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Ghostbed Mattress Reviews – Affordable Beds Compared

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First time when you hear this name “Ghostbed”, you would think that it has something spooky in it. Some would think what a weird name. Even I had the same queries running inside my mind until I spotted their FAQ section. The reason behind the name is somewhat funny and does not make any sense. Anyways who cares as far as the mattress is great, name does not matter at all. The owner had chills running down his spines when he heard about ghosts. He used to hide underneath his bed during childhood days. This actually inspired him (lolz) to name his creation as Ghostbed. That is the story behind the name! Now, How about the mattress and how does it feel?

To know more about Ghostbed mattress keep reading this article. You might find your ideal mattress in the form of a Ghostbed.

Memory foam mattresses are the fastest selling mattresses in the mattress industry. They are too good in terms of comfort and pressure relief. Gone are those days when people used to depend on innerspring mattresses. NASA gave the world a reason to rejoice by discovering the best sleep product in the world and that is memory foam. There are different varieties of memory foam mattresses and to pick out one is a herculean task. To make things easier I have given many reviews about memory foam mattresses. These reviews portray customer opinions and feedbacks.

Customer reviews are the best ways by which you can understand the worthiness of a product. It helps a lot in making an informed decision. First, we will start with the construction of the Ghostbed.

Design Of The Ghostbed Mattress

To start with, Ghostbed gets its design and undergoes manufacturing process inside the United States. This mattress has perfect design and has a team of professionals behind the whole designing process. It is a result of 15 years of research and development with the help of sleep experts and customer feedback’s.

The mattress has a profile of 11 inches in total.

  • The top layer – 1.5 inches, aerated latex foam (3.5 pounds density)
  • The support layer – 2 inches, gel memory foam ( 4 pounds density)
  • The base layer – 7.5 inches, high density memory foam ( 2 pounds)

How Do The Three Layers Work To Provide Great Sleep?

The top layer has aerated latex that makes it naturally responsive and provides continuous airflow. It gives a plush effect and does not trap body heat like normal memory foam. To add to the comfort the middle layer adds to the cooling effect. This is because gel memory foams naturally provide a cooler environment with their open cell structure. They have larger cells and disperse heat evenly without heating the mattress. This layer also responds to the body movements quickly. Lastly, the base layer provides support and increases the longevity of the mattress. The high-density base layer does its job well by preventing wear and tear.

Mattress Cover Of The Ghostbed Mattress

The mattress cover has a plush feeling and offers full of comfort. It has an excellent design and has a zippered design. It is easy to handle, detachable and washable. This helps to cleanse the mattress incase of accidentals spills. Goes well especially when you have kids around.

How Does The Ghostbed Feel Firm Or Soft?

This mattress has come into reality after years of research and testing. The foam layers are of different densities and thickness that offers the right feel. Ghostbed makers have found out that 6.5 out of ten is the perfect firmness level to sleep on. According to them, 1-5 means too soft and 8 to 10 means too firm, on a rating scale of 10. Ghostbed offers the right firmness level being neither too firm nor too soft. It gives long lasting support and comfort to the body.

To increase the durability of the mattress you need to follow few steps. Make sure to rotate the mattress from head to foot bi-weekly for the first few months of purchase. Later you can do it once in a month or three months. This is single sided mattress and therefore no flipping around.

Why Choose Ghostbed Mattress?

  • Designed by seasoned mattress makers and team of professionals after years of research
  • Design and construction is minimal yet full of comfort with no fancy stuffs
  • A great pick for combination sleepers( great for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers)
  • Supports the body evenly by distributing the weight across the mattress
  • Reduced motion transfer that offers uninterrupted and restorative sleep
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Great pick for kids, couples and elderly
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • High density base layer for ergonomic support
  • Vacuum sealed packaging for easy shipping
  • Luxury with simplicity
  • Excellent cover design and plush feel/wicks away moisture

Ghostbed Mattress Warranty

The new Ghostbed mattress has a warranty period of 20 years (covered by industry-leading nature’s sleep, a company that has been in the industry for more than a decade). This mattress is USA made from top to bottom with premium quality materials. If you find any defect with the mattress under the warranty period, you will get it replaced or repaired.

To make a claim you need to hold all the original documents and proof of purchase. Only then, you can make a valid claim. Contact the Ghost Bed’s Customer Service department at 1-855-855-4499 or email at for further details.

101 Day Sleep Test – Trial Period

The Ghostbed offers 101 Nights to try your mattress. You can take ample time to discover the features and comforts offered by your new companion.

They offer this time gap so that you can get along well with your new friend. It is common to have a different while shifting to a new mattress all of a sudden. To overcome this problem it is better to sleep on the mattress for few weeks to pass a judgment. This time frame if not offered by all mattress makers so when you get it make use of it wisely. Take at least 1- 2 months to make a decision about the mattress” to keep it or to send it back”. If you are happy with the mattress then you can keep it else just return it by visiting their official site.

For returns visit their return request page online and follow the details. The company will arrange for a free return. You will get a full refund without losing any money. It is real deal so make use of it and try your new Ghostbed soon. No hassles and they have a customer friendly team who is there to help at every point.

Customer reviews

Ghostbed has great customer reviews and that is evident from the Amazon portal. It has 4.3 stars out of five backed with positive customer responses. Below you can see a review written by customer. I have taken this review out of many because it covered almost all the points I wanted to mention. This mattress is a cool mattress which offers comfort and just comfort at an affordable price.

Here is real review by a Ghostbed customer

“5.0 out of 5 starsExceeded Expectations and just keeps getting BETTER!

Size: Queen

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

GhostBed 11-Inch Latex and Gel Queen Memory Foam Mattress

When I first ordered my Ghostbed mattress about 6 months ago I knew it would be better than my old, lumpy, innerspring mattress. I was amazed how they fit a complete queen in such a compact box. The unboxing process was almost as exciting as actually sleeping on a quality mattress!

This was my first memory foam mattress I’ have ever owned. The firmness they described at 6 out of 10 is perfectly accurate. Within 2 to 3 days, I woke up feeling much more rested. I did not really realize how much the mattress affects all aspects of my overall health.

I am a FitBit addict and so when I tracked my sleeping I use to have 50 – 70 restless sleep moments – that is now down to 8 – 11 a night. After the first thirty days, the mattress felt fully broken in. You feel the responsiveness of the memory foam and I do feel that I am sleeping cooler.

To know that you can buy this quality with monthly payments was a no brainer. If you are looking for a quality mattress from a company with amazing customer, service – look no further!

Now I look forward to going to sleep. The mattress really does feel better every single day. I use to lay in bed watching Netflix like most millennial insomniacs. Now within 15 minutes I am sleeping every night! Ghostbed is 100% the way to go! “


Ghostbed Mattress is a combination of memory foam coupled with latex layer. This culmination actually imparts comfort and luxury without giving the stuck inside feeling. Ghostbed is a popular mattress choice and has a great customer service to back it. Overall this mattress has an above average satisfaction ratings. I would recommend this mattress as it comes with a free trial period and full refund in case of a return. You should definitely try this mattress if you are planning to ditch your old mattress for whatever reason running in your mind.

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