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Kayflex Mattress
  • Individual Pocket Springs
  • Responsive Memory Foam
  • 24cm Deep
  • Medium Support (3)
  • Vacuum Packed & Rolled
  • No Roll Together
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Kayflex Mattress Reviews Compare Pocket Plush 2000 vs Windsor

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Kayflex mattress is one of the leading memory foam manufacturers in the UK. You can see memory foam mattresses as well as hybrid mattresses from this brand. The mattresses are cheaper in comparison and are very much affordable for one and all. There are several models of mattresses including the premium roll-up mattress suitable for the futon

The mattresses have a price range of $149-719. Needless to say, that the price depends on the type of mattress. The mattresses have quicker delivery and ample warranty period as well.

You can buy the Kayflex mattresses only online and that too from selected stores.

Kayflex Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Kayflex mattress reviews are not many to see. the feedback from the very few reviews say that the mattresses are quite comfortable, and the users have had no issues thus far. The affordability is the key to its popularity. The flexibility to use any foundation has also played well in its favor.

Best Mattress Models from Kayflex Mattress

There are over 20 mattress models from Kayflex mattress. Here is a summation of the most popular models. The most popular models of Kayflex models are these 6 mattresses.

  • Kayflex Windsor memory mattress
  • Kayflex Shallow Luxury 800 Pocket mattress
  • Kayflex Pocket Plush 2000 mattress
  • Kayflex Pocket Wool Luxury 2000 mattress
  • Kayflex Pocket Coolmax 2000 mattress
  • Kayflex Pocket Ruby 3000 Pillow Top mattress

Kayflex Mattress Sizes 

The Kayflex mattresses are available in a total of 6 sizes. Those sizes and their dimensions are,

  • Small Single 2’6” x 6’3”
  • Single 3’ x 6’3”
  • Small double 4’ x 6’3”
  • Double 4’6” x 6’3”
  • King 5’ x 6’6”
  • Super King 6’ x 6’6”

Please note that not all the models are available in all the sizes. In fact, none of the mattress models of Kayflex mattresses are available in all the sizes. The maximum may come to only 5 sizes and some are available just in 2 sizes.

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Kayflex Mattress Specifications

  • Kayflex Windsor memory mattress: Do not get confused with the memory mattress title. The Kayflex Windsor is, in fact, a hybrid mattress. The mattress has a responsive memory foam at the top for comfort, an extra memory foam for the transition and an interconnected coil system for support. The mattress is 22 cm in thickness. The comfort of the mattress is soft to medium. The mattress is available in 5 sizes- small single, single, small double, and king sizes.
  • Kayflex Shallow Luxury 800 Pocket mattress is a very low-profile mattress with a thickness of just 14 cm. The construction uses pocket springs inside cotton fabric for the support. The comfort of this mattress is a soft foam at the top. The mattress can reduce movements on the surface as the coils are individuals. There are 800 coils inside the mattress. The mattress has a comfort level of the medium that has a cushioning effect as well. The specialty of this mattress is that it is dual-sided. You can use both the sides of the mattress. The mattress comes in small single, single and small double sizes.
  • Kayflex Pocket Plush 2000 mattress is one of the luxury mattresses. The mattress is 24 cm deep with a medium comfort level for support. The mattress has an orthopedic memory foam at the top for comfort and body conformity. It relieves pressure points. The support comes from the pocket spring coils. These individual coils make the mattress ideal for partners to have a non-disturbing sleep surface. The mattress comes in small single, single, small double, double, king size and Super King sizes.
  • Kayflex Pocket Wool Luxury 2000 mattress uses natural wool for the comfort layers. The wool is used as the filling at the top and the pocket springs serve as the support layer. The mattress has 25 cm depth and medium comfort level. This medium comfort mattress will be suitable for all sleep positions. The use of natural wool will be helping with temperature regulation. You can get this mattress model in single, small double, double, king, and Super King sizes.
  • Kayflex Pocket Coolmax 2000 mattress has the unique temperature sensitive memory foam for effective cooling. The mattress has the support from the traditional coil system as well. The coils are individually packed and have independent movements. The mattress has a total of 25 cm thickness. The comfort level of this mattress model is medium. The mattress is luxurious in feel and is also one-sided. The available mattress sizes are double and king sizes.
  • Kayflex Pocket Ruby 3000 Pillow Top Mattress: This mattress model is also a hybrid variety with 3000 coils for finer support for the sleeper. The top layers include the Kayflex foam for comfort and that can conform to the body. This mattress model is apt for anyone with muscle or back pain as it can provide more pressure relieving points. The reflexive foam provides the needed comfort and support. The mattress has also got the polyester fillings in the pillow top that suits the recovery process. Kayflex pillow top mattress is 25 cm deep and has a medium comfort level. The mattress sizes available are single, small double, double, king, and Super King.
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Kayflex Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Kayflex mattresses do not have a trial period. Instead, these mattresses come with a 1-year guarantee under which the mattress is returnable under certain conditions like a damage or defect. The mattress warranty is for a 5-year term which is applicable to all the mattress models.

