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Jamison Mattress – Marriot Latex Platinum Beds & Other Models

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Jamison is the exclusive supplier to the various high-end hotel chains. The Jamison mattress has got a big list of collections to choose from. So, getting a mattress of your type will not be a problem at Jamison

When it comes to mattress reviews very few mattresses have received good reviews. All other mattress reviews are always good & bad or mixed emotion reviews. Jamison mattresses are no exception to this. They have their own share of very good and very bad reviews.

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 Jamison Mattresses Marriott Hotel collection

The fact cannot be avoided that they are suppliers of the very famous Marriott Hotel. Jamison mattresses are not as famous as its counterparts though they have been in the industry since 1883. Maybe it is because they have enough sales even without widely advertising their mattresses. They stick more to the word-of-mouth publicity technique. Jamison is the exclusive supplier to the various high-end hotel chains. The Jamison mattress has got a big list of collections to choose from. So, getting a mattress of your type will not be a problem at Jamison.

The following are the Jamison Mattress models:

  • The English Garden collection
  • The Equalizer collection
  • The Gel comfort collection
  • The Resort hotel collection
  • The Talalay Latex collection
  • The Vita Pedic Collection

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The most popular and asked for among the above is the Resort collection. Jamison mattresses cannot be called as cheap, but certain models are average in price and some may cost even $1650. So, Jamison mattresses are definitely not cheap. So let us get into details about the good and bad aspects of Jamison mattresses

Jamison Mattresses Reviews and Ratings

The Plus Points of Jamison Mattresses

  • The mattress’s easy contouring property helps in providing relief and rest to the pressure points. Half of the problem gets resolved when the pressure points are able to relax.
  • Being able to efficiently isolate motion is another much-liked feature of Jamison mattresses. If you have a partner to share your sleeping space then, a motion isolation property is a must for a mattress.
  • The mattress offers good edge support and so getting off the bed does not become a hard task. You also get an edge to edge space i.e more space for sleeping.
  • The mattress does not disturb the user by making noises.
  • Jamison mattresses have achieved an ‘A+’ and ‘B-’ from BBB (better business bureau) and SLTD (sleep like the dead) respectively.

The Minus points of Jamison mattresses

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The Jamison mattresses are not very durable. Several of the Jamison mattress reviews have pointed out this problem of durability. The development of impressions start early and so does the sagging.

  • There is a problem of initial off-gassing with Jamison mattresses. Though the intensity of off-gassing is moderate, users have found it very disturbing.
  • Some Jamison mattresses do retain heat. The heat retention problem has not been reported by many, but there have been a few complaints where the users have reported that they had to sleep hot on the mattress.
  • The mattresses by Jamison are heavy. Moving it single handed will be a difficult task.
  • Many customers are not happy with the warranty offered by Jamison. The same is the case with their return policy.

Jamison Mattress Warranty differs from model to model and is not the same for all models. So please read the warranty details of the model or ask the customer support people to find out what are all covered by the warranty.

So, the overall rating of Jamison Mattresses will be around 3 ½ out of 5.

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