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Buy Indoor Heated Cat Beds On Sale For the Best price!

Winter season can be cozy only when you have the real accessories with you. For the pets, you need to have some cozy items like a heated bed to help them be comfortable and warm anytime. There are separate bed warmers for cats and dogs. Here you will see the cat bed warmers for the indoor use.

These indoor heated cat beds are of different kinds and attractive to invite the cats to take rest on them. They are safe and easy to maintain as well. These are highly beneficial for the cats suffering from arthritis. The warmth can ease their pain and help them have some peaceful time sleeping.

Indoor Heated Cat Beds Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Thermo-Kitty Bed- Heated Cat Bed

  • This is a Mocha colored indoor heated cat bed that is available in 2 sizes- small and large.
  • The small size is 16” x 16” and the large is 20” x 20”.
  • The bed is a circular one with a sleep cage at the top with foam walls on the sides
  • The bed uses 4 watts of power that maintains a temperature up to 102 degrees with the help of an internal thermostat. When the bed is not in use it maintains a temperature of 10-15 degrees above the room temperature.
  • The unit plugs to internal power inlet with a cord length of 5’ 6”.

Thermo-Kitty Cuddle Cushion- Heated Cat Bed

  • This is a poly filled day bed kind of cushiony bed for the cats
  • It has a removable heater so that you can wash the bed
  • The available colors are mocha and cream combination only
  • It uses very low wattage and can increase the bed temperature up to 102 degrees. It can also maintain 10-15 degrees above the room temperature when not in use.
  • The cat bed measures to 24” x 14” which is also the available size.
  • The bed has a 3 wall sides and an easily accessible side for the pet.
  • The cushion inside the bed is useful with or without the heater.
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    Thermo-Kitty: Indoor heated cat mat

    • The heated cat mat is available in only mocha color.
    • It is a heated sleeping mat for the kitties. The mat sizes up to
    • 12.5” x 25”. The cord length is 5’ 6” and works in the typical ways of Cozy Winters indoor heated cat beds.
    • The heater is removable so that you can use the mat as it is or wash when needed.
    • This is highly convenient for traveling and storage.

    Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse Cat Bed

    • This sleep house heated bed is one of the expensive cat beds available here. The bed is a dual purpose which has a sleep tent underneath and a cushiony resting stool above.
    • The unit is completely collapsible. Open the provided zipper to flatten the bed for storage or transportation.
    • The bed measures to a size of 17” x 16” x 13” in length, width and height.
    • The cushion has a leopard design.
    • This makes a perfect hideout for your naughty kitty.
    • The sleephouse uses the materials MicroSuede and soft fleece with hard plastic walls.
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      Thermo-Kitty Cave heated cat bed

      • As the name suggests this is a cave type heated bed for cats.
      • The cave has a comfortable cushion with the heater underneath. The cushion has a covering of leopard print fleece fabric.
      • The heated bed uses 4 watts of power.
      • The assembled size of the bed is 17” x 17” x 12” in length, width, and height. It also has a cord length of 5’ 6” to have it secured to the nearest power outlet.
      • The cushion is removable and washable.
      • The cat bed has cream-colored interiors with a mocha brown colored exterior fabric.

      Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed- Heated Cat Bed

      • This is a chic heated kitty bed with a pillow base and an adjustable hood.
      • The hood of the bed has a zipper to secure it to the bed. Open the zip to remove the hood and make it an open bed.
      • The heated bed has a removable color in 2 colors to suit any room.
      • The available colors are mocha brown with cream. The interior of the bed has leopard design fabric covering.
      • It is available in 2 sizes- small and large.
      • The smaller size is 16” x 16” while the larger measures to 20” x 20”

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        Thermo-Kitty Sill: Heated Windowsill cat bed

        • If your kitty likes to sit on the windowsill to have its resting time, this windowsill heated bed is perfect for you.
        • You can attach it to the windowsill with the Velcro or screws for better securing. The unit can support a weight up to 40 pounds. The unit uses 6 watts of power to heat up the bed.
        • The cushioning is with the softer orthopedic foam with a washable faux lambskin covering.
        • The heated bed surface is 14” x 24” and has an oval shape.
        • This heated bed warms up only when the pet sits on it. It does not maintain a warm bed when not in use.

        Apart from these real heated cat beds, there also are bed heaters that are suitable for any cat bed. They are either electric heated or microwavable for convenience.

        Soft microwavable pet bed warmer: Simply keep this bad in the microwave for a few minutes. The bag becomes squishy and warm which you can place under the cat bed. This will heat up the bed to make it a cozy cushion for the kitties. It heats up quickly and can retain the heat for up to 12 hours. The bed warmer measures to 9” x 9” square which is useful for travel and for cats of all sizes and age. You can hand wash it with warm water and soap. You can warm it multiples times and the material used inside the non-toxic. It costs $39.95.

        Heated Pet Bed Warmers- Six Sizes: These are electric pet bed warmers that are compatible with al beds. You can choose the suitable size depending upon the [et bed size. There are 6 sizes available small, medium, large, XLarge, Outdoor small and microwavable warmer. The indoor bed warmers work up to 102 degrees for the beds and can also maintain the heat when the pet is not using the bed. The small outdoor warmer uses more power of 25 watts to heat up and do the same job. The microwavable warmer is a small-sized and travel compatible device.

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        Indoor Heated Cat Beds Specifications

        • Indoor Heated Cat Beds are power saving heated beds that can maintain a particular temperature for the beds and allow the pets to have a constant temperature for a long time.
        • Since the cat’s fur is a natural insulator for them, there are thermostat sensors inside these beds to help maintain the particular temperature. This makes the pets more comfortable and the beds inviting.
        • Indoor Heated Cat Beds are available in small and medium sizes
        • There are outdoor beds for the cats as well
        • The Indoor Heated Cat Beds are non-toxic and safe for the pets
        • The electric power is the energy source for these beds
        • Most of these Indoor Heated Cat Beds have removable and washable parts
        • Some of the beds are collapsible to have it flat for storage or transportation

        Indoor Heated Cat Beds Warranty

        All the Indoor heated cat beds from Cozy winters have got the 1-year limited warranty.

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        Discount Prices On Indoor Heated Cat Beds

        Most of the Indoor heated cat beds from Cozy Winters have a medium-range price. These cat beds are currently up for a discounted price. The current price of each of the beds are,

        • The Thermo-Kitty heated cat bed costs $49.95 for the small size and $54.95 for the large size.
        • The Thermo-Kitty cuddle cushion costs $59.95
        • The Indoor heated cat mat costs $34.95
        • Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse costs $94.95
        • Thermo-Kitty cave heated cat bed costs $49.95
        • Leopard Thermo Kitty bed costs 49.95 for small and $64.95 for the large size.
        • The Thermo Kitty Sill price is $69.95
        • The heated pet warmer 6 sixes have a price range of $24.95- 39.95

        Coupons Codes & Discounts For Indoor Heated Cat Beds

        You can get Cozy Winters promo codes and coupon codes from the official online store by signing up. Just enter the email id and sign up. You will get coupon codes and promo codes of different products from time to time. You can use these coupons to get further discount on the products. At the time of writing this article, there are no active promotions available at Cozy Winters.

        Indoor Heated Cat Beds Shipping & Delivery

        The Indoor heated cat beds are eligible for free shipping if the purchase amount is $75 or above. Otherwise, there is a small cost for the shipping. The items go out for shipping within 1-2 business days after placing the order. The delivery would not take too long unless you are staying too far.


        Indoor Heated Cat Beds Bedding Accessories

        • Critter cord protector will help you blind the pets against the electric cords. This cord is transparent and does not catch the eye of the pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. The cord is non-breakable and is suitable to use with any type of cords like the phone cord, TV cord, appliances and even the holiday lights. It is medical grade tubing with a citrus smell. It has a pre-slit so that you can easily install it over the cords. All you need to do is to insert the electric cord into this clear cord and cut off any excess. It has a total of 10 ft. long section that can be useful for at least 2 cords. The price is $14.99. You can get discounts when you buy more than 1 cord. If you buy 3-6 cords the price would be $13.99 each and for 7+ cords the price is $12.99 each.
        • Thermos cube- Thermostatically controlled outlet is suitable for the outdoor pet heating pads. The unit can thermostatically control the electric flow to the connected device. It automatically shuts off the power if the room temperature falls below a level. This will save the pets from overheating if you are not around and have left them on their own. You can insert this unit into the power outlet and connect the appliances to this cube. You can connect 2 devices to this unit. It costs $17.95.
        • Cord Connect Protectors are the outer covering for the connecting junction of 2 cords. The protector closes completely and secures with a clip. It has tapering ends so that the cord stays snug inside this. It is watertight so is easily suitable for drip boxes jet nozzle sprays etc. This will secure the pets from accidents and is indestructible as well. You can choose an orange or green one for a price of $9.95.

        Maintenance On Indoor Heated Cat Beds

        You can remove the heater from inside the cat beds. The bed material or cushion provided are both washable. You can either hand wash them or put it inside the machine in a regular cycle.

        Some beds are useful with or without the heaters. You can remove the heaters during the warmer seasons to make it completely year-around useful.


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        Winter is not easy to pass even if you have got the natural insulators. The pets would need their own bed warmers. The bed warmers that we use is not suitable for them as it can overheat their beds. The temperature requirements are different for humans and pets. These Indoor heated cat beds from Cozy Winters are very good choices for your cats to stay warm and healthy. There are several types and sizes for you to choose from. They are a bit pricey, but your pets are going to love them. Sign up and keep looking for the promo codes to get these bed warmers for the best price and prepare them for the next winter season.