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Puffy Mattress

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Latex foam mattresses are made from either natural latex, extracted from rubber trees or latex can also be produced synthetically from petroleum products. Latex Foam Mattresses are firm and also pressure relieving and provides great relief while sleeping. Latex foam mattresses are preferred by users who do not want their mattresses to be very soft like the memory foam mattresses.

About Latex Foam Mattresses

Latex foam mattresses are made of either latex from top to bottom, or a layer of latex layer over regular foam or the reverse, that is a foam layer over a latex base. The advantage of latex is that it provides uniform support throughout the mattress.

Some of the benefits of foam mattresses

  • Latex foam mattresses are breathable and resilient and hence it retains less heat and retains its form throughout the life of the mattress
  • Latex foam mattresses are hypo-allergic since latex being a natural mattress can protect users against dust mites. This is very useful for people suffering from allergy
  • Latex foam mattresses are soft like the memory foam mattresses but have the property of pushing back, which is what gives this mattress the firmness. This is very useful for people suffering from back pain. The pressure relief is especially high for mattresses with a higher density of latex
  • The customer satisfaction of memory foam mattress is quite high at about 80%
  • It is easier for users to get in and out of latex foam mattresses since the mattress returns to its original shape much faster
  • If the foundation of the latex foam mattress is strong and in good condition, this mattress hardly makes any noise
  • Latex foam mattresses are well suited for love making and there are hardly any customer complaints when compared to other types of mattresses
  • Though the motion isolation in latex mattresses is not as good as in memory foam mattresses, the customer ratings were fairly good. So the person sleeping on the other side of the bed is not disturbed by the turning and tossing of their partner

Some negative feedbacks regarding latex foam mattresses

  • Latex foam mattresses are one of the heaviest mattresses available and hence customers may find it difficult to move it or rotate it and it is difficult to transport this mattresses. Even simple tasks like changing sheets will pose a problem
  • Initial odor or off gassing is there for latex mattresses since all mattresses may not have completely natural latex in them. Synthetic latex is used in many latex foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses are more expensive when compared to other mattresses of similar size and features
  • About 10 % of the users have reported impressions or sagging in their mattresses within a short time after use. Mattresses using talalay or natural latex do not have this problem. The problem was seen mainly in latex foam mattresses using dunlop or blended latex. Some users complained that the mattress becomes very soft with use.
  • Latex mattresses are not as widely available as the other types of mattresses.
  • So customers who want only latex mattresses will have to hunt around to find the mattress that suits their preference

Overall latex foam mattresses are well liked by most of the customers. Most of the good brands of latex mattresses have a warranty of 10-20 years with a 10 year non-prorated warranty. Customers though say that the average life span of the mattress is only around 8 years.

If you are sure of buying a Latex Foam Mattress, you can even select a good one online. The cost will work out to be cheaper and many good companies have a 90 day return policy in case you are dissatisfied with the product. Latex mattresses which use natural latex are the best in class among the latex foam mattresses,

Latex Mattress