Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Saatva Mattress King Size Features

The King mattress from Saatva mattresses are of the standard dimensions of 76” X 80”. Saatva mattresses are a great choice if you want a mattress that would last you a few decades but does not compromise on quality while making the pricing reasonable. When you choose this mattress, what are the features you qualify for?

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  • Like any other size, the King size mattresses are made of an outer cover of organic cotton, inner springs made from recycled steel rods and memory foam layers which are safe and bio-based. They have no VOC emissions and have the CertiPUR certification.
  • The mattresses are handcrafted, with a coil on coil construction. The lower coils give a connected hourglass shaped steel base. The top coils have an individually wrapped coil system. This system perfects motions transfer reduction and also helps the mattress contour to the body. This and the euro pillow top of the mattresses makes one of the top quality mattresses available in the market. The coil units are tempered three times and oven baked.
  • The mattresses, including the King size mattresses have an anti-sag edge support that increases the longevity and provides more sleeping surface.6
  • The ultra premium innerspring construction allows airflow between the springs, helping in the evaporation of perspiration from the surface. This keeps the mattresses clean and prevents mites and bigs. This airflow also allows for a cool sleeping surface.
  • The Saatva mattresses have the chiropractic seal of approval and a patented “Spinal Zone” sleep technology to reduce back pain and create a correct spinal support during sleep. It has an active wire support.
  • Saatva mattresses have a choice of comfort levels between Plush soft, Luxury firm and Firm.
  • The dimensions of the King sized mattresses are 76” X 80” and this is currently priced at $1299 without the foundation. With foundation, the cost is $1599.
  • You could choose a standard 8” foundation or a low profile 4” inch one. The King size foundation is split for ease in delivery and setting up. They do not bend.
  • They have a center support to prevent the split foundation from sagging.