highest quality luxury mattress to all the users. Besides, the company offers many discounts, promo deals for everyone purchasing from their site. So, for anyone who decides to go for this mattress can check out their Luxi coupons available online. You can avail $ 125 off with free pillows and much more. Grab them out and don’t miss such offers.

You no longer have to return the mattress to get the desired comfort level of the mattress. You have it right with you. With a few juggling, you can experiment with yourself how the eco-mattress works for you. And to do that you have got not just a few days but a whole 1000 days!

Luxi mattress is direct to customer brand that can be bought only online. You can purchase the mattress directly from the makers as the best option. You will get the authentic mattress and can also get discounts. Luxi mattress is not available from Amazon but you can find it in other mattress stores.

Shipping of Luxi mattress is done to Canada but there can be an added shipping charge to it. Shipping is free only within the USA.

Luxi mattress is available in Australia under the name Luxi. You may email at for further inquiries.

Luxi mattress – The uniqueness

What is unique about the Luxi mattress is the presence of the Support Balancing Technology. This SBT uses memory foam but in a unique shape that practically acts as the spring inside the mattress. The foam is the high-performance foam that acts as the individual pocketed coils. The foam layer has numerous individual foam columns that collapse individually as the weight is placed on them. The independent movement of this foam makes it ideal to nullify any motion transfer.

The collapsed foam regains its form when the weight is lifted to get back to its original shape. The advantage of this technology is that

  • it reduces pressure on the body
  • can be used for all types of sleeping positions
  • ideal for couples to have an independent sleeping place on the same surface
  • it contours to the body well enough to cover every curve to give ample support all over

Luxi mattress Amazon: Luxi mattress sometimes comes out with the sale of their products on Amazon. This is entirely on company terms and the prices may be a bit higher (considering the cost to sell on Amazon and commission for products sold by affiliates). You can be assured that the product is genuine if purchased from Amazon as long as the Seller is listed as “Luxi”.

Luxi mattress Reddit: Luxi mattress does not market its product directly on reddit, but there are affiliates and well-wishers who promote this product on Reddit from time to time.

Buy Luxi Mattress at the Luxi mattress website. Click here to go to the Luxi mattress website. Luxi Mattress is a memory foam mattress with 100 Day trial and 1000 day pledge, which means they will help you customize your Luxi mattress to your requirement during that 1000 nights. This is a great offer for people who are comfortable with the mattress but want a few tweaks to their sleeping needs. The mattress also comes with split features which gives you a different setting to that of your partner.

Luxi Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The trial period for the Luxi mattress is 100 nights. This is not to be confused with the 1000 night pledge. The 1000 night pledge is a support to customize your mattress over the period of time.

The Luxi mattress highlights on the 1000 Night trial and a 10-year warranty for the Luxi 3-in-1 Mattress. That’s the only thing they are backing out of too. Unfortunately, a 1000 Night trial seems to be a lot less practical from a business point of view unless you are selling something indestructible. For a mattress, a 1000 Night Trial and a 10-year warranty are as good as saying “Take it for free”.

Luxi mattress comes with 100 Night trial with no questions asked money back guarantee and a 10-year Limited warranty. The warranty covers most problems with the mattress if it’s genuine. All shipping costs are covered with the cost. 

Luxi Mattress

10 year warranty
100 night trial
Excellent pressure relief design
Patented technology
Shape matching
Friendly to all sleep types


Independent Reviews On Luxi Mattress

Its Probably one of the best few mattress on the market. The Independent reviews on Luxi mattress are interesting and leave a bit of doubt. How could a mattress so expensive not have any negative reviews? Fortunately, the ones who can afford the mattress, find value in it. It’s not a cheap product, but it lasts. You can expect at least a decade of life from this market and that’s on the lower side. There is no sagging or problems which are common in other mattresses and overall, this mattress is indeed good.

