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Gold Bond Futon & Innerspring Mattress Reviews

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Gold Bond mattresses do create a bond of gold; strong and lasting with customers. A mattress company can create a strong bond with its customers only if it is able to provide a great quality mattress, a mattress that exceeds the expectation of the user and if the customer care service of the company is supportive and friendly. Well, from the Gold Bond customer reviews, it looks like the company has been able to succeed in creating the friendship bond.

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The Gold Bond reviews by BedTime Magzine are also very positive. It entered the race in 1899. The company has seen many ups and downs, but nothing deterred them from achieving their goal of offering the best quality to their customers and becoming the top name in the world of mattresses. For generations, the company has been following the tradition of providing superior quality products and services to its customers. No compromise with the quality and this mantra has given them strength and the hold to stay on even in difficult times. Times have changed so have the techniques of making mattresses. Change is inevitable and you have to accept it. Gold Bond did accept the changing trend in the mattresses, but it kept itself firmly rooted to the principles, that are being followed by the people in the company for more than a century. Like most of the high-quality mattresses, Gold Bond mattresses are hand-crafted. Hands that have years of experience and training. It takes around 2 to 3 days to create a single mattress, but then the mattress is made giving importance to even the smallest of details. No matter at what price, Gold Bond creates each mattress with same passion and dedication. Gold Bond had been an active supplier to the top hotel chains once. 

The Gold Bond mattresses have three main mattress sections of which there are many options. The main categories are: 

  • Innerspring mattress
  • Juvenile mattress
  • Specialty Sleep mattress 

Apart from these, Gold Bond also makes one of the finest Futon mattresses.  

Gold Bond Futon Mattresses / Futon Sofa Sleepers 

Gold Bond is the pioneer in the manufacture of Futon mattresses. Their Sofa sleepers are high quality and available in many styles and sizes. Gold Bond has a wide selection of Futon frames and mattresses ranging from cotton pads to Visco and Innerspring models. They are durable and less expensive than convertible sofa beds. Some of the Futon models include, ViscoTouch, ViscoClassic, EuroCoil, 9″ ViscoCoil 2, ComfortCoil, FeatherTouch I & II, MoonLight, WoolWrap, 9″TripleFoam, 8″ & 10″ Double Foam, 6″ & 8″ Single Foam, 4″, 6″ & 8″ All Cotton and 3″ OverNighter. 

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The Innerspring mattress collection 

This mattress collection of Gold Bond brings together the old methods with the new and advanced technology. The innerspring structure is crafted out of strong and durable steel so that the mattress remains your companion for a long period. Then the upholstery materials include traditional urethane foam, memory foam (visco-elastic foam), silk and wool. The innerspring collection holds organic cotton series, comfort collection, classic collection, anniversary series, encased coil series etc. 

The Juvenile mattress 

This section of Gold Bond mattresses consists of mattresses for the young adults and children. With its Juvenile mattress collection, Gold Bond wanted to create a safe and at the same time comfortable sleepers for young ones. The juvenile has been designed keeping the health of the younger ones. That is why the mattresses are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic in nature. They also effectively resist dust mites. The series includes Harvard with memory foam and natural latex, Princeton with natural latex, Columbia with memory foam, Wellesley, and Cornell.

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The Specialty Sleep Mattress Collection 

This mattress series has been made concentrating more on natural latex and memory foam. The quality of latex and the goodness of memory foam can be clearly experienced in the mattresses. This line includes Natural latex, Memory foam and Eco-gel cool response gel foam. 

The Gold bond mattresses are as beautiful and strong as Gold.

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