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Lebeda Flippable Heritage Mattress

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Lebeda mattress comes with a variety of styles and sizes that gives you utmost comfort when it comes to healthy sleep. One of the reasons for elevated stress levels is bad sleep posture. Waking up with sore back, restlessness can also cause unhealthy sleep. Learn how Lebeda mattress combats this issue and gives you comfortable sleep at night.

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Lebeda mattresses Review

Started in the year 1946, Lebeda mattress from the Lebeda Mattress Factory has been in the mattress industry for quite a while now. They have come up with variety of sizes and plush mattress that suit your sleeping style. When you are buying from Lebeda mattress, you buy only from them. There are no middle person so it is basically a customer-company direct relationship.

Lebeda mattress offers you incredible mattresses at an economical price. The company has retail outlets at various parts of USA through which you can check out the models voluntarily. However, it is recommended to buy a mattress with your partner. This will help you to make a better decision. Lebeda mattresses are completely made in USA. The factory sources all the necessary raw materials from within the USA.

Lebeda mattress also offers you with variety of choices such as furniture, mattress protectors, pillows, headboards and many more. Also available are Futons, Day beds and other bedroom furniture.

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Why Lebeda mattress – Features & Benefits

  • Eco friendly mattress – For starters, the company uses recycled products made out of cardboard, tissues, plastics, papers and other packaging materials. The box springs and the bed of Lebeda mattress are made out these environment friendly components. This will give you healthy mattress without any off gassing issues.
  • American product – A true American company, even the smallest of items are NOT imported from outside. The products are solely USA based. For instance, the foam suppliers are from Iowa and Wisconsin while the inner springs are from Illinois and Missouri from a well known company called Leggett & Platt.
  • Quality products – Each and every Lebeda mattress are made out of optimum quality keeping in mind customer’s satisfaction. The materials in the mattress such as high density foams, visco elastic memory foam, innertufting, vissel etc. are made out of optimum quality components. For instance, the super sturdy boxsprings begins with a multi-slatted base. They are topped with steel support structure. This structure can actually hold not just the mattress but also have a tolerance for weight. Even the tape edging in all the mattress are conducted using kevlar fabric. The fabric is made out of high tensile strength that ensures maximum durability. It acts as a protective shield for keeping the mattress intact.
  • Factory direct value – One of the greatest asset in Lebeda mattress is the price. You will pay only for the product. There are no middleman who will ask for his share of commission and unwanted shipping charges for selling comfort. Lebeda mattress interacts with you directly, be it online or in their official retail stores. This will give you a huge saving on your economy. The fact remains that you are receiving a product that is coming directly from the manufacturing unit and nowhere else.

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Lebeda mattress – Models available

Lebeda mattress comes with a huge range of mattress that suits your sleep position. The ranges available include pillow top mattresses, Firm mattresses, Plush mattresses, Foam mattresss, Air mattresses and Adjustable beds. Each of these models have a number of selections to choose from. Choose your best bed at Lebeda mattress. Discussed here is a brief description of some of the models about how the products will work for you.

Pillowtop Mattresses Review

There are many models available that comes with myriad features which gives you utmost relaxation at the end of the day. Here are few of the models available at pillowtop mattress. Let’s take two of the best models in the pillowtop mattress.

Lebada Heritage Pillowtop mattress

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The Lebada Heritage pillowtop mattress gives you unbeatable comfort that lasts a lifetime. With 805 coils and thick layers of latex to support your body, you will be offered superior sleeping quality without any compromise. The mattress comes with heavy duty box spring that endures any extra weight thanks to the solid and sturdy steel that gives good amount of support at the base. The soy based foam ensures that eco friendly foam thereby reducing the impact on Mother Earth.

The natural density latex foam reduces body impression and contours as per your body shape so as to help you enter a peaceful sleep at all times.

Lebada Heritage pillowtop mattress is available in various sizes such as king, full, queen, custom, waterbed and many more. It comes with a 30 day comfort guarantee from the date of purchase. If you feel you have opted the wrong product then you can simply return the product. Simply pay the difference price between the two mattress.

Lebada Avina Hybrid Pillowtop mattress

Featuring an environment friendly foam, the Avina hybrid pillowtop mattress comes with individually pocketed coil support that disables motion transfer. Motion transfer is nothing but personal isolation that needs to inhibit interruption of sleep. For instance, if you have a habit of changing sleep patterns then it might interrupt your partner’s sleep. With motion isolation, your partner won’t a thing even if you bounce up and down.

Plush Mattress Review

Plush mattress has a wide range of choices for you to pick from. From Aurora to Pearl Plush to Augusta Plush, you have more than 16 different models that come at various sizes depending on the way you want your bed to be.

Aurora Plush Mattress

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With excellent bedding formula, this flippable mattress might just be the one you need for your aching back. The layers of your foam comes provides best cushion for your body and provides a soothing base for your body to rest. The high density foam is resilient to sagging and body impression so you count the years down the lane and this mattress won’t still leave an imprint of your body on itself.

It is a known fact that to keep the mattress longer and durable, it is necessary to rotate it for a few times. Lebeda aurora mattress comes with flippable feature that is to ease down the worries of those who love flipping their mattress.

Lebepedic Mattress

This complete memory foam mattress comes with a combo of soy. Lebepedic mattress offers you the right amount of softness and support. The high density gel infused memory foam not only reduces imprint on the mattress but the cooling gels in the memory foam mattress cools down your body temperature aiding for a more relaxed sleep than before. The steel foundation gives a great strength to withstand good amount of weight on the mattress.

