Gold Bond 029300-0120 Organic Cotton/Wool Futon Mattress

Since 1899, Gold bond mattress has been providing quality with comfort through the mattress. Each mattress is designed in a combination of old handcrafted attention and in combination with the latest sleep technologies installed. There are varieties of mattress available from the group of gold bond where one is free to choose according to the size requirement, color, comfort, and material used in the mattress.

Gold bond mattress started its way from a factory in Hartlford, Connecticut where Isadore Naboicheck began building mattresses. The company has been serving to be an integral part of one’s life providing with a better sleep and dreams.

Innerspring Mattresses From Gold Bond

Meeting the high standards, quality, comfort and the level of manufacturing, innerspring mattresses was developed. This is mainly developed incorporating the visco-elastic memory foam, tested steel innersprings, traditional urethane foam silk etc. You no longer need to worry about prices as there is a wide range of products in this section that vary in firmness option and also in every budget. This will surely exceed your expectations as the company- Gold Bond promises.



The main sections in the innerspring mattress are divided into Premier Series, Sacro support Encased Coil (2 sided), Comfort collection, two-sided Power Program, Anniversary series: superior comfort, enhanced Coil Series-outstanding support, classic collection, and organic cotton series.

Premier series: This is one of the finest collections which fall under innerspring mattress sets. They provide a series of comforts using Balanced Rest Smart Coil system. This system is an 850 count alternating right and left coil system that will help in providing a complete roll together and sway and distribute it evenly throughout the body. They have installed technologies in Gold Bond mattress helping it to maximize the sleeping surfaces. The main benefit that comes along with the premier series of the innerspring mattresses is that it is double sided and has a longer mattress life. The double steel edge support that is incorporated in the premier series helps it for full edge to edge sleeping surface. One main benefit of using this kind of Gold Bond mattress is that it is enhanced with 100 coil heavy gauge box spring and this kind of spring helps in providing a very stable foundation and also helps in prolonging the life of this Gold Bond mattress. This type of Gold Bond mattress comes with a 15-year warranty.

The varieties that falls in premier series are- Paris Box top, Copenhagen pillow top, Copenhagen ultra firm, Florence plush, Florence firm

The Paris Boxtop is mainly a stretch knit fabric type. This is mainly quilted with silk and wool blend. This will help in giving a luxurious feel. One of the main attractive features is that it is installed with 1” Talay latex. This helps in enhancing the pressure relief. The 4” super soft foam in this type of gold bond mattress helps in deepening the surface comfort and also in resiliency.

Copenhagen Pillow top makes it outstanding from the other type of premier quality of Gold Bond mattress is that it contains a deep quilted top panel with 4” polyester fiber, super soft foam, a cotton fiber that will help in providing the luxurious feel and also enhance the breathability. It is also manufactured with ½” memory foam. This will enhance in providing a greater comfort. This type of gold mattress is upholstered with a 4” of super soft foam.

Copenhagen Ultra firm is almost similar to the Copenhagen Pillow type. The main difference is that it is upholstered with 2 layers of 2” of super soft foam whereas the above one is with 4” of super soft foam.

Florence Plush is another series of the mattress in the premier quality of Gold Bond mattress. This mattress is also manufactured with stretch knit fabric. This type of Gold Bond mattress is upholstered with 4” of super soft foam. Similar to the other product in the premier quality, it contains a deep quilted top panel.

The other groups that fall under the innerspring Mattresses are Sacro Support Encased, Comfort Collection, two-sided Power Program, Anniversary Series: superior comfort encased Coil Series; Outstanding support, Classic Collection, and organic cotton series.

Juvenile Mattresses From Gold Bond Mattresses

Considering the young petals around the globe, Gold Bond mattress was designed to provide good comfort for both young adults and young children. Each mattress from Gold Bond mattress in the juvenile section is manufactured with antimicrobial properties, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Along with the modification, they are provided with additional technologies like memory foam and 100% natural latex/ this will assure that the night sleep will be healthy for your children. The main 4 forms that are manufactured for Juvenile Mattress are Harvard with Memory Foam and Natural Latex, Princeton with Natural Latex, Columbia with Memory Foam, Wellesley, Cornell.


