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Well…Not everyone owns a gun but a mattress leading to dreams. Mattress is usually a one time purchase for many which are thought to be durable and supports your back for years. A mattress gives you an opportunity to dream good or bad. This means, if you feel comfortable on your mattress, you sleep well and dream good or vice versa. In this article I will share with you details about mattresses and various bedding accessories which offers you comfort and allows you to dream well.

Comfort Dreams Mattress – Introduction

Comfort Dreams Mattress is made by FXI in USA. It is an entry-level mattress brand, offering mainly memory foam material. The best selling brands include 11-inch and 14-inch models which contains 4 to 6 inches of 2.5 to 4.0 lbs/ ft memory foam over 7 to 8 inches of support foam. The comfort bed weighs 30-85 lbs depending on model and size. The mattresses come in soft, medium or firm comfort levels. Depending on the model and size, they are priced between $275 and $670. Comfort Dreams Mattress comes with a 5 or 10-year warranty.

Comfort Dreams Mattress has high value potential. There are limited reports of off gassing and heat retention by its users. They are shipped compressed and vacuum sealed which expands when opened. They are sold mainly through overstock.com. The company’s speciality is memory foam mattress. Let’s have detailed description on them.

Memory Foam Mattress from Comfort Dreams

Comfort Dreams Memory Foam Mattresses helps you to sleep soundly and dream your best. They are available in three levels of firmness – soft, medium and firm. They can be used with a box spring or platform bed and it supports your body well to reduce tossing and turning as you rest.

Comfort Dreams are mostly suitable for back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers. Their firm models are offers mainly ideal comfort for some side sleepers. Memory Foam Mattress by Comfort Dreams will not sink you far into the bed, making it easy for you to move on or get up from the beds. They are couple-friendly beds as they minimize motion transfer and won’t bother your sleeping partner upon movement.

The main retail online seller for this brand is overstock.com. Please note the seller does not accept returns for opened Comfort Dreams memory foam mattresses. Usually, they come with 10 years warranty but on an average it offers five-year of useful life with regular adult use. Their bestseller products are “select-a-firmness” models which are named so as they are available in soft, medium or firm. Read on to know about their best selling product under “select-a-firmness” models – Comfort Dreams 11-Inch Queen-Size Memory Foam Mattress.

Comfort Dreams Select-A-Firmness 11-Inch Queen-Size Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description 

Support your body as you doze off to dreamland with Select-A-Firmness 11-inch queen-size Comfort Dreams memory foam mattress. This mattress features a layer of memory foam and a layer of conventional foam. Its foam base helps alleviating pressure points and leads to less tossing and turning to find the right sleep position. It is a versatile mattress, available in different softness levels, allowing you to select your desired support level. This bed has antimicrobial properties and is dust mite resistance, making easy to care for and helps you wake up allergy free. Pair it with your existing box spring or a platform bed for a peaceful sleep.


This 11-Inch Queen-Size Memory Foam Mattress has many features such as

  • This NASA-designed space-age foam holds your body, minimizes pressure points and eliminates motion transfer for best sleep.
  • Option to select your preferred support level – soft, medium and firm
  • Its antimicrobial and dust mite resistant material allows you to wake up fresh
  • It dimensions are – 11 inches high x 60 inches wide x 80 inches long
  • Memory foam material – Soft mattress has 2″ of 3 pounds memory foam, 2″ of 2.5 pounds memory foam and 7″ of 1.5 pounds conventional foam, Medium mattress has 4″ of 3 pounds memory foam, 2″ of 1.5 pounds memory foam and 5″ of 1.65 pounds conventional foam and Firm mattress has 1″ of 4 pounds memory foam, 2″ of 2.5 pounds memory foam and 7″ of 1.65 pounds conventional foam.
  • It is affordable mattress which can be bought currently for about $400, after discount from overstock.com.


