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Lebeda Mattress – Bed Sale, Reviews, Coupons

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Lebeda Mattress – A Review

Let us see what Lebeda has to offer to its customers and who is Lebeda?

Lebeda mattresses, a product of Lebeda Mattress Factory stepped into the manufacturing business in 1946 and has been doing its job of manufacturing high-quality mattresses very earnestly since then. These mattresses are made in the USA.

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They have a total of 25 models in their collection. Every size is available and if you want you can make one to your own dimensions, there is also the option of customization at Lebeda. You can have a mattress of any size, shape, and style. Since you are getting the mattress directly from the manufacturer, the mattresses turn out to be affordable. The sizes that are available at Lebeda are;

California King (72 inches in width and 84 inches in length = 72” x 84”)

  • King (76” W x 80” L)
  • Queen ( 60” W x 80” L)
  • Full (53” W x 74.5” L)
  • Twin (38” W x 74.5” L)

Let us see the main product categories related to mattresses (as there are other bedroom furniture also) present at Lebeda:

  • Pillowtop Mattresses
  • Firm Mattresses
  • Plush Mattresses
  • Foam Mattresses
  • Electric Adjustable Beds
  • Daybeds
  • Futon Mattresses

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Every mattress has distinct features. The mattresses may develop impressions after a while. That is normal since every mattress will develop impression over a period of time. The thing that matters is how deep the depression is and the time taken to form the depression. So, the Lebeda mattress warranty does not cover body impression, but yes there is an option of alteration. Depending on how deep the dent is, the company offers alteration to the mattress, i.e your mattress will be taken to the factory and the dents will be corrected.

Lebeda mattress is a United States production. To help to contribute to the betterment of the environment, natural materials are used in the mattress. The Lebeda mattress looks good enough to give it a try. The overall rating of Lebeda mattresses from whatever reviews are available from the customers is above average.

Lebeda Mattresses are available at Factory prices. Since these mattresses are sold directly to the customers, the prices are available at unbelievably low prices. Discounts and sales are also available from time to time.

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Lebeda Mattresses Reviews / Lebeda Mattress Customer Reviews

If you search for Lebeda Mattress reviews you will not find many out there. There is a real good scarcity of Lebeda Mattress Customer reviews on this mattress.

Always look for eco-friendly mattresses and save the environment inside your home and also prevent the health of your family from getting badly affected. GO Green!

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