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Healthy sleep is linked to almost everything we do in a day and as the base we sleep on, beds and sleep are very much related. Sleep is defined as a voluntary suspension of bodily functions and entering into a state of partial consciousness or lack of complete unconsciousness. It physically renews and restores the body and thus it is a very important component of our days (or nights).


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What is the importance of sleep?

The importance of sleep is usually recognized by people who suffer from lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause both physical and emotional disturbances in the body. The brain neurons that control are affected by light, temperature, hormones and other things that influence the body’s biological cycle.

Proper sleep can improve our performance in most aspects of life, from physical activities, office work to sex life. People who got proper sleep performed well in high intensity work outs than who missed out on sleep. Improved mood, higher levels of energy, better endurance and lower heart rates where also noticed. It is also important for the metabolic processes in the body.

How do mattresses help?

People who are getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night are more likely to be using newer mattresses. Newer mattresses or beds that are in good condition was named as a major factor for improved performance by a survey. The wrong kind of beds led to people waking up with back pains, neck or shoulder pains that led to poorer activities throughout the day. A good bed can improve the quality of sleep and also reduce physical stress during the day.

How do Saatva mattresses help in good sleep?

Saatva mattresses have a great design to help people achieve the good sleep they dream about. Airflow between the springs helps in the evaporation of water from the mattresses and thus taking care of nightly perspiration’s. This will also prevent the infestation of germs and dust mites. Coolness from the bed will also help in good sleep.

Additional support is provided in the lumbar region of the bed. This region is pre compressed to prevent breakdown. An extra layer of visco elastic memory foam will provide pressure relief in the body.

Saatva mattresses have the chiropractic seal of approval in weight distribution, spinal alignment and lessened pressure points.

It is chosen as the official mattress at the Health bridge sleep Clinic and it has dramatically improved the sleeping pattern and quality in patients.

Back, hip or any overall joint pain can benefit from this bed as it contours to the shape of the body, but also providing enough support.