Some of the memory foam material tips, useful for Comfort Dreams Select-A-Firmness 11-Inch Queen-Size Mattress are

  • Upon arrival, kindly remove the mattress from packaging within 72 hours of receipt to maximize expansion.
  • It arrives in a very tight packing. Unwrap it and allow it to rest for 48 hours, to get in its original shape.
  • As it comes sealed in plastic packaging sometimes emits odors. After unwrapping, allow it to air for a few hours.
  • There may be minor variances in the dimensions of this product.
  • As it contains memory foam material, the firmness level of each product is unique. Even similar products may produce different firmness results.
  • After opening, this product is non-returnable to overstock.com.
  • With payment of extra money, you can avail 10 Year Mattress Service Plan from overstock.com.

Customer Reviews

Select-A-Firmness 11-Inch Queen-Size Memory Foam Mattress is most preferred product of Comfort Dreams brand. It has received 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Positive Customer Reviews – This mattress is found to be suitable for any size people. One user says it is a great firm foam mattress as two big people weighing 275 lbs and 240 lbs are using it for 5 yrs. this mattress does not produces heat and remains cool as through the night. This user is so much satisfied with it that he bought another one for another room. Many users reported that it is perfect couple friendly mattress as it does not disturb your partner when rolling. Most users found it is fairly priced for the overall mattress quality.
  • Negative Customer Reviews – There are some users who mentioned that it is not very firm and caused pressure points. One customer upon regular use for less than a year mentioned that the bed didn’t hold him well and was sagging and losing its memory in short span. Many users found it to be useful for not more than 5 years as after that it losses support. However, based on plenty of positive customer reviews, price and quality this product is highly recommended.

Dream Bed

The Dream Bed is offered in 2 comfy choices. The two unique mattress choices are Original Dream and Cool Dream.

The Original Dream Bed 

The right balance of Latex and memory foam combines to create the perfect firmness, contour, and bounce in the Original Dream Bed. It comes in dimensions: 60″ X 80″ X 10″ and in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. It ranges from $699 to $999, depending on the size and model. This mattress uses quality materials to provide you with a great night sleep. The Dream Bed provides the ultimate support and comfort with a layer of memory foam that conform your body. The Original dream bed contains a woven cover and 3 layers. The top layer is 1.5” latex which provides back support and relief from tossing and turning. The 1.5” memory foam is its second layer providing you body support and relieves pressure points. The last layer is 7” support foam which provides shock absorbing foundation during the night.

The Cool Dream Bed

The perfect balance of firmness, contour, and bounce in addition to a phase change cool gel layer in The Cool Dream Bed keeps you cool, while sleeping. The combination of a layer of memory foam with a layer of cool gel helps you sleep comfortably at the perfect temperature. It comes in 60″ X 80″ X 10.5″ dimensions. It is offered in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King Sizes and is priced in the range of $899 to $1199. Its memory foam layer molds your body, relieving pressure points, while the cool gel layer helps disperse body heat away from the body, offering a cooler sleeping surface. Cool gel layer is that thing which makes you have dreams. The Cool dream bed has a woven cover and has 3 layers. The cool gel layer is the top layer which keeps you cool throughout the night. The 3” memory foam, second layer is Certi-Pur certified that supports body and eliminates pressure points. The last layer is 7” support foam, a shock absorbing foundation cradles you all through the night.

Both the type of dream bed can be set up anywhere. They can set on most box springs, ensuring there is no more than 3″ between each slat. These are flexible beds which can be used with any adjustable bed base. Any Flat Surface – Platform bed, bunky board or a floor, any and all flat surfaces are perfect to lay The Dream Bed. Moreover, un-boxing The Dream Bed takes no more than a few minutes. But, let the Dream Bed lay and expand for about an hour before use. If you wish to try dream bed products, find a partnered store located near you.

The Dream Bed comes with 180 Night Guarantee, try out your Dream Bed for 180 Nights and if you don’t love it, return it for a full refund. These beds are backed by 10 Year Full Warranty. The company believes in “Dream it Forward”, which means every Dream Bed purchased, a bed is donated to someone in need. The company strategy is to Buy a dream, give a dream, and dream it forward. For more assistance or questions, contact at email@dreambed.com or +1 (855) 708-8555.

Customer Reviews

Many users of the dream bed found it to be very comfortable and supportive. One customer says this bed is soft like a bread and firm like steel, providing perfect support for stomach sleepers. Another customer with severe back problems found himself to sleep well on the dream bed all through the night without waking up in between. Most users didn’t sweat during the night and found the cool dream bed firm yet soft. Many couples sleeping on these mattresses say they don’t feel movement when their partner changes sides. There are few customers who found sleeping on dream bed uncomfortable for few initial days, but later on it was just fine. Based on many positive Customer Reviews for the dream bed, it is highly recommended.

