I guess in modern time this notion does not come as a surprise, so in a way, yes, tempurpedic mattress is toxic to our health. But it is no bigger than any other mattress would have. The only exception to the toxicity from mattress is the ones that are tagged as organic or rather 100% organic. The rest of all other mattress would have some kind of toxic substance in it in one way or the other.

Where Does The Toxicity Come From?

Tempurpedic mattresses are mainly made of memory foam which is highly regarded as the best for lower back problems. The memory foam itself is chemical made and contains petroleum based compounds. The smell or the off-gassing that we usually refer to is the emission of these organic compounds added into the mattress material. We can detect them when it is too much.

When we say there no longer is any off-gassing, this does not stop but only reduced in amount so that we do not detect it easily. But the threat is there nonetheless. These organic substances are known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory discomforts etc. This is where the toxicity comes from.

The major compound that is responsible for all the benefits of memory foam is the polyurethane. The commonly emitted compounds from polyurethane are

  • Toluene diisocyanate
  • Methylene chloride
  • Methyl chloroform
  • Methanol
  • Toluene
  • Propylene oxide etc
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There are numerous other compounds that are yet to be determined. So the magnitude might be even larger.

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The Materials Only Complicate Things

It is not just the polyurethane that poses the threat. Polyurethane is a combustible compound that needs a protection from a fire retardant. Here comes the next toxic substance, the fire retardants. The commonly used fire busters are also chemicals that also are highly toxic in nature. Together these items can make the health worse.
Each mattress manufacturer use their own secret FORMULA for the mattress to make it unique. Whatever the forumula is, the basic ingredients are all the same. The only difference is addition or subtraction of any of these or the increase or decrease in certain items. So do not get fooled by all the fascinating terms and names the mattress makers give their products.

What You Can Do To Prevent The Toxicity

It is real hard to find a mattress that does not have any toxic effects so blaming it all on Tempurpedic mattress would not do it any justice. The mattress is comfortable for lower back, period. So all you can now do is to reduce the toxicity or protect yourselves from the toxic emissions as best as possible.

  • As protective measure, air out the mattress for a day or two before you starts using it for sleeping.
  • You can also get the help of some baking soda to reduce the smell. The same goes with white vinegar which can be sprayed all over the mattress.
  • Using an organic mattress topper or protector can make a barrier between the toxic mattress layer and you.
  • Using a thicker sheet to cover the mattress can also be a weaker but practical barrier.

The bottom line is that you might end up getting a toxic mattress in one way or the other. The best solution for the toxicity from a mattress is to choose a mattress that is 100% or at least 75% or organic material.