Bad reviews of Luxi Mattress

Thats hard to say. Most people who write a bad review on Luxi mattress pointed out that the Product was not worth the money. It’s hard to say that they are wrong, at least from their point of view. But from the point of view of the manufacturer, its simply worth every cent. The design is impeccable. But the Edges have problems of sinkage. That’s one thing you may want to check out with Luxi mattress. The product is made from the best quality material and there is little to no trouble of other mattresses. Yes, the issues of not being able to customize the mattress are one issue and Luxi comes with only 2 models of the mattress which is not bad, but well… We all wish that there were more options!

Luxi Mattress Comparison

There are memory foam mattresses which will suit your preferences and price range. Every product is different and comparing Luxi mattress with other products is going to be difficult. The price is in the range of other mattresses. The quality is nearly the same as the other mattresses too. But wait, its the technology that is different from all the other mattresses and the design is completely different. There is literally no heat in this mattress and the air flow is quite good. It’s excellent rather. The Luxi mattress is all about the technology and that is not something you can compare to any other mattress.

Luxi Mattress Return Policy

Interchangeable comfort levels than having to change the mattress itself. The Luxi mattress return policy has also gone well with the customers. The 100-day trial allows you the full refund, should you return the mattress within that period. The 1000-night sleep guarantee is also very convenient. The makers are confident that they can help you find the right kind of comfort with the layer adjustments within that period. Moreover one needs to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before you can return the mattress.
The Return policy and trial period are for 100 nights only. Luxi mattress has a 1000 Night trial with no question asked to return. Unfortunately, there have been complaints from many people saying that this is not entirely true and the BBB has taken nearly 7 complaints (completely resolved to date).

Luxi Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The faster delivery and shipment within 3-5 days is impressive. The comfortable packing inside a box with the mattress completely inflated is a nice way to save space. It is also convenient to ship the larger mattress and have them pass through narrow corridors and doors. The shipment is done completely free of cost for all mattresses.Luxi Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

Luxi mattress has a lot of great reviews on a Consumer report. Complaints? Yes, there are around 8 complaints which range from someone not getting a referral fee to others who have not been given the assured money back after using the product for over a year. The complaints are genuine as people have been confused by the material on the website. The Luxi mattress comes with a 100 Night trial and a 1000 Day guarantee. They should explain the terms and conditions more clearly to their customers.

A total Of 7 complaints exist on BBB and all 7 are resolved. Most people find that the 1000 Day unquestioned trial period with money back guarantee is a tall claim. People find it hard to return the product and get a refund. The problems have been resolved and we are not sure how it was resolved though. If you are purchasing the mattress in the hopes of getting a 1000 day trial, let’s get real and say a 100 Day trial is better off and if you are comfortable in the first 100 days, Good for you. Else, return the product.

Luxi Mattress BBB Business Profile

Watch out for the BBB Business profile of Luxi mattress at The mattress seems to have 8 complaints and 1 review on BBB Business profile. Some of the complaints seem to be due to the confusion. The 100 Day trial is confused with the 1000 Night warranty. The website should explain the trial and warranty claims more clearly.

Luxi Mattress Scam

Luxi Mattress began in California in the year 2015 are experienced owners in the sleep industry. Besides, all their services are excellent, if said both in terms of customer service and mattress return issues. The brand has attracted huge media coverage from outlets like ABC and Forbes. Other than this, it has earned 4.7 user ratings on is its Facebook page with more than 87 customer reviews. Further, you may check with the site for all relevant details on this subject.

Are Bed bugs in Luxi Mattress a Possibility?

Bed bugs are a possibility in every mattress. But for luxi, the design ensures that the bed bug problems don’t affect you as much as the soft mattress. It’s all about the design and the technology. But Bed bugs are not cleared off the chance here. There are chances of Bed bugs in the covers and seams. The chances of getting your bed bugs clear are much easier with the removable cover and the foams can be interchanged for a while to get the bed bug problems sorted.

Is Luxi Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems?