DreamFoam Bedding

The DreamFoam Bedding offers three varieties of mattress Latex, memory foam and poly foam mattresses. Dreamfoam Bedding are manufacturing quality-handcrafted mattress for the past 10 years. They also offer various bedding accessories like adjustable foundations, pillows, frames and sheets. Read on to know about DreamFoam Bedding ultimate dreams latex mattress.

Ultimate Dreams 10″ Latex Mattress

Product Description

The Ultimate Dreams 10″ Latex Mattress features 3 inches of Talalay Latex foam that instantly contours to each unique curve of your body. It offers exceptional, orthopedic support and pressure relief to your body. Its Quilted Bamboo cover contains 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers with 1.5 inches of super soft reflex foam. This material is softer than cotton and has four times the moisture absorbency of cotton, providing you drier, cooler and more comfortable sleep. The Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress also features 5.5 inches of high density elaborated base foam for increased air flow. Its gentle conforming support of latex foam reduces high-pressure points that blocks capillary blood flow causing a person to toss and turn. This eases pressure and helps bring oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, allowing you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and renewed.


Ultimate Dreams Mattress is ideal for allergy sufferers. Its Talalay latex is hypoallergenic and breathable material. It offers optimal orthopedic support and naturally conforms to body contours. This mattress offers luxurious pliability and feel along with improved breathability. It is moisture and heat resistant. It is offers in various comfort levels – 3-firm, 5-cushion firm, 6-Compromise-Plush and 8-Soft / Ultra Plush and is made in the USA product. Its dimensions are 79L x 60W x 10D inches.

Customer Reviews 

Ultimate Dreams Mattress has received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. There are mixed reviews about this product. Some users have found the firm mattress to be very comfortable and give a great sleep. It is apt for stomach back as well as side sleepers. Few people initially, found the firm model to be very soft but found it offers plenty of support. One customer ordered the cushion firm Ultimate Dreams Mattress and found it to be perfect as it does not get too warm. While another user of Cushion firm mattress found it to be hard as a rock. It caused him lot of pain and says it was the most uncomfortable miserable mattress. Some people are disappointed with its edges. Sitting on the side of the bed or sleeping to close to the side can be risky. Few people found it to be bit pricy as compared to other similar products.

Serta Suite Dreams Mattress

Serta is a pioneer in offering very first comfortable Perfect Sleeper mattress to the world in 1931. Since then there are plenty of breakthrough discovery including iComfort Sleep System that features the latest in gel memory foam technology. Today, Serta is the number 1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and a leading brand all over the world. Serta products provide exceptional comfort and its wide range of mattresses includes different pricing and mattress construction to match everyone’s sleep comfort. Here the details of Serta Suite Dreams Mattress by Serta are described.

Product Description 

The Serta Suite Dreams mattress is one of the many popular mattresses offered by Serta. The Serta Sweet Dreams Mattress is widely used in hotels. Serta Suite Dreams mattress belongs to Serta’s Perfect Sleeper collection This is because of its unique design, which was created by top mattress manufacturer Serta, in combination with world-class hotel chain, Hilton. Previously it was custom-designed to be used only in all of Hilton’s Homewood Suites but is now made available to the public. Many people desire to bring home the sweet, pampered hotel mattress available in Hilton. This mattress helps you wake up feeling energized and refreshed, without causing aches and pains in your back and limbs.

Features and Benefits 

The unique thing about Serta Suite Dreams mattress is its special patented innerspring coil system. It is designed to particularly provide additional support for specific body areas including the lower back area. This mattress even ensures that movements from either side of the bed do not transfer to the other side and does not disturb your partner. It includes Fireblocker system prevents open flame from spreading easily throughout the mattress. This means if your mattress gets exposed to an open flame, the fire stays contained and does not spread. It comes with an internal rod to provide a stronger, more rigid edge support. The special patented quilt design to help improve and maintain smooth circulation while sleeping. It comes with a wonderfully plush top cover featuring an egg crate foam design. This offers soft and more comfortable mattress than the ordinary pillow top.

In addition, the plush top cover adds the extra luxury attributing to the more pampered hotel experience. This mattress varies in the price range of $1100 to $1500, depending on size. This mattress comes in 12.5 inches high. It comes with a sleep trial for 100 days and has warranty of 10 years.

Customer Reviews 

There are mixed customer reviews about Serta Suite Dreams Mattress. One customer says he has owned two a king and a queen sized mattress. His old king got too heavy to turn and so ordered a queen. But both the times, the first mattress delivered from Serta was unacceptable and of cheap quality. So asked for replacement and then received the desired product. However, he found the quality and comfort of both new mattresses was matchless. Another user says it was not as expected and was not worth the extra money. It was a typical mattress that feels great for a few months, and then disintegrates as time passes. However, based on the comfort and popularity of the product, it is highly recommended.

Down Dreams Pillows

The Down Dream Pillows are available in various sizes and types. You can avail classic firm and classic soft types of pillows in standard, queen, king or jumbo sizes. Moreover, varied sizes pillows can be bought in single or in pairs of 2 or 4. Below are the details on each of these Down Dreams Pillow types.

  • Down Dreams Classic Soft Pillow
  • Classic Firm Pillow from Down Dreams
  • Down Dreams Classic Soft & Classic Firm Combo Pack

Classic Soft Pillows from Down Dreams

Down Dreams Classic Soft all-natural pillows combines soft comfort, with better-quality support and durability. They are accomplished with superior dual chamber design to offer unique combination. To offer ample support to your head all through the night, the inner chamber of the pillow contains 87% duck feathers. The lavishly plush feeling of these pillows comes from the outer chamber which is filled with a minimum of 75% duck down. Down Dreams Classic Soft pillows are offered in standard, queen and jumbo varieties. They can be bought in 1 or pack of 2 or 4 pillows. Each of these Classic Soft varieties differs in their size and filling. Their prices vary between $50 and $200.

Down Dreams Classic Firm Pillows

Down Dreams Classic Firm pillow type gives the same comfort and support, as its Classic soft but is more firm. This pillow has the dual chamber design with 87% feather in the inner chamber and a minimum of 75% down in the outer chamber, giving more fill than the Classic Soft to provide firmer support. These are perfect pillows for giving you a great night sleep without your head being surrounded on both sides. Wake up feeling better than ever with these Classic Firm pillows from Down Dreams. Down Dreams Classic firm pillows are offered in King or Jumbo variety. They are offered in single or pair of 2 or 4. Each of its variety differs in sizes and filling ounces. The king size is 20 inches x 36 inches and jumbo comes in 20 inches x 28 inches. The king size pillows contain 56.12 oz of filling whereas the jumbo size has 43.5 oz. Their prices range between $60 and $285.

Classic Soft & Classic Firm Combo Pack from Down Dreams

The Down Dreams Classic Soft and Classic Firm Combo Pack features a pillow for every sleeping position. Down Dreams Classic Soft pillow allows the stomach sleepers to enjoy the soft compression, while side and back sleepers can find support in the Down Dreams Classic Firm pillow. Both types of pillows feature a dual chamber design that ensures each pillow provides the right amount of support and comfort for each sleeping position. Down Dreams Classic Soft & Classic Firm Combo Pack contains 1 Classic Firm Pillow & 1 Classic Soft Pillow or 2 Classic Too Firm Pillow & 2 Classic Soft Pillow. This price range of these types of pillows ranges between $110 and $205.

DreamFit Sheets

DreamFit Sheets are manufactured by HomTex, a family-owned business based in Vinemont, Alabama. Over the last 25 years, HomTex has grown and is a leading innovator in the global textiles industry. Its product line includes sheets, pillows, mattress protection products and adjustable bed products. Let’s have a look at the details of DreamFit Sheets.

DreamFit Luxury Sheets are guaranteed to fit & guaranteed to stay on. They offer 7 Degree line of Quality Sheets. It combines premium materials with patented technology to provide the most comfortable sleeping experience. They offer products from essential sheet sets to elite bedding. The seven different degrees sheet will fit your mattress with custom-made precision.

DreamFit Sheets Features

  • Patented DreamFit guaranteed to fit & guaranteed to stay on.
  • Its construction fits any sized mattress
  • DreamFlex patented corner bands for a secure fit
  • DreamFlex 360º elastic band for a tailored fit

The DreamFit seven different degree sheets are

7° Elite 100% American Supima Cotton 

It is made using 100% American-Grown Supima cotton to provide you ultimate Supima luxury and comfort. It contains exceptional breathability and creates a cool sleeping environment. 7° Elite provides crisp Supima texture and softness along with unique weight and drape. It is treated with sophisticated triple boratto stitch hem treatment and is available in mocha and antique white colors. This sheet set comes with an extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Its split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.

6° Tencel Quilted Sheet Ensemble 

This sheet is made using 100% Lyocell cotton material to offer unique blend of softness and breathability. It gives you cool, moisture wicking comfort and has natural anti-microbial properties for healthy sleep. It is available in colors such as cream, snow and morning mist. This sheet set comes with an extra large quilted flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet and two reversible pillowcase shams. Its split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.

5° Bamboo Rich Quilted Sheet Ensembles and 5° Bamboo Rich Sheet Set

The 5° Bamboo Rich Quilted Sheet Ensembles is build using 70% Viscose from Bamboo & 30% extra long staple cotton. The 5° Bamboo Rich Sheet set contains 30% Cotton. The Quilted Sheet combines the performance of bamboo with the strength of cotton. Both these sheets offers unique blend of softness and breath ability. These sheets are cool and provide moisture wicking comfort. Both these sheets have natural anti-microbial properties for peaceful sleep. The 5° Bamboo Rich Quilted Sheet Ensembles comes in ecru, pale sage and sand colors whereas the 5° Bamboo Rich Sheet Set comes in ecru, pale sage, sand, blue and white colors. Both these sheet sets includes an extra large quilted flat sheet, extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet, two reversible pillowcase shams and two pillowcases. The split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.

4° 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set 

It is crafted using 100% extra long staple Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton provides matchless natural softness and breathability. It offers refreshing hint of coolness for warm sleeping. This natural cotton material is extremely durable. It comes in colors such as champagne, truffle, snowflake and twilight. This sheet set includes an extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Its split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.

3° Pima 100% Cotton Sheet Set

This sheet set is made with 100% extra long staple Pima cotton material. It offers an enhanced natural breathability of pima cotton. This pima cotton provides luxurious, natural softness for restful sleep. It is available in colors such as dusk, white, celadon, soft linen, taupe and dark cocoa. This sheet set includes an extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Its split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.

2° 100% Cotton Sheet Set

This second degree sheet is made using 100% soft, long staple cotton to provide natural breathability and comfort of cotton. It is available in seagaze, windrift blue, ivory and white colors. This sheet set includes an extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet, two pillowcases. Its split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.

1° 100% Microfiber Sheet Set

It is made with 100% polyester brushed microfiber. This sheet is wrinkle, shrink, pill and lint resistant. It is offered in hazelnut, slate and bone colors. This sheet set comes with an extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Its split set includes two fitted sheets and twin set includes one pillowcase.


Product Description 

If your mind races as you lie down to sleep, the Dreampad may help you get the dreams. It delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. You sleep normally as before and Dreampad does not need a headphones. It can travel easily through ultra-secure checkout process. Starting at just $159 plus 30 days, risk free trial available. Dreampad 26 is perfect for you, if you enjoy a soft, standard size pillow. It is Hypoallergenic and comes in standard size – 26Wx18Lx8H.

How the Dreampad works 

Each Dreampad combines iLs’ psychoacoustic expertise with Intrasound Technology. It works on the natural conductivity of the human body. Human bones are natural conductors, which mean when you speak the vibration caused by your voice is carried by bones to your inner ear. In the same way, music from the Dreampad travels internally to your ears. The area surrounding the inner ear is also an area which is connected to Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) through the Vagus Nerve. Stimulating PNS assists in relaxation and Dreampad is effective in stimulating the PNS, resulting in a calming response which aids in falling and staying asleep.

Research Behind The Dreampad 

The introductory data shows that the Dreampad stimulates body’s relaxation response, which eases stress and makes you fall asleep. With the decrease in sleep-related problems, it helps improve daytime performance, such as physical, emotional, social and executive performance. Studies till date have included both children and adults, with both groups seeing equal benefit.

Specifications and Accessories 

Dreampad comes with a pillow embedded with Intrasound Technology transducers, five music programs available on app – you can download them to your device or buy optional pre-loaded mp3 player, hypoallergenic fill and cover, ear plugs for noisy environments, full warranty of 1 year, user guide with instructions for Sony mp3 and Bluetooth (PDF) and backed by 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Optional Accessories – Pillowcases for Dreampad 26, 20 and 20 SLIM with inner pocket and zipper – cotton and waterproof options, Sony MP3 player with preloaded music and Bluetooth receiver – no phone in your pillow.

Customer Reviews 

Many users of Dreampad have found amazing results, allowing them to sleep restfully. It had worked equally well for children as well as adults. Many users reported that Dreampad is easy to use, economical and is convenient to carry during travel due to its thin profile. One user runs a small clinic, who says this product had helped her patients with sleep and anxiety issues. Another user was unable to sleep for past few years, but as soon as he bought Dreampad, he falls asleep quickly and stays asleep for long, getting a good 7-9 hours of sleep a night instead of 4-6 hours, before. One customer bought Dreampad for his son. His son really likes listening to the music and request for Dreampad every night. They call it the “magic pillow”.

Dreamskin Pillowcase

Product Description

Dreamskin Pillowcase is the newest revolutionary secret for younger looking skin. It is not made of satin or silk, but a scientifically formulated fabric that works like a moisturizer. This Physician formulated Anti Wrinkle Pillow case can reduce sleep lines and facial wrinkles and will make you look 10 Years Younger. It is made of advanced JuveTex Technology Fabric, a revolutionary textile, scientifically formulated by an award winning skin physiologist, scientist and physician. It includes no dyes, no copper, no fragrance, no mineral oil, no pore clogging ingredients, no SD alcohol and is not tested on animals.

Features and Benefits 

The Dreamskin Pillowcase reduces wrinkles and sleep lines. It moisturizes your skin without creams or chemicals and provides natural moisture balance for your hair. It contains unique and luxurious 22,000 filaments per inch rejuvenating fabric that feels super soft and cushioning that helps erase facial wrinkles while rebuilding collagen in your skin. This Pillowcase retains more moisture than cotton, satin or silk pillowcases. It offers cushioning action for your delicate face and provides moisturizing capabilities. This product is safe for sensitive or acne prone skin. This eco-friendly product uses no fragrances or dyes and keeps your night cream in your skin. It works all night long and renews and protects your skin.


Dreamskin Pillowcase is easy to use. Just slip it onto your pillow and make sure it fits snugly. Its special fibers and hidden zipper allow the pillowcase to stretch and form properly on to your favorite pillow. The JuveTex fabric is high quality, durable and can be put in laundry and dryer or can be hung to dry. Have a pure luxury sleep and wake up rejuvenated with Dreamskin Pillowcase.


Dreamskin Pillowcase Products are available in standard queen, king, men’s standard queen and men’s king. Currently the standard queen, king products are available for nearly $40 and men’s standard queen and men’s king are sold for $45. Dreamskin sleep mask is also available for $25. All Dreamskin Pillowcase are offered in white color.

Customer Reviews

Dreamskin Pillowcase has received plenty of positive feedback. One customer used this product for more than a month and found great results. She occasionally gets a sleep crease, but they are much smaller and had seen more than a 50% improvement. Another user just used this pillowcase for few days and had noticed unbelievable skin. One more user bought Dreamskin Pillowcase because of its softness. She found it to be extremely soft and seems to work as well. Her face is now much smoother in the morning and not dried out. One customer is her 60’s found this luxurious fabric smoother than silk. It allows her to wake up with no sleep lines on face or puffy eyes. She feels much younger than her 61 years of age and finds a slowdown in the aging process after using this wonderful pillowcase.


Here are the most comfortable bedding options for you to check and select the one that best addresses your dreams. The more peaceful restful sleep will give you plenty of optimistic dreams.


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