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A bed frame stands as a supporting pillar to a bed. A good mattress offers a good sleep but when a good mattress is combined with a good quality, strong and supportive frame, the sleeping experience becomes more delightful. Ikea Brusali bed frame comes with double bash! It not only gives you supportive space for the mattress but also offers space for storage. It is storage with a support package. Want to know more about it? Here is the Ikea  Brusali bed review.


The Ikea Brusali Bed Frame Review

Why go for a bed frame, when the floor is good enough? There is more than one reason. Bed frames will help in keeping your mattress at a fixed place. Bed frames are required to give a strong and supportive base to your mattress. Getting in and off the bed becomes easier with a bed frame. And a stylish bed frame beautifies the look of your mattress a well as your bedroom. Keeping a mattress on the floor can actually increase the chances of your mattress getting affected by mold and insects can also easily get into the bed. So bed frames help in keeping your mattress safe. Brusali Ikea bed frame offers all these with an added advantage of storage. Brusali bed has in it 4 boxes which can be used for storage purposes. You can sleep and store at the same place!

Brusali bed offers a strong base to your mattresses. The Ikea’s Brusali bed frame comes in two different colors, white and brown. There are certain points that one should know about Ikea’s Brusali bed like,

  • For the Ikea Brusali bed frame, you will need a SKORVA mid beam.
  • If you are buying the Brusali bed online, then SKORVA will be included and delivered along with the bed. On the other hand, if you are going to buy it through a shop, then you will have to pick it up separately.

The Brusali bed frame with 4 storage boxes Review:

The Brusali bed total package includes when you buy online:

  • Storage drawers – total 4
    [the side of the drawer is made with particleboard and foil. The bottom side is made using fibreboard and acryl paint. The back and front of the drawer are prepared using particle board, foil, and ABS plastic. The supporting rail of the drawers is made of particleboard.
  • Bed frame which consists of headboard, footboard, bedside, leg, and rail.
    [The headboard, footboard and the bedside has been made using foil and particle board. The leg is of moisture resistant MDF and foil. The rail of the frame is prepared using ABS plastic, moisture resistant MDF and foil.]
  • Mid beam is made of galvanized steel.

The dimension of the Brusali bed with 4 storage boxes:

  • The length of the bed frame is 208 cm (81 7/8”).
  • The width is of 168cm (66 1/8”)
  • The headboard height of the Brusali bed is around 93cm (36 5/8”)
  • The footboard height of the bed frame is 46 cm (18 1/8”)

The sides of the bed can be adjusted and so you have on your bed mattresses of different thicknesses.

The bed does not come assembled, so you will have to assemble it.