Yes. Luxi is one of the best mattresses for Back pain problems. Luxi comes with 3 interchangeable foams giving you the best sleep according to your preference. The soft one is the least preferred for people with back pain but it does give a great back support even if its soft. The mattress is extremely well designed to give you a great sleep and better health. We would recommend you the firm option of the mattress settings to go for your back pain problems. Most doctors and experts will tell you that a firm mattress is a way to go for your back problems.

Is Luxi Mattress Non Toxic?

Partially. The Luxi mattress is produced from the best material possible but yes it does have off-gassing problems and its recommended to leave the mattress outside for at least 24 hours. This is mandatory for every mattress. you can never be sure or trust manufacturers claims on such things and I bet that they stock 1000’s of these mattresses in their warehouse. Its impossible to leave so many mattresses without treating them with some chemical to avoid problems with the mattress. Play safe and leave your mattress out for a day before you get them into the house.

Are Luxi Mattresses Any Good?

Luxi mattress is excellent. The features are really good. There is no heating. The mattress can be customized to your needs and firmness. You will enjoy a 100 night trial and support for 1000 nights. The mattress excels in quality and life. You can expect to have the mattress in pristine condition for decades. Luxi mattress is a Luxury mattress at affordable price coming in various sizes.

How is Luxi Mattress Made?

Luxi is one step down from the other popular model of the mattress from Luxi. Here, it has only one comfort level- medium. The mattress layers are also less in comparison. There is also a change in the thickness of the layers.

  • The Luxi has the top layer in the form of 1-inch thick comfort layer made out of latex. This layer is cooling and makes it bounce as well.
  • The middle layer is 2.25” thick support layer, made of the SBT foam. It acts as a support layer for the entire mattress, throughout the night.
  • The foundation layer is 5.75” thick hard foam.

The mattress is 9 inches thick and is non-flipping, and no changing of layers. You need to use it as it comes.

Adjustable base For Luxi Mattress

The Luxi mattress comes with Split and adjustable features. If you have a different sleeping preference to your partner, Luxi mattress allows you to do the setting accordingly. This gives the best sleep for both the partners, no matter what their sleeping preference or style is. If you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, chances are you will the comfort with Luxi mattress. The adjustable base has great air circulation allowing no heat traps.

Mattress Pads by Luxi Mattress

Well, Luxi owners do not manufacture any mattress pads. But, you can search for the external mattress pads and protectors on sites like Amazon. However, it’s good to buy one, as it ensures complete protection to your mattress from all kinds of dirt and pollutants. Check them on immediately…

Luxi Mattress Cover

The Mattress cover by Luxi is completely made from memory foam and the sheets are part polyester. Chances are that you will feel the Luxury of a hotel mattress with the Luxi. Set it to the right needs and you will have firm, soft or medium firm depending on your sleeping needs. The cover is so plush that you would sink in comfortably. ITs 1/2 inches thick and soft quilted. If you require an extra padding, you can also go for an additional mattress pad by Luxi but most people find it just too luxurious already to purchase another inch of Cover!

Luxi Mattress Topper

Currently, the company does not offer any replacement covers or additional mattress toppers. The cover that comes with the mattress is removable, made of 73% polyester, 23% viscose and 4% elastane. Also, it’s unique in terms of special features like “waterfall edge” that allows Luxi to maintain its stylish look when you swap the layers.

Luxi Mattress Bedding Accessories

Bedding accessories at Luxi Mattress include their best-selling pillows, specially made to adjust to the individuals sleeping position. Also, best in terms of performance as it is filled with a proprietary mix of memory foam and smooth fiber strands –offering the right level of thickness.

Luxi Mattress Firmness Analysis

It’s hard to put a rating on the firmness levels of this mattress. Mainly because you can adjust the mattress to every position you like. No matter, if you prefer medium firmness or soft… this bed is always a good choice for you. However, the company ships the mattress with a medium level of firmness, unless you request for one at the time of ordering. The firm arrangement rates 8 on the firmness scale for Luxi adjustable mattress, soft arrangement rates 3.5 and the medium firm rates 6.