Kayflex Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Kayflex mattresses shipping is available from the next day when ordered from Mattress Next Day. You may also schedule the home delivery for a later date in advance for up to 4 weeks. All orders received before 5 pm will get a default next day delivery across the UK.

You may opt for the home delivery, 2-man delivery where the mattress will get delivery to the room of your choice or the most convenient mattress disposal package where the new mattress arrives, and they take the old mattress away.

Both the mattress disposal and room delivery services have additional charges of $39.99 and $14.95 respectively.

Kayflex Mattress Setup & Installation

Kayflex mattresses are rolled up premium mattresses. These compressed and rolled mattress needs some installation steps to get them ready. You need to remove the plastic wraps around the mattress, first to unroll and then to allow the mattress to decompress and expand. The total time it takes to expand completely is 48 hours.

Discount Prices On Kayflex Mattress

The Kayflex mattress price starts from $149 for the Kayflex Shallow Luxury 800 pocket mattress. The highest price is applicable for the Kayflex Pocket Ruby 3000 pillow top mattress. From the online stores like Mattress Next Day, there is a discount sale going on that has the prices reduced by 10-55% from the actual price. The discounts make the price range to as low as $99. Listing below is the actual price of the various mattress models of Kayflex mattress.

  • Kayflex Windsor memory mattress $199.99-319.90
  • Kayflex Shallow Luxury 800 Pocket             $149.99-199.99
  • Kayflex Pocket Plush 2000 mattress $339-599
  • Kayflex Pocket Wool Luxury 2000 $349-689
  • Kayflex Pocket Coolmax 2000 $239.95-289.95
  • Kayflex Pocket Ruby 3000 Pillow Top $369-719.
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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Kayflex Mattress

Unfortunately, there are no Kayflex mattress coupons or promo codes available. There are Mattress Next Day coupons available with which you can get discounts on the Kayflex mattresses when bought from Mattress Next Day online store. These coupons are getting you 20-70% off on the prices.

Kayflex Mattress Firmness Analysis

Kayflex mattresses are available in mainly 2 comfort levels- soft to medium and medium. The soft to medium comfort level has a value of 2 on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is soft and 5 is firm. The medium comfort will have a value of 3 on this scale. The medium comfort mattresses are suitable for almost everyone.

Kayflex Mattress Frames & Foundation

Kayflex mattress is flexible to use with any type of foundation. These mattresses go well with a platform bed, adjustable bed/base, slatted base, box springs or even on the floor. If you are choosing a slatted bed, just make sure that the slats are not too far from each other.

Kayflex Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

You may contact the Kayflex customer service on 01924 453331.

Their fax number is 01924 437674

Their email ids are and

Maintenance On Kayflex Mattress

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Except for the Kayflex Shallow Luxury 800 pocket mattress, all the Kayflex mattresses are single-sided. They are not flippable. You may rotate and flip the Shallow 800 pocket mattress regularly to allow even wear and tear.

All the other mattresses should only have rotation from head to toe for best results. You can rotate these mattresses even week for the first few months and then onwards, once a month or even once in 2 months would also do.

Odor & Smell in Kayflex Mattress

Kayflex mattresses are hypoallergenic and safe from off-gassing problems. The mattresses are safe for everyone, even for those with asthma and allergy issues. There could be a slight smell of the new mattress. It is nothing to worry about as it will go in a few days with good ventilation.

Motion Transfer on a Kayflex Mattress

Except for the Windsor model of Kayflex mattress, all other models can reduce the motion transfer on the mattress surface. These mattresses have individual pockets that can move without distributing the movement to the other coil. This reduces the rolling-together problem that is usual with the traditional spring mattresses.

Sagging Problems in Kayflex Mattress

Kayflex mattresses have the reflexive foam that can resist the sagging of the mattress. There are no reports of any kind of sagging issues on these mattresses. There might be slight body impression formation on the mattress that could be ¾” to 1” which is usually after several years of use. Rotating the mattress from head to toe can prevent these body impressions, indentation, and sagging issues as it allows even wear and tear or allow the foam to recover.

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Kayflex mattresses are affordable and comfortable mattresses that can be useful for one and all. There are double-sided models and the ones that are suitable for back pain problems. The prices are not too big, and you get the mattresses on the very next day as well. The mattresses are also compatible with all foundations, so you may not need to invest in a new one if you already have a decent workable foundation at home. You will love these mattresses if your comfort level is within soft-medium range.

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