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Memory foam mattresses are generally not used for children especially when they are babies. Babies need a firmer surface that does not make them sink into the mattress. The cot mattress cannot be used forever and one day they need to switch from this cot mattress to a toddler mattress which is larger and wider. The Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses happen to be an ideal choice for the toddlers and up to teenagers. The memory foam can be softer that would be loved by them. At the same time, the mattress can offer ample support from the base foam.


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How Children Benefit From Sleeping On Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam mattresses allow their spinal alignment to stay healthy. The children in their growing ages need everything healthy for them and that includes the mattress as well.

The memory foam mattresses cradle their body and make them comfortable. Moreover, the modern memory foam mattresses do come with cooling options to let the mattress stay cooler throughout the night. The children would be able to sleep without getting overheated and that reflects in their morning energy.

How Does Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses Fare?

The general complaint about the memory foam mattresses is off gassing which does not sit well with majority. At this tender age, children must be kept away from as much pollutants as possible.

To solve this problem the Memory Foam Kidz mattresses have been made in such a way that there is no off gassing and the mattresses are quite safe for all.

In addition to this, the memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz, all have the water proof cover which is an essential part for the children’s bed. Children are prone to accidents and a water proof mattress cover makes things easier and helps in keeping the mattress clean and hygienic.

The other benefits of Memory Foam Kidz mattresses are that they are light weight mattresses which makes changing sheets easier. Children’s bed would need frequent sheet changes and this has been made easier.

These memory foam mattresses are soft and comfortable. They make a perfect heaven for your child to have a restful sleep.

Top 4 Memory Foam Kidz Mattresses

The leading memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz are ideal for children. The mattresses are of comfortable firmness for their growing body. The mattresses are resistant to allergens such as dust mites, microbes, and the likes. They sure make a safe and non-allergenic sleep surface for them.

Among the leading memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz are the normal memory foam mattresses that can be used as a normal bed at home. The other type here is the mattresses that are rolling type. The rolling type mattresses are perfect for the teenagers to use in their dormitory. They are easy to carry around and convenient when they need to move out of their rooms.

These leading memory foam mattresses are the,

  • Memory Foam Kidz Twin-Size 8-Inch Memory Foam Youth Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Blue
  • Memory Foam Kidz Full-Size 8-Inch Memory Foam Youth Mattress with Waterproof Cover, Blue
  • Campus 7-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Rolling Duffle Bag, Twin Long, Beige
  • Memory Foam Kidz MT-MK8TG-01 Kids 8 in. Twin Mattress with Waterproof Cover – Green – 39 x 75 in.
  • Memory Foam Kidz 8-Inch Memory Foam Youth Mattress with Waterproof Cover

The Memory Foam Kidz 8 inch memory foam mattresses mentioned here are all the same. They only differ in their size or on the color of the covering material.

Other Features

These mattresses are all made of visco elastic memory foam that is soft and safe. This layer makes the top layer. It has a density of 3.5 pounds and a thickness of 2 inches. The bottom layer is the high-density base foam with a thickness of 6 inches. The thickness is the same in all of these mattresses.

The visco elastic memory foam layer reduces the pressure points on the body and lets the sleeper have a peaceful time. The mattress can also resist the allergens that increase the desirability of these mattresses.

As for the mattress cover, these mattresses are either in blue colored cover or in green. The mattress covers are also available in other colors such as beige, lavender, and pink.

The mattress sizes available are twin, full and twin long. All of these are meant for children and thus these mattresses are not available in the larger sizes.

These mattresses are compatible with a metal frame foundation also. No need to look for the heavy box spring. If you want you can also avail the matching frame cover to match the mattress cover. The bed frames are available in both twin and full sizes.

Campus 7-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Rolling Duffle Bag

Joining the college is a new phase for your teenager. Present him/her with this rolling memory foam mattress with a duffle bag. They will definitely thank you later. The mattress is light weight and thick enough for comfort. It can be rolled and store inside the duffel bag provided with it.

The mattress is 7 inches thick with a 2 inch thick top layer and a 5-inch thick base layer. The top visco memory foam layer has a density of 3.5 pounds and the base layer is of higher density for the support.

The covering material for this mattress is water proof which eliminates much of the trouble. The cover is soft and machine washable.

As for the rolling and storing, it doesn’t take much to get the mattress rolled. Simply roll the mattress and store it I the duffel bag. The duffel bag also has wheels attached to it so your child does not have to CARRY It. The attached strap lets it to carry on the shoulder if they want.

The mattress cover is available in 3 colors beige, blue, and pink. The mattress sizes are also available in twin and twin long sizes.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line is that these memory foam mattresses by Memory Foam Kidz are not the high end mattress but they are not the low quality also. They definitely make a comfortable surface for the children. The used customers are satisfied with the performance and the water proof mattress cover is the highlight for majority of them.