Luxi Mattress Frames & Foundation

Luxi mattress requires a flat surface. the Frame should be steady and the foundation should be slatted. As long as the foundation is flat, Luxi mattress will last a long period of time. You can expect to sleep on your Luxi mattress for a decade and more and that’s assured even by the company. Using a slatted foundation will void your guarantee and really spoil your mattress. You may even consider placing the mattress on the floor if you do not have a firm flat foundation and Luxi works perfectly (though not recommended by the company!

Its clear on what kind of foundation is required and 90% of the time, let me repeat, 90% of the time, you would have the best mattress you ever wanted. But then there is that 10% which is a problem. It’s probably not the mattress which is not bad, but you. Think about it. We don’t really love the product necessarily liked by 90% of the population. It’s the matter of preference, choice. We may not end up with liking Luxi mattress after all for several reasons. Maybe it is too soft. Maybe you don’t like the fact that it just covers you up when you lie down. Or maybe it’s too firm for you. Whatever the reason, this is something entirely personal.

The Luxi Mattress Blog

The Luxi mattress blog is a repository of tips. If you purchase the Luxi mattress or not, you will find a load of great information and I can assure you that they are true and unbiased. Though some of the articles have a sales pitch, most of them are simply great and general tips for mattress buyers. Visit the Blog at

The Luxi Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

There are no Stores for Luxi mattress. There seems to be no showroom either and we are still finding out where the company actually puts their product on display.

Luxi Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Luxi has a registered address at 4195 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 91709-2618. There is no address for the factory. You can contact them through their contact form and call them on +(888) 813-2944 for more information. The better alternative is their social media pages where they are really active. I prefer Instagram for purchases but twitter and facebook work great for leaving feedback and getting questions answered.

Luxi Mattress Dealers & Retailers Near Me

There are No Dealers or Retailers for the Luxi mattress. The mattress is an online business with a registered address.

Luxi Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

You can get support from the Luxi Customer service team at (888) 813-2944 . You can also get a lot of information before you purchase.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Luxi Mattress

Watch this space for Deals and Sales on Luxi mattress. Luxi mattress did a great sale for Mattresses for 2017 Black Friday. Watch out for more deals this year

Luxi Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Luxi mattress has free shipping and no delivery fee. The time to reach you may vary depending on your location. The most it takes is 10 Days. You can get ground shipping from UPS to reach you in less than 3 days in most locations.

Luxi Mattress Financing

There are no arrangements for financing on Luxi mattress. Currently, there are other vendors like Wright mattress which has a financing arrangement. But unfortunately, Luxi mattress does not have arrangements for financing.

Luxi Mattress in Stores

Do not buy Luxi mattresses in stores. Either you are getting a fake product or you are getting an older model for the current price. You can bet yourself with the 100-night trial that you can get the trial done at home.

Luxi Mattress Safety & Certifications

Nothing to worry about the safety and certification issues of Luxi, as the mattress is trusted. It is CertiPUR US certified, made using superior quality foams and also does not involve any harmful or toxic substances in its construction.

Maintenance On Luxi Mattress

Cleaning and maintenance of Luxi Mattress are quite easy. Not much complicated as expected… First of all, you are not supposed to wash the Luxi cover. Only spot clean is recommended and take care that you do not saturate the mattress with any liquid components. Vacuum the mattress regularly (in between every 3 months) to prevent the dirt from settling in. Besides, it would be best if you buy a waterproof, washable mattress protector to protect the bed from spills and stains.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns at Luxi Mattress

Luxi uses certified nontoxic foam, natural latex and breathable materials in its creation. Few customers have reported little smell upon opening this new mattress out of its packaging. But no worry, as the smell is common and can be felt in almost all kinds of foam and latex mattresses. It is mainly because of the compression and packaging did at the time of manufacturing.

Odor & Smell in Luxi Mattress

Odor and Smell are seen in almost all foam mattresses after removing them from packaging. Same is the case with Luxi Mattress! But, the smell is not harmful, as it will dissipate within a few hours of its usage.

