Nectar Sleep Mattress

Nectar Sleep Mattresses keep their prices at the minimum to make them affordable. Available in all standard sizes, these mattresses do not need special bed frames or box springs. These mattresses can be put on any type of beds including adjustable beds, platform or floor.

From 1898 to 2015 is indeed a very long trip. It was not a smooth drive, it was a roller coaster ride! King Koil has come a long way and the ride is still on. King Koil Somnigel perfect contour Vigor mattress is one of those innovative mattresses by King Koil that exhibits luxury and elegance. The King Koil perfect contour Somnigel vigor mattress has in it some most comfort offering materials that completely changes the way one feels about sleep. The night hours become more than just sleeping hours, they become hours of rejuvenation and comfort. King Koil perfect contour Somnigel vigor mattress makes the night hours the most restful and the most comfortable hours where the body simply dozes off to the world of sleep.

You might be wondering what exactly is somnigel? First somnigel is not at all related to gel memory foam, many people have this misconception that Somnigel is some other type gel memory foam. In reality somnigel does not have any foam content in it, it is a pure gel material with a hollow column design. Somnigel has many benefits which includes non-toxicity and odor-free and with Somnigel there are no by-products. Somnigel is made using the pure soothing gel that molds itself according to the body’s shape without pushing back. Free flow of air inside the mattress and hypoallergenic nature are another benefits of Somnigel. Somnigel is durable. Sagging and impression troubles don’t happen in Somnigel so easily, and it is possible because of the design it has.

The benefits of the memory foam is well known. It contours easily and lets the body rest in comfort. Memory foam is considered to be one of the most comfortable mattress material. Memory foam mattresses are the top rated ones when it comes to comfort. In king koil perfect contour somnigel mattress you will find the wonderful features of both Somnigel and memory foam. This combination will double the comfort factor of the mattress.

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The basic features of King Koil Somnigel vigor mattress

  • The polyurethane foams which has been used in the making of King Koil perfect contour somnigel mattress has got the certification from CertiPUR. The CertiPUR certification clears that the foams are void of any chemicals that can harm the environment or humans.
  • Encased coil system (8”) is another specialty of the King Koil perfect contour somnigel vigor mattress. Encased coil system restricts the motion transfer very efficiently and give an extra support to the mattress to contour easily.
  • The cover of the King Koil perfect contour somnigel mattress is hydrodynamic. The moisture-wicking cover absorbs the moisture from the body and helps you to have a good night cool sleep.
  • The special feature of air release foam encasement of the mattress does not allow the air to stay trapped inside the mattress. The system frees the air from the mattress. So there is a constant motion of air in the mattress. The air comes in and out of the mattress continuously allowing the mattress to stay cool and dry.

King Koil has many other models as well, the varieties that King Koil offers is quiet impressive.