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Is Layla Mattress Toxic Or Organic

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Mattress industry has been conscious about health as much as it is about comfort. While mattress companies in the past had focussed primarily on comfort alone, companies lately are more concerned about the health issues related to mattresses. The sleep-related issue, Back pain, arthritis, and even comfort during surgery have all been researched well to customize mattresses to specific needs. One of the major health issues which cropped up in recent times with the integration of synthetic material into the mattress included allergies and health-related issues due to toxins

Almost every mattress and fabric is treated in some form and you will smell it right away when they are new. A new tee shirt, a pair of jean or a bed sheet will all carry a specific smell. The smell of a new product is entirely different and will stay for the first few hours of use on all fabric. This is the same with a new mattress too. All new mattresses will carry the smell of a new product. This is not of major concern to most people. In most cases, this smell will wear off in a few hours or a day at most. 

What is of major concern though is the toxic chemicals used to treat the mattress. Mattresses are manufactured and stored in bulk at most factories and outlets. These products stay in the shelf for months if not years and will require protection. Apart from this, the material used in the mattresses is processed with chemicals. The foam, the sheets and everything in between is treated with some form of chemicals at some point of time. All these toxins are usually carried towards the end product.

In the end when the product is unpacked in your home, these toxins are released in some quantity. This may cause irritation and allergies to a few people.If you are sensitive to chemicals, you will require that the mattress you purchase is free from chemicals or at least have the least amount of them.

Before you go any further, lets understand one fact. All mattresses which are not 100% organic have some form of chemical involved. The memory foam mattress usually comes with synthetic foam and is processed in some form with some chemicals. As long as the chemicals are in minimal quantity and does not impact your health, its approved by the few standards the government has set. This may not be what you are looking at. Some companies try to use the least amount of chemicals. The sheets are organic and the latex too they try to purchase from reliable sources. But at the end of the day, there is a lot of things involved in creating an organic mattress and it starts from the procurement of raw products to the packaging and shipping of the product itself.

When it comes to Layla mattress, The mattress states nowhere that its organic. Now there are organic Bamboo sheets but then its only the sheets which are organic. The foam is synthetic and is designed specifically to meet the comfort requirements of the user. Though Layla mattress is not Organic, its not toxic either.

The Layala mattress smells of a new product and some may find it irritating or fear toxins but the fact is that this smell fades over a few hours up to a day. The new smell of a mattress will remain for almost all mattresses. This is the same with The Layla pillows too. The Mattress or the Pillow are free from toxins.

Layla mattress is also free from Fiberglass. All users who have used and tested the product find that the mattress is excellent, Comfortable and Healthy. There is no Smell, Its free from Toxins and safe from fiberglass. Not all products which are labeled organic is safe and with layla as an example, you could also say that not all products which are not organic are unsafe. Layla is SAFE,

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