Nectar Sleep Mattress

Reviews of Nectar Sleep memory foam mattress suggest it to be of top quality. Reviewed by some as Affordable Comfort, these mattresses are cool and comfortable to sleep on and made from top quality materials making them healthy as well to sleep on

King Koil Mattress – iMattress

iMattress is a brand of King Koil mattresses in which King Koil has displayed a series of memory foam mattresses that sleeps cool. King Koil has given a new feel to the memory foam mattress in its iMattress series. The King Koil iMattress series mattresses consist of memory foam mattresses that offer its users with a cool and dry comfortable sleeping experience, which is rarely found in memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses are the top-rated comfortable mattresses but at the same time very famous for their heat retentive property. Memory foam has the tendency to tap the body heat. Memory foam absorbs body heat, this features of its allow it to become softer. The heat from the body absorbed by memory foam softens it and so it becomes flexible and that is why memory foam mattresses are able to contour so easily to the shape of the body. Its contouring property, in turn, helps the pressure points of the body to relax. While on a memory foam mattress, a body does not have to exert any pressure, the body is able to relax and is able to rest properly. The contouring property of a memory foam mattress also helps the body to rest in proper alignment which prevents the body from backaches. Memory foam mattresses have all these wonderful features, but the user has to pay the price for these comforts by sleeping hot. King Koil iMattress series solves this problem of memory foam mattresses.

King Koil iMattress series mattresses breathe more than perfectly. The King Koil iMattress series mattresses have a unique design wherein the mattresses are able to breathe 12x more than the usual traditional memory foam mattresses. When there is proper flow inside the mattress, the mattress is able to cool down. The continuous air circulation inside the mattress helps in keeping the mattress cool by absorbing all the perspiration and the cool air helps in cooling the mattress of the heat.

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King Koil iMattress Series Models

The King Koil consists of the following models inside its iMattress series, one of the coolest memory foam mattress brand.

  • IXS1
  • iXS3
  • iXS5
  • iXS7
  • iG2
  • iG4
  • iG6
  • iG8

Every option of firmness and every level of softness is available in the King Koil mattress series. Like in comfort levels there are a variety of sizes as well. From twin to California king all sizes can be found in the King Koil mattresses series. The foundation of these mattresses is made of natural wood, to give a strong and sturdy base to the mattresses. All these mattresses come with a non-prorated warranty of 10 years. The base of all the mattresses that come under the iMattress series is constructed out of enhanced balanced base foam. The King Koil iMattress series mattresses like all other memory foam mattresses contours easily to the body’s shape and gives great relief from body pain. The mattresses have got a good edge supporting system as well that offers an edge to edge support and space. The King Koil iMattress series has got all the features of a good memory foam mattress along with some extra good features.