Mattress is a quintessential necessity for mankind. It first came into existence during the New Stone Age or the Neolithic era where grass, leaves and straw were piled up to form a nice decent mattress. With the passage of time new concepts evolved and the evolution of the mattress industry has been incredibly astonishing that you can actually have 100’s of species to choose from that you can take home.

Mattress is the only place to end a perfect day after lot of stomping your feet, screaming from your diaphragm for the uncalled and getting on others nerves giving an “I don’t care attitude”. Seriously I end up a bad day and a good day by jumping on my mattress only to wake up for a brand new morning. A mattress matters a lot in one’s life as Marc warren rightly said “Apparently, if you live until 75, you’ll have spent 25 years in bed, so it makes sense to have a decent mattress”.


Let us discuss about the truth of an old mattress that has been sharing its life with us since a long time.

Life span of a mattress: Certain things grow with the age and become better but that is not the case with the mattress. It undergoes depreciation by all means. On an average a mattress can perform well only up to 6 years and after that it just doesn’t lend any comfort.

Waking up tired: It’s all well until you plunge into the bed and when its sunrise your back starts to ache as if it has gone through a tunnel carrying bags of coal. This happens with most of us and the real culprit is the old mattress that isn’t rendering any support.

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Slumped or lumpy mattress: Every mattress starts to sag after a point when it gets tired of bearing all those weights and actions all these years. Apparently it aint some human being to screech at you. But instead it shows some signs like sagging to tell that it is tired and its job is done . Moreover a mattress that has sagging can cause back aches and muscle pain.

Getting good sleep somewhere else: If you feel that you got a great sleep last night in your friend’s house or on that pretty decorated room which you rented while on a vacation then it probably signals that your mattress has something to do with it. If you aren’t feeling good and comfortable on your mattress like those which you felt good then it’s time to get rid of your old buddy for the better.

How old are you? Your age matters a lot along with age of the mattress. It isn’t okay to adjust with an old mattress which is above 7 years old. Your body will be more prone to aches and strains with the increasing age and particularly with an old mattress it isn’t going to get any better. You will need to consider buying a mattress that is ideal for your body and health conditions.

You baby has grown up on that mattress: Don’t tell me that your mattress has been a trampoline and a great place where your little one had a great time spilling everything from urine to eatables. Then it must have worn and torn out by now, losing all its comfort.” Not a bit surprised, why you aren’t feeling good on top of it”. Better get set to fetch in a fresh mattress.

Toss and turns: How many times do you toss and turn to get a sleep that is much required. You are doing this to and fro action only because your mattress isn’t providing your body that comfortable space to sink in. Certain medical conditions may also result in such situations. But if you are in sound health and find this issue happening with you then it’s time to sling your mattress.

Allergy: If you have a problem of allergies or prone to allergy down the lane then it is best to replace an old mattress timely without fail. Your mattress is actually a graveyard of dead skin cells, body fluids, mites and bugs. Even if you clean and wash your blankets that isn’t going to help to deal with allergies until your mattress isn’t clean. So chuck out these uninvited guests along with the old mattress that has been sleeping with you since a long time.

Old inherited mattress: Most of us have this sentiment of sticking to inherited items that has been genuinely passed on to the next and to the next. Well mattress isn’t a best thing that it has to be passed on from one generation to the other. I mean seriously why a person will want to sleep on a bed that has been used for years and by many. It is better to fold it or stack it somewhere if you really don’t want to throw it. But consider buying a good mattress to sleep instead of holding on to it.

Medical condition: When your body changes your approach towards everything changes that includes your mattress too. Your mattress would have been your best buddy over all these years but now your body needs a new companion who would lend support than being more than a luxury. When you have medical conditions like scoliosis, chronic back pain, during pregnancy, post pregnancy and age factors you should consider changing your old mattress to acquire comfort.

Dozens of choices: Yes you heard it right!! There are different types and varieties of materials used to build a mattress to make it a supreme place to rest on. You will actually get confused checking out all the options as most of them are synonyms for comfort and luxury. If you are really ready to chuck your old mattress for a brand new one then visit a nearby store.

So I hope you got enough reasons to deal with your old mattress in a better way. It is true that it has been a great companion all these years and when it’s time to bid adieu do it with honor.

Confused what to do with your old mattress?

Well once you have determined that you no longer need your old mattress then being a better and a responsible citizen discard the idea of dumping it in a landfill. When you dump in a landfill it will pollute the environment and consume huge space only to make things worse. Also understand the fact that most of the mattresses contain chemicals and artificial materials used in it which can seriously cause damage to the environment.

If your mattress isn’t in that bad condition then consider sending to for donations or call a salvation army who can pick up the mattress if your area is serviceable. You can also consider selling them to furniture stores who sell used items or just donate it to someone who really needs it. Donating isn’t an easy task either as all is concerned about bug infestation and hygiene so it is better to send it to a recycling station where it can be processed.

In a case that your mattress is seriously damaged or not hygienic enough then better send for recycling. The inside of the mattress will be busted out. All the materials will be converted into new products and wastes will be removed in cleaner way.

Conclusion: Let it go… Let it go for the better sleep you have longed for… let it go let it go for the times that are yet to come … don’t hold on more for the mattress can’t bear more… it has done its job for the price you have paid… let it go .. Let it go…be guilt free and let it go…

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