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Furinno Angeland Memory Foam Mattresses

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Furinno memory foam mattresses are simple mattresses that do not have much fancier things in it. Except for the gel infusion or the bamboo charcoal in the layers of the selected mattresses, it is just the entry-level memory foam mattress. It is not exactly a luxury mattress so do not expect much of it. Although there is some luxurious mattress collection there, the majority are simple memory foam mattresses.

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Basic Features Of Furinno Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Each type of these mattresