Leggett & Platt S-Cape Performance Adjustable Bed Set Sleep System With Luxury 12-Inch GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress

A supremely important part of any healthy lifestyle is the Night comfort. And because of this perhaps the current rage of adjustable beds is increasing. The Leggett & Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed Set Sleep System helps you get a fulfilling night of rest and relaxation. In addition, a Luxurious 12-Inches Gel Tech Memory Foam Mattress by Gelfoambed is like an icing on the cake. This article reviews the Leggett & Platt S-Cape Performance Adjustable Bed Set Sleep System with Luxury 12-Inch GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress.

Leggett and Platt is the premier manufacturer of adjustable beds. The S-Cape performance adjustable base has everything you need to create the ultimate relaxation shelter in your bedroom. Its S-cape performance model has 700 lbs weight lifting capacity, Ergonomic Remote and Programmable memory Positions. Its feature like dual massage and programmable positions will allow you to transform your bedroom into more than just a place to sleep. If you want to read or watch TV then just raise the bed head and enjoy from the comfort of your bed. Then, using the flat button you can quickly return the bed to the flat position for sleeping. Create room ambiance with the S-Cape performance under-bed lighting feature or use it to guide you in the middle of the night. Read on to know the detailed description on each of its features.


The Specifications of S-Cape adjustable bed system is –

  • Head and foot articulation
  • Wireless, stand-up remote
  • Under-bed lighting
  • Wallhugger engineering
  • Contemporary gray patterned fabric
  • Dual massage with on-off button
  • Emergency power-down feature
  • Two programmable position buttons
  • Flat button
  • Press-and-hold safety flat feature
  • Headboard bracket accessory kit available
  • 700 lbs. total max lifting capacity
  • 4″ legs with casters


Leggett & Platt S-Cape Performance Adjustable Bed Set Sleep System has a state of the art design which includes all basic features for a superb restful night sleep. It has received 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon and most of the users are very happy with the product. People say it is very easy to set up and operates conveniently. Moreover it is extremely quiet and does not bother the sleeping partner.

it is very comfortable and easy to use. With her Roma mattress and 2″ latex topper this bed frame does wonders and helps her sleep well


it is fabulous and do not compare to any hospital bed. Because it offers awesome comfort and is great for her snoring husband. Further, she says it is helpful during cold, flu or anything else as this comfy adjustable bed will eliminate the need of using 5 pillows.

Lori David

these beds are fantastic. They are easy to setup, and does exactly what it says they do. The remotes are easy to use, operates quietly and for the price it is a great deal

Rich Algeni Jr

it works as advertised, but the base is terribly squeaky and creaks with the slightest movement. It sounds like olden days inner spring bed every time when he moves


 it works great with his new Tempurpedic mattress. The motor is quiet and have no back and neck pains. He adds, his massage feature is more like a rumbling than a massage, but he hardly uses it. Its value is much better than other Tempurpedic beds.


Michael bought this adjustable bed base few months back and its malfunctioning in short time. He basically have broken base and needs some additional parts to repair which the company is delaying. He says they are not adhering to their 10 year warranty which covers labor and parts for the first year. However, based on many positive reviews, value for money, it is highly recommended product



The latest S-cape Performance model features everything which will help you to have a heavenly sleep.

  • Upholstery – The S-Cape base cover is a gorgeous contemporary gray pattern fabric that makes a great neutral to fit any décor.
  • Wireless, Stand-Up Remote Control – The technologically superior wireless remote control stands on its own. Thus, for easy access you can place it on your nightstand.
  • Patented 3 Position Memory Recall – You may recall up to 3 pre-programmed head and foot positions with one button.
  • Hand Pendant/Control – The Hand Control has convenient ‘memory’ buttons for your favorite position. The one-button leveling allows you to touch one button to get the bed into flat position. The custom 1 and custom 2 buttons help you store your favorite positions. With the touch of a button you will move into various relaxing positions, without creating stress or strain on your body.
  • Wallhugger Engineering – Leggett & Platt innovative team develops state-of-the-art technology that keeps you at the center of the bed’s motion. The other adjustable bed bases lift your upper body away from the wall and also away from your nightstand. But this bed base with Wallhugger engineering lifts you up while also simultaneously gliding you back. This means your favorite book or the remote control is within you reach whenever you need them.
  • Under-Bed Lighting – This feature allows no more fumbling around in the dark to turn a lamp on. Using your remote control you can control under-bed lighting to make getting in and out of bed at easy during night.
  • Dual Wave-Massage – This bed features your own personal massage system. It helps relieve exhausted sore muscles, and reduce everyday tension and fatigue. Control massaging feature with the hand control, intensity levels and timers. Set it for 30-minute timer in case you fall asleep with it on.

Other Features

  • DC-Motor System with Power Reserve – The Leggett & Platt DC motor system allows the bed to be lower in case of a power outage. In addition, no lubrication necessary, motors permanently lubricated.
  • Full Mattress Support – Mattress stays even while giving support to neck, head and shoulder.
  • Durable Plywood and Steel Base Platform – The backbone of this Adjustable Unit is durable and made to last.
  • Mattress Retainer – Your mattress remains in place during adjustments
  • Head and Foot Lift Motors – It offers independent control and are UL Listed and CSA Certified.
  • Frames – Metal frames are mechanically weld and powder coated for superior strength and finish.
  • Set Up – The S-Cape comes complete with a frame for the bed, and you can set your current bed easily onto it.
  • Variable Height Options – This S-cape adjustable bed is suitable for luxurious bed profiles 12 inches, 14 inches and 16 inches.
  • Sizes – Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Queen XL, Split King and Split California King. Split King and Split California King contain two separate units with independent controls using two separate remote.
  • Dimensions – Twin 39x75, Twin XL 39x80, Full 54x75, Full XL 54x80, Queen 60x75, Queen XL 60x80, Split King 78x75 and Split California King 78x80.
  • Pricing – Depending on the size, the product prices up to $2500.
  • Warranty – 1-Year full warranty, 2nd & 3rd year limited warranty and 4th to the end of the 20th year limited warranty.
  • Other features – Optional locking casters available and uses standard Headboard Adapters.

Luxury 12-Inch GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress by Gelfoambed

Product Description – Luxury Miranda 12-Inch GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress by Gelfoambed uses the innovation of gel foam and Serene Foam to fully support your body. It reduces heat and provides complete comfort. The open cell design of the Serene foam allows air and moisture movement through the material without compromising its supportive and contouring characteristics. This bed offers Medium Plush feel. Its Serene Foam is 5X more supportive then other standard memory foams. This Gel infused memory foam mattress is USA Made. It comes with 10 year non prorated warranty.


Features – Luxury 12-Inch GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress by Gelfoambed are – top layer is 1.5” gel- infuses foam, then 3 inches of Serene Foam, following is 1 inch of firm eco flex foam and 1 inch of soft eco flex foam and base is the 5.5 inches of eco flex support core.

Customer Reviews

People using Luxury 12-Inch Miranda GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress by Gelfoambed are very happy with their purchase. It expands perfectly to full 12 inches, great quality, very quiet and offers perfect medium plush feel. There are no complains about sink holes, odors and does not need a toppers. Many people opine it is a great comfortable mattress which can easily become first choice when looking for a new memory foam mattress.


Sturdy base, quiet operation, remote control, easy to operate, quick set up, quality product and reasonable price – all these features are more than enough to choose Leggett & Platt S-Cape Performance Adjustable Bed Set Sleep System as your new adjustable bed. Moreover, buying durable and Luxurious 12-Inch USA made GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress by Gelfoambed with this adjustable bed will prove an added advantage. Buy them today and you won’t regret it tomorrow.