There are other product from Lebeda mattress too such as air mattress, innerspring mattress and many more that I leave at your discretion.

Air Adjustable Mattresses Review

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In the Air adjustable mattresses, the comfort level in each side of the mattress can be adjusted with the press of a button. So each partner can have their own individual comfort level. These comfort levels can be changed whenever desired.

Elecric Adjustable Beds Review

Electric adjustable beds are ideal for people with back pain. It gives them great relief. Adjustable beds can also improve blood circulation and reduce acid reflux. Because of the advantages of these beds, people sleep better and improve their quality of life.

Reviews of Lebeda Mattress – Customer reviews

Lebeda mattress customer reviews have been mixed. I have to say this that there aren’t much reviews available on the internet but from what we have found the reviews are not up to the mark. While a general consensus claim that the product is absolutely top notch some say that the product does not match their expectations and the customer service is absolutely horrible when it comes to giving valid information to the customers. Few experienced after a couple of years the mattress starts to sag. But with the 730 day comfort customization that comes with your mattress, you can dial up the customer service and send out your mattress for refurbishing ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just make sure the product falls under the 730 day warranty.

Another down side of the memory foam mattress is the softening with your body that can make you feel incredibly hot at night times. There are also reviews that memory foam mattress emit chemical smell during the initial days of use.

 “Great service and product” – Brandon, IA

Wonderful service right from the start to finish. The salesman was absolutely nice and quite honest giving us both the good and the bad side of the mattress. He suggested a great mattress and looked for the bottomline from our side. An absolute pleasure to deal with, they quickly set up the mattress and gave us advice on how to use it.

The mattress is absolutely comfy and the fact that it is made out of organic cotton says a lot about the company. I am yet to comment about the quality of the mattress but with the 10 years warranty I have good confidence down the road.

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“Replaced after a year” – Allan, IA

We purchased an expensive mattress they had available and sadly within a year had to replace it. All we got from the store was a run around. No I won’t recommend this product.

“We’ll stand by you” – Lela W, VA

Me and my husband walked to the Lebeda mattress store I spoke to the salesman that we wanted something firm that would fit in the waterbed frame. We found just that and it is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. Nothing compares to it.

“Bad experience with the manager” – Jeanine M, IL

I know there are only three manufacturers of latex in the world so I know Lebeda mattress does not make their own latex. The manager was very much rude but during evening time there was a friendly person who gave valuable info about the mattress. He was very much kind and helpful. But when I called in the next day i had to deal with the nasty lady manager again. She kept telling me that just because it didn’t come from her mouth the price quotes etc. would not be right. I decided to go somewhere else to buy a bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Lebeda Mattresses available?

Lebeda mattresses are available in over 20 locations across 5 states in the USA. The states include Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Does Lebeda Heritage Plush mattress comes with warranty period?

Yes, Lebeda Heritage plush mattress comes with 15 years non-prorated warranty and is available in various sizes including lebea king sized mattress, queen size, Twin, full etc. and more.

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What is the prominent feature of Lebeda Augusta Pillow top mattress?

The prominent feature of Augusta pillow top mattress is its 460 verticoil innerspring unit that comes with visco elastic memory foam and gel foam. The 460 coil unit provides you ample support and inhibits motion isolation i.e. bouncing effect. The cooling gel foam in your mattress helps in providing heat dissipation and aiding in better sleep.

How does the Lebeda legacy firm mattress work for me?

The mattress is best recommended for those who are suffering from bad posterior. If you need good support on your low back and hip then this is the best you can go with. It comes with sturdiest coil unit for proper firm support and steel edge guards which increases the surface area. Wtih 20 years of non-prorated warranty, you need not look anywhere.

Which all US states are Lebeda mattress outlets available?

Lebeda mattress are available in five states such as Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. So if you are living near any of these states you can check out the mattresses voluntarily for better reasons.

What about the Lebeda Mattress prices? Why isn’t the Lebeda latex mattress prices or the prices of any other products available?

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The cost of Lebeda mattresses vary from model to model They range from as low as $135 for a twin sized mattress  to  $3649 for a king sized mattress. The prices are available at the local stores from where they are available.The sole reason for avoiding display of price tags is nothing but – personal check. Unless and until you do a thorough check of how the mattress works for you, you will only have a vague idea of how it will work for you. It is best to go at the store and check the mattress by laying on it, checking the pressure points etc. that will help you take a better decision.

Does Lebeda mattress offer return policy?

Yes, Lebeda mattress does come with return policy within a period of thirty days from the date of purchase. If you feel that the bed was a mistake and want to return it you can always return the product and get a replacement product and pay the difference or get a refund of your amount if you are buying a low priced mattress than before.

How are the Lebeda mattress ratings online?

While many people have rated the product 4/5 in few websites, some users have rated this product quite low as they claim that the product is not at all satisfactory and comes with flimsy mattress that does not stand upto expectations.

What are the sizes available for Lebeda mattress?

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There are many choices available for you when it comes to purchasing a mattress set. It is always suggested that you go with your partner which will help in zeroing in on the right product for you. However if you liked a mattress but feel the size needs to be altered, Lebeda mattress will even do that for you. So go with your best instinct and have the best sleep you always craved for.

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