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Lady Americana Bamboo Mattress & Memory Foam Pillows

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Sleep like a baby with the new Lady Americana Mattress that promises to deliver peaceful sleep after a day’s work. Not many realize how much sleep is vital for the human body. If you are dealing with restless sleep or waking up every day with a sore back, then Lady Americana mattress is the best bed you can owe yourself. With many brands and hundreds of products available online, you can choose the one that works the best for you. Read on to know more about how the products of Lady Americana mattress work for you.

Almost one-third of our life goes laying on the bed. Hence it is necessary that you ensure top comfort and quality not to mention a guaranteed durability on the bed that you choose. In Lady Americana collection of mattresses, an extra mile is taken to ensure that the end results are efficient and provide the utmost comfort for people of all ages right from kiddos to elderly.

No one person sleeps alike and while some tend to change their sleeping position at night few don’t and stay rigid. Depending on people’s mood and comfort, Lady Americana mattress has created a huge range of mattress that offers you ultimate relaxation at all times with individual motion isolation at all times.

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Lady Americans Mattress Collections: A Review

Lady Americana Mattress Collections include the Lady Americana Bronze Collection and Lady Americana Elite collection which includes the Lady Americana Silver Collection and the Lady Americana Gold Collection. There is also the Lady Americana Hospitality collection for use in the hospitality business.

The lady Americana Bronze Collection comes with an Ameri-Spring unit and Visco Lumbar Support. It also has extra coils for added sleeping comfort. It is topped with natural cashmere cover for comfort and has 15 years of non-prorated warranty.

The Lady Americana Elite Silver collections’ focus is on comfort. Each mattress has 70 pounds of foam for resilience and adds to the sleeping space. Each of the spring units is individually encased for better support and comfort. Talalay latex, memory foam cashmere wool, and bamboo fiber are used in these mattresses for comfort. The springs are covered with high-quality fiber and foam with a Coolmax cover to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable. The Silver collection comes with a 25-year warranty.

The Lady Americana Gold collection has a lifetime warranty. Each king sized mattress has 2,300 coils to conform to the body. There are also Patented California Health Pads which has high-density foams for better blood circulation and reduces tossing and turning. It provides support to the body wherever it is needed.

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There are also different comfort types like Super Pillow-Top, Tight Top, Box Top, Pillow Top, Euro Top, Super Box Top etc. which are available for different collections.

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Why Lady Americana mattress – Features and Benefits

A healthy sleep has many positive impacts on your body while a bad sleep can put you in a tough spot and increase your stressed level. Lady Americana mattresses undergo a lot of research for providing you some of the best comfort mattresses you can ever find. Here are few of the features and benefits that they offer.

  • Ameri-spring: A unique and patent pending design of interlocking coils that is built using a single piece of steel wire. The specialty of this steel wire is it has been designed in such a way (heat tempered) to resist motion transfer. This reduces stress by equalizing the weight to all areas of the mattress thus suppressing bouncing effect for maximum comfort.
  • Coolmax: A fiber based moisture fabric that has the ability to take away excess heat and perspiration from your body. Thus it cools down your body and promotes cooler and drier sleep at all times.
  • Ameri-guard: Row of highly heat tempered steel interlocked coils that surround the mattress to provide rigid support even under heavyweight. This gives a firm support and gives 20% of more sleeping area not to mention adding good strength to the durability of the product.
  • Cashmere cover: A soft fiber that regulates the sleeping temperature of the body and keeps you warm in winter and cools in summer seasons.

Apart from the above, the products of Lady Americana mattresses use bamboo mattress ticking fabric to manufacture their mattress. Bamboo has a generic power of combating bacteria and fungus. These antibacterial and antifungal properties are used in producing mattress as it can help people who are dealing with skin allergies. The fabric of bamboo is quite soft and comfy not to mention an eco-friendly product that keeps you cool and warm during the changing climates.

Core Features

Foam is one of the core parts of any mattress and the patent-pending spring units that encase the foam gives you a good amount of sleeping space and prevent it from breaking down. Memory foam mattress is utterly super soft and its viscosity helps the bed to understand your body shape. The thickness helps in retaining its original form once you are out of the bed and the personal isolation feature helps in giving you good sleep when your partner shifts position or if your kids bounce up and down on their side.

Lady Americana mattress is not only used for residential purposes but also in hotels for providing great comfort for their guests. This lady Americana Viscotex mattress can deliver plush comfort and a cozy atmosphere for frequent travelers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages – Lady Americana Mattress – A Review


  • Allergen resistance fabric
  • Patent pending coil and springs
  • Motion isolation
  • Positive reviews from majority of users
  • Memory foam mattress
  • 15 to 25-year warranty depending on the model you choose


  • The feature to flip the mattress is available in few models only
  • Sagging issue is seen by most of the users
  • Poor customer service noted
  • Few complaints registered are yet to be sorted out

Lady Americana Mattress Reviews and ratings from customers

Lady Americana mattress has received mixed reviews from many customers. While a general consensus claim that the product works excellently without any trouble, few of the different voice that the bed starts to sag within a couple of years. Though the comfort level noticed is great, the box springs tend to flimsy and tend to break within a few months. Few users claimed that the product gave them a backache making them regret the purchase. However, a majority of the users tend to favor the product and love the benefits it offered.

“This sucks” – Suz

“I paid around $760 for this pillow top paramount queen in July 2013. I didn’t check the reviews till I had purchased. It is December now and within 6 months I have rotated my mattress two times due to unexpected indentation. No, I am not overweight either. This product sucks and I better buy another mattress and give this one back before I run out of warranty.”