In the product Harvard with Memory Foam and Natural Latex from gold bond mattress- they are enhanced with 4” Layer of Memory Foam and they use only 100% natural Latex and soft foam to manufacture juvenile mattresses. This will help your child’s body to be supported in every contour. This type of Gold Bond mattress mainly uses 448-coil, 12 ¾ gauge “ body balance “ innerspring, this product of gold comes with 10 years of warranty.

Princeton with natural latex comes with 4” layers of 100% latex which is natural and contains soft foams. This will help to reduce the pressure points leading to a healthy sleep for your kids. The main infrastructure of the body is set using 448 coil and 12 ¾ gauge body balance innerspring.

Columbia with memory foam is yet another contribution from Gold Bond mattress are enhanced with 3” layers of memory foam and soft foam adding an additional support to the child body. The exceptional comfort that a child experience is from Matelasse plush quilted fabric is lush and soft. This product of gold bond mattress comes with 10-year guarantee.

Wellesley is another product manufactured considering the tiny young soft natured body of the kids. In this gold bond mattress- the fabric used is chintz plush quilted fabric which is soft and comfortable. This mattress provides an outstanding comfort which is due to the 2” layer of soft foam. The full body of this spring is 390 coils with 13 gauge body balance. It comes with 5-year warranty.

Cornell provides a comfortable sleep for the younger ones which is mainly due to the firm quilted chintz fabric incorporated in this gold bond mattress. The inner portion is almost designed similar to the Wellesley model of the gold bond mattress. This product is provided with a 5-year warranty.

Speciality Sleep Mattresses

Gold Bond mattress has classified mattresses according to the need and requirement specialties that customers ask for. This series of the mattress from Gold Bond will help you to take to a totally different world of calm and loving sleep. The four main division of these specialty sleep mattresses are Hybrids, Latex, Cool gel and memory foam, and Brilliance Collection.

Hybrids from Gold Bond mattress is mainly classified as 1 sided Mattresses and 2 sided mattresses. 1 sided mattresses have smart series 1000, smart series 2000, smart series 3000, smart series 4000, smart series 5000. The 2 sided mattresses are the smart series 1500, smart series 2500, smart series 3500, smart series 4500, smart series 5500 and smart series 6500.


Smart series 1000: This mattress of Gold Bond uses a four-way stretch knit fabric and 1” latex infused with gel. It also contains 1” gel memory foam. This mattress is also formulated with 2” high resilience convoluted foam. This mattress also contains heavy polyester insulator pad. Using 416-coil 13 gauge body balance innerspring and heavy 1.75 fiberboard helps the mattress to be perfect in its aspects.

Smart series 2000 is manufactured with four-way stretch knit fabric, enhanced with 2” gel memory foam, 2” high resilience convoluted foam. Like smart series 2000, this series is also incorporated with heavy polyester insulator pad. This contains 804 encased coils for support and is enhanced with the same fiberboard.

Smart series 3000 and smart series 4000 is almost similar in the appearance and functioning, the main difference is that smart series 3000 is manufactured with 3” gel memory foam and 4000 series is manufactured with 3” latex infused with gel.

Smart series 5000 differs from 4000 series in the inches of latex infused and convoluted foam size. In 5000 series of gold bond mattress- they have used 2” latex infused with gel and 2” gel memory foam.

Smart series 1500 which falls in 2 sided hybrid form uses a four-way stretch knit fabric with 2” gel memory foam, 2” high resilience convoluted foam, heavy polyester insulator pad. The infrastructure is enhanced using 416-coil 13 gauge body balance innerspring.

In smart series 2500, the main difference from smart series 1500 Gold Bond mattress is that it is manufactured with 2” latex infused with gel.

While making a comparison between the smart series 3500 and smart series 4500, the main difference lies in the coil that is used. In 3500 series of Gold Bond mattress- 416 coil 13 gauge body balances innerspring is used. In 4500 series, 804 encased coils are used.

While differentiating 5500 and 6500 series, 6500 gold bond mattress is enhanced with 2” gel memory foam.

Latex Speciality Sleep

The latex products from gold bond mattress are very useful in supporting the LOHAS philosophy by providing a perfect bedding facility. The Gold Bond mattress utilizes the natural and sustainable raw materials. They help in providing the best service and economic business practices. The gold bond mattresses company uses recent technology in manufacturing the best latex beds. Hence the bed produced will be of high quality, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and comfortable in the most exceptional manner. The latex specialty sleep mattresses from gold bond mattress are of two main types- natural latex and platinum and gold. The natural latex will help in providing a body support and restorative comfort. This will help in providing more pressure relief and helps in supporting the pressure prone areas, sling the spine, keep oxygen and nutrients flow to the muscle. The additional benefits that one will gain is more breathability and an increased an air flow for a cooler sleep. This is reported of long lasting durability and has 15-year-old pro-rated warranty.

The other set of this group- latex of gold bond mattress is platinum and gold. The platinum set of the mattress are 2 sided with 10” solid 100% latex. It is also enhanced with 2” super soft latex which is 100% pure. And with 6” of medium firm 100% latex. The gold mattress in latex set is manufactured as 1 sided construction with 2 layers of 2” super soft 100% latex.

Cool gel and memory foam mattress in the specialty sleep mattress are of two main types- Eco cool gel memory foam and memory foam and gel memory foam. The main benefit of having a cool gel is that it will have very good support for the body reducing heat. This type of gel form of gold bond mattress will help to improve in pressure point relief; it will also help in supporting the superior weight distribution. All these factors will help in increasing the durability. The eco-gel memory foam is divided into 10” Eco Gel, 11” eco gel, and 13” eco gel. All the three types vary in the architecture. 10” eco-gel is manufactured with 2”4 lbs gel foam, 2” transitional layer and 6” HD poly foam base. The 11” eco-gel is manufactured with 3”4lbs gel foam, 2”3 lbs memory foam and 6”HD poly foam base. 13” Eco gel is manufactured with 3”4gel foam, 2”3 lbs memory foam, with 2” transitional layer and 6”HD poly foam base.

In memory foam and gel memory foam specialty sleep mattresses – 9” memory foam and 10” eco memory foam are the two major types. Both these types are stretch knit cover with 7” of HD poly foam base. The main difference is that the memory foam of 9” memory foam is 2” of 3lbs and 10”eco memory foam is 3” of 3lbs memory foam.

The other set of brilliance collection of specialty mattresses are Ruby, sapphire Plush, Sapphire Firm and emerald. Each of them is manufactured with special features. The main feature of the ruby is that it is enhanced with NEW Premium Stretch Knit Engineered cover. It has also architectures with 3” soft vytex organic 5 lbs Latex. It also has base form of 6”1. High density. Though the design of the mattress in this category remains the same, the measure of the organic latex will vary. For sapphire plush- it is 4” soft vytex organic 5lbs latex and 6” medium vytex organic 5lbs latex. For sapphire firm, it is 2” and 8” medium vytex. The Emerald version is 2” soft vytex and with 9” medium vytex organic 5 lbs latex.

Futon Sofa Sleepers

Gold Bond mattress is also successful in manufacturing the best futon mattresses helping you to create the best and modern futon suiting your interiors. Quality and durable futons are delivered in the name of Gold Bond mattress. Having Gold Bond mattresses in your interior will help you to set up a unique and attractive interior. The main types of futon mattresses are visco touch, visco classic, euro coil, 9” visco coil 2, comfort coil, feather Touch II, Moonlight, WoolWrap, 9” Triple foam, feather touch 1, 10” double foam, 8” double foam , 8” single foam, 8” All cotton, 6” single foam, 6” all cotton, 4” all cotton, 3” overnighter. Each of them differs in the architectural manner and the material used in creating the futon. The Gold Bond mattresses not only manufacture mattresses of different types or futons. They are also experts in manufacturing futon frames- which are named as Boston, Portland, Manhattan, Burlington, Albany, and Sedona. Each of them will differ in their finish and the wood used and their style. You have a wide range of futon frames so that you can choose according to your interior décor. You are even free to choose the fabric colors in which you wish to fabricate your futon mattress- this includes white, tan, sage, chocolate, burgundy, blue, black and bonded leather. White is the most standard color for futons but is not much preferred as it will get a fade and dirty look after years of use.



Gold Bond mattress provides a whole range of mattresses confusing you in purchasing the best from the best. The customers are completely satisfied with the purchase. The mattress is durable. Each and every detail of the mattresses are manufactured with so much of care from the staffs. After manufacturing, it is inspected and evaluated by higher authorizes to confirm its quality and the perfection. You no longer need to worry on back pains or sleep disturbances in between if your sleep is with Gold Bond mattresses. Your pressure points will be softly handled providing you with a healthy sleep. Once you are in a Gold Bond mattress, the sleep will be perfect and healthy. As there are a whole lot of products, you are free to purchase it according to the quality need and the budget allotted for each mattress. These are also purchased to gift for functions like housewarming for your loved ones.

You can also become a dealer of Gold Bond mattress if you wish to provide the quality and good service to others in the name of the mattress. If you wish to become one you just have to fill in a form that is in the official website. Within a 48 hrs of the time period, the staff of Gold Bond mattress will respond back. There are many Gold Bond mattresses in various classifications that are not mentioned in this article. For any inquiries on any type of the mattresses, you are free to contact.

You are also free to fill in and add your feedback about your experience with Gold Bond mattress. The feedback form is available in the official website of gold bond mattresses.

Gold bond mattress mainly sells four types of the mattresses, namely- Innerspring Mattresses , Juvenile mattresses, specialty sleep mattresses and futon sofa sleepers. Four different types differ according to the material incorporated, the functioning and the comfort. In fact, it is very difficult to choose the best among the whole lot of mattresses. To make it easier- the main divisions and subdivisions are shortened as a classification below.



Classification Of The Gold Bond Mattresses

Innerspring Mattress

Premier series

  • Paris Boxtop
  • Copenhagen Pillowtop
  • Copenhagen UltraFirm
  • Florence Plush
  • Florence Firm

Sacro Support Encased coil (2 sided)

  • Camelot Boxtop
  • Camelot plush
  • Wesminster Plush
  • Buckingham Pillow Top
  • Buckingham Firm

Comfort collection

  • Comfort Collection 600 Pillow Top
  • Comfort collection 500 Pillow Top
  • Comfort Collection 400 Pillow Top
  • Comfort Collection 400 firm
  • Comfort Collection 300 Pillow Top
  • Comfort Collection 300 Plush
  • Comfort Collection 200 Pillow Top
  • Comfort Collection 200 Plush
  • Comfort Collection 200 Firm

Two sided Power program

  • Northfield Pillow Top
  • Northfield Plush
  • Northfield Firm
  • Chelsea Limited Edition Pillow Top
  • Chelsea Limited Edition Firm
  • Hartford Plush
  • Hartford Firm
  • Lenox Pillow Top
  • Leonx

Anniversary Series: Superior Comfort

  • Anniversary Pillow Top
  • Anniversary Plush
  • Anniversary Firm
  • Anniversary Limited edition

Encased coil series: outstanding support

  • Millenium Box Top with Memory Foam
  • Millenium Luxury Plush With Memory Foam
  • Centennial Pillow Top
  • Centennial Plush
  • Centennial Firm
  • Aristocrat Plush
  • Aristocrat Firm

Classic Collection

  • Classic Collection IV Pillow Top
  • Classic Collection III Plush
  • Classic Collection III Firm
  • Classic Collection II Pillow Top
  • Classic Collection II Firm
  • Classic Collection I Plush
  • Classic Collection I firm

Organic Cotton Series

  • Organic Cotton 4000
  • Organic Cotton 3000
  • Organic Cotton 2000
  • Organic Cotton 1000

Juvenile Mattresses

  • Harvard with Memory Foam and Natural Latex
  • Princeton with Natural Latex
  • Columbia with Memory Foam
  • Wellesley
  • Cornell

Speciality Sleep Mattresses


1 sided mattresses

  • Smart series 1000
  • Smart series 2000
  • Smart series 3000
  • Smart series 4000
  • Smart series 5000

2 sided mattresses

  • Smart series 1500
  • Smart series 2500
  • Smart series 3500
  • Smart series 4500
  • Smart series 5500
  • Smart sries 6500
  • Latex

Natural latex

  • Galaxy
  • Cirrus
  • Stratus
  • Cumulus

Platinum & gold

  • Platinum
  • Gold

Cool gel and Memory Foam

Eco Cool Gel Memory Foam

  • 10” eco gel cool response gel form
  • 11” eco gel cool response gel form
  • 13” eco gel cool response gel form

Memory foam and gel memory foam

  • 9” Memory Foam
  • 10” eco memory foam

Brilliance collection

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire plush
  • Sapphire firm
  • Emerald

Futon Sofa Sleepers

  • Futon Mattresses
  • Futon Frames
  • Futon Mattress Fabric Options