Motion Transfer on a Luxi Mattress

Luxi earns a high customer rating in the motion transfer test, as the bed absorbs motion easily causing little to no disruption to the users.

Sagging Problems in Luxi Mattress

So, far no sagging issues have reported from the satisfied customers. The mattress is purely designed to conform and relieve the pressure points. Besides, options like customizable firmness settings allow the users to find their preferred conforming levels. On the basis of sleep position, lying on your side or your back, the sinkage levels will vary from 1.5” to 3.5”. While sitting on the edge or standing in the middle it could vary from 3.5” to 7”.

Luxi Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

You may check out different video ads and promos about Luxi at their official website This could really help you at having a better understanding of the mattress configuration.

The Luxi Mattress Giveaway

Many sites like Sleeppolis offer Luxi Mattress Giveaway, 25 days of giving as a token of promotion on their site. Besides, you could also check for the Luxi holidayzzz mattress giveaway available at the seller’s website. Hurry! Check for this giveaway deals and you can win Luxi customized support absolutely free…

The Luxi Mattress Lawsuit

If we speak in terms of Luxi Mattress Lawsuit, Luxi has been rated with F grade by the Better Business Bureau. This rating is based on the five complaints launched against the company in the year 2015, and their inefficiency to respond to 2. Visit the site for more info!

Luxi Mattress Vs Purple Mattress

Luxi mattress and Purple mattress are one of the unique mattresses that have got similar features to support the body and relieve the pressure. While the Luxi mattress is a memory foam mattress, the Purple mattress is not memory foam but an alternative to foam.

  • Layers: Luxi mattress uses 5 layers, whereas the Purple mattress has got only 3 layers. Moreover, the support layer of the former is thicker at 3.5” while the latter has just the 2” thick support layer.
  • Technology and performance: The Luxi mattress is more advanced in technology and quality of the mattress while the Purple mattress is springier in feel and does not use high-end mattress materials. Luxi mattress uses the foam columns and Purple mattress has four gel grids that are specially made to perform individually. The wording is the same for both the mattresses.
  • Flexibility: The major advantage of Luxi mattress is that it is flexible in use. One can easily change from one comfort to the other as needed. You can even remove the covering material for a good cleaning. The purple mattress has got no such luxury. It is not changeable and comes only in the medium firm comfort level. The covering is also non-removable.
  • Style: Luxi mattress has scored well in terms of looks and aesthetics. The quilted foam layer oozes quality and style and remains the same no matter how you keep the mattress.

There is a vast difference between the two mattresses, The Luxi Mattress vs Purple Mattress article by sleep sherpa puts many things to light including the difference in the technology in both the mattress, the fillings, layers and the entire work. Check out their article on Luxi mattress vs purple mattress on the sleep sherpa website.

Luxi Mattress Setup Instructions

Luxi Mattress comes with specific instructions on how to set up. From the foundation to the unpacking, you will have clear instructions on how the luxi mattress works. You will have little to no trouble with the luxi mattress.

Luxi mattress in other countries

Luxi Mattress Canada : Luxi mattress is not shipped to Canada. You cannot purchase them online and get it delivered to Canada.
Luxi Mattress Australia: Luxi mattress Australia is not the same as the one sold in the USA. Its a completely different company and an entirely different product.

Best Mattresses from Luxi Mattress

I love the adjustable Luxi mattress but the choice is based on requirements. There are 2 options in the Luxi mattress and both the mattress comes with split options for various sizes. Adjustable mattresses are great for people who have some special requirement. The prices for both the mattresses are not very different. Check out more on the mattresses by luxi here.


Luxi mattress is a luxury mattress that comes with more flexible options than any other mattress in the market. You cannot go wrong with this mattress. It is also an ideal option when you have a partner sleeping with you. The mattress gives you the feel of unity, at the same time giving you your individual spaces. The longer trial period and return policy allow you to truly experiment with it. Try this out!