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“Will not recommend” – J. Vaughn

I purchased the Lady Americana gold and I spent around $2000. It is two years and my mattress collapsed on my husband’s side and mine with a high spot in the middle. I will not recommend this mattress even to my enemy.”

“Elite King size mattress, loved it” – Miss M, Canada, EH

“I purchased the lady Americana prodigy mattress 3 years ago and still today after a lot of unfortunate spills, moves, and flips, the product works like a dream. Got the king size mattress for $900 including the bed frame and taxes. Unlike other mattresses in the market, this felt good and I never regret my decision.

I would recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a good sleep every night. They are a bit high priced but I never knew what a good night was till I slept in my mattress.”

“Love this bed” – Jim P, Oceanside, CA

“I sleep like a baby in my new lady Americana memory foam mattress. My old mattress made me toss and turn waking me up every night. I also had lower back pain but this mattress solved both my problems. The price is also less than Tempurpedic and I like this one better. My friend has a rod in her spinal area and had a lot of problems sleeping. She got the sensation model and absolutely loves it.”

What are the details of Lady Americana mattress warranty?

The normal warranty period of Lady Americana mattress comes for a period of one year. Depending on various models the warranty period extends to 15 year period also. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind before claiming for a warranty. You can read all about it here at

How are the Lady Americana mattress reviews online?

The product has received mixed reviews from people. A general consensus opines that the product is bogus and doesn’t work as claimed. Somewhere box springs pop up and at some areas the entire mattress collapse. It is not a pretty picture. However, the other half loved it and in some cases, the mattress still is going strong after 3-4 years.

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Who are the Lady Americana mattress retailers/dealers?

Yes, there are retailers/dealers available near your area. All you have to do is punch in your zip code at the link and you can locate your nearest dealer if you want to check the product voluntarily before making the final purchase.

Is Lady Americana mattress available in Malaysia and Singapore?

Yes, Lady Americana mattress is available worldwide including places such as Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland, Oklahoma, Thailand and many more places and countries.

What is the Lady Americana Bamboo Mattress?

Mixing bamboo pulp and cashmere produces an antibacterial fabric that is interwoven together to fight off skin allergies and cool down your body during summer climate and warm your body during winter.

What is the warranty period for Lady Americana king pillow-top mattress?

The king pillow-top mattress comes with 20 years pro-rated warranty. Non-prorated warranty stands for any issues that occur during the warranty period such as repair, exchange of mattress/box spring etc. The user need not pay anything for mattresses that are covered under such warranty.

How are the reviews for Lady Americana Brighton Euro top mattress?

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This plush Brighton euro top pocket coil mattress comes with the pillow top that is stitched into the mattress to give you firmer support. As there are very few reviews about the product, it is hard to determine the exact efficiency of the product.

What is Lady Americana Cashmere Mattress?

The top cover of your mattress is cashmere fabric that is luxuriously soft and comfortable giving your body the perfect temperature to rest at the end of the day.

What is the specialty of Lady Americana mattress silver collection?

The exceptional feature of Lady Americana mattress silver collection is its silver infused fabrics that come with antifungal properties to keep you away from allergies thus giving you a peaceful sleep at all times. Super soft memory foam in the silver collection gives you good comfort in the years to come.

Who owns Lady Americana mattress?

The owner of the company is Mathis brothers who are currently delivering their products all over the world.

Are there any complaints against Lady Americana mattress?

Yes, there are a few complaints against Lady Americana in sites such as and many others where people say that the product delivers poor quality and nothing else. However, since the product is not registered with BBB, there are no complaints lodged under BBB.

What is Lady Americana Eco Comfort mattress?

Eco-comfort mattress is manufactured keeping in mind Mother Earth. For instance, the mattress is made out of organic eco-friendly foam just like any other parts of the mattress.

Where is Lady Americana mattress available for sale?

The official website is always recommended since it will save you from any fraudulent transaction and buy hoax product.

Where are Lady Americana mattresses made?

All the components including the mattress are manufactured right in the USA.

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What are the sizes Lady Americana mattress available?

There are different sizes available depending on the person. For instance, any single person or couple can buy king or queen sized mattress sets for them depending on the amount of personal space to move around.

What is the best way to try out a mattress?

You can always go shopping with your partner. There is no need to be embarrassed as you both need your own comfort level and it differs from each and every person. Take a ‘SLEEP TEST’ on the mattress. Lie down for several minutes. Now close your eyes and focus how it supports you such as comfort, position etc. and that is the only way to know how your mattress works for you.

I am an hotelier. Will I get my Lady Americana eminence mattress on a wholesale price?

Though the company does not offer any wholesale price or give discounts on bulk purchase, you can always go in for discount/coupon codes which will give you a deduction on the purchase of your mattress.

Does a mattress have anything to do with a person’s sleep?

Yes. Your mattress has the potential to promote healthy sleep or keep you awake all night. Imagine your mattress welcoming you after a day’s hard work, promoting a good sleep so that you will wake up all healthy, positive and relieved from stress. Lack of proper sleep can have a direct impact on your stress levels giving you detrimental health risks in the long run.

What are some ways to get a better night’s sleep?

There are few tips that can help you sleep like a baby. You can try going to bed and getting up at the same time daily including weekends. Just like parents establish a routine for their kids you can implement that too in your daily life. A sleep ritual can be very beneficial in keeping you cuddling at night. Sleep in a cool and dark room with a comfy mattress not to mention distancing yourself from worries or any undesired distractions that will give you a groggy feeling in the morning.

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