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King Koil Extended Life Mattress

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Mattresses are supposed to last long, they are supposed to provide utmost comfort and a great sleeping experience, that is what mattresses are meant for. But how many mattress companies are able to fulfil these requirement of good mattress? You can count them on fingers! So, King Koil decided to create a mattress that will provide utmost comfort, durability and an unmatched sleeping experience. King Koil created a brand ‘King Koil Extended Life’ and added one more feather to its quality range of comfortable mattresses.

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The King Koil mattress collection includes the Innerspring mattress, Specialty memory foam mattresses and the Hybrid mattresses. The King Koil collection includes World Luxury, World Extended Life, Laura Ashley, World Edition and iMattress. All these mattresses use the latest technology to provide the mattresses with good comfort and long life. World luxury, an innerspring mattress uses the latest foam technology with encased coils. Extended Life is also an innerspring mattress, but has been developed to give extended life and support. Laura Ashley mattress is produced for the Laura Ashley home furnishing brand. Laura Ashley Mattresses are available in both the innerspring and memory foam models and also has two options, soft or firm. World Edition is again an innerspring mattress which uses a combination of foam and coil. The iMattress uses improved Visco memory foam to improve the air circulation and breathability of the mattress.

The King Koil mattress collections are endorsed by the ICA (International Chiropractors Association) and are both healthy and comfortable. The Koil Koil collection of mattresses are also affordable.

King Koil mattresses are designed to last for around 25 years that is one of the longest lifespans of a mattress you can find in the mattress industry. These days mattresses don’t last for even 2-3 years let alone 25 years. But King Koil mattresses has described its King Koil extended life brand to be indestructible. King Koil extended life mattress is constructed in the manner that it is capable of bearing the weight of big people and can cradle the body of the slender and short person. From big to small, for anyone, this mattress is just perfect. The price of King Koil Extended life brand mattresses are quite reasonable. They come in the affordable price zone.

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King Koil has many models under its King Koil Extended life mattress brand. The models under the King Koil World Extended Life mattress brand includes:

  • Extended Life 150
  • Extended Life 3000
  • Extended Life 250
  • Extended Life 3100
  • Extended Life 350
  • Extended Life 3200
  • Extended Life 450
  • Extended Life 3300

The sizes at which the above-mentioned models are present are:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king

From the firmest to the softest every comfort level is available at King Koil. The mattress company that produces King Koil mattress was established in 1898. It was first known in the name of United States Bedding, then later at around 1930’s the company changed its name to King Koil, and since then has been working with the same name. Over the years King Koil has developed many brands under its wings and has has been successful in all its endeavor so far.

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The King Koil Extended Life Mattresses are made with the finest quality materials that are indestructible so as to make the mattress strong enough to last longer and function perfectly for decades. The King Koil company promises its customers that the mattress will provide the same comfort and quality that it has provided to the customers in the beginning years of its life till its last breath! Since the King Koil extended life mattress is a new entrant in the mattress industry, there are not many reviews available on this model. Till now it has done a good job, let us see how this model turns out to be, will it exceed the expectation of the user as promised by the company or will it fail to acquire the heart of the customers, only time will tell!

King Koil Accessories

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King Koil range of accessories includes Speciality Mattress toppers, Mattress protectors, Speciality pillows, duvets and also Linen sets. All products are made using a combination of the latest visco-gel technology and down-feather for ultimate comfort. These products are also ‘Ultra-fresh’ treated and OKO Tex certified to keep them healthy and safe to use.There are also cotton and silk linen sets and duvet covers all of the best quality. There are also many types of pillows including the Three chamber pillow, Hungarian Down pillow, Encased pillow, Body pillow, Anti-snore pillow etc.
Among the toppers, the Jointed Toppers from King Koil has two different layers which can be either used together or separated and used individually. The top layer of the topper is filled with Micro Fiber for a soft feel and the bottom layer is completely filled with a feather for support. When used together, these King Koil Jointed toppers give a great sleeping experience.

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