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Can Sleeping On An Air Mattress Hurt Your Back ?

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Yes , Air mattress can be trouble for your back. But. It all depends on the quality of your air mattress. A good air mattress should have excellent padding, should maintain the right pressure through out your sleep period and should not give in to your weight.  If it can meet all theses standards , chances are you have a winner . While memory foam , Latex and hybrid mattresses would require that you choose on the firmness levels, an air mattress is convenient in letting you chose the right firmness. But when it comes to padding, Air mattresses are poorly equipped. Trapped air is a common problem in air mattresses and this could create health issues.

Mattresses are tricky. A mattress could be the cure for your back problem and picking the wrong one can be the cause of it too. A mattress needs to be medium firm, supportive and surely comfortable. An air mattress can be perfect for  you if its firm enough, comfortable  and supportive. But Air mattresses have a range of problems

  1. The material used in the construction of the mattress is PVC Which is not breathable. This traps air and creates pressure on your skin and muscles. Some mattress come with padding provide a bit of airflow. This is a bit comfortable and better than the ones which are cheap.
  2. Air mattresses tend to deflate over the course of the night due to your body weight. There are options of a secondary motor which refills air when the mattress deflates. If you purchase a simple air mattress without a secondary motor, you will be sleeping on a mattress which is not really supportive for more than half of your night.
  3. Air mattresses are tricky when it comes to firmness customization. You may feel the mattress to be too firm or too soft and fond it hard to customize it to the right level.

Apart from the concerns of the mattress quality, there are other concerns too. There is no motion isolation. If you are sleeping with a partner, chances are that you or your partner is not going to sleep well if even on of them tosses or turns. You will be jolted every time your partner moves.    

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Can i Use an Air Mattresses for Long term? 

its not recommended that you sleep on an air mattress for a longer period of time. With technology evolving, there may be a time when you would be able to purchase an air mattress which is perfect for long term but that time hasn’t arrived. Most air mattresses are hard to maintain, Gives in easily to body weight and is very provides poor pressure relief. Sleeping on an Air mattress for longer period of time is not recommended.  

Whats the best use for an air mattress? 

Air mattresses are perfect as guest beds or even camping beds. Its easy to fold and pack (at least some of them are). The bigger air mattresses with pads and cushion can add some comfort for guests if they are visiting for a day or two. When you compare certain disease or conditions, there are cases where air mattresses are more suitable for patients than a memory foam mattress. These cases are rare and based on the medical condition alone.

Is air mattress good for Lower back pain?

There is no evidence that Air mattress can relieve back pain. On the contrary, there are high chances that air mattresses could lead to back pain related problems if used for a longer period of time. Air mattresses were designed for short term use. Camping trips and guest beds are perfect use for Air mattresses and occassionally, there are times when air mattresses are recommended for patients of some conditions. Long term use of Air mattresses for back pain relief is a myth and should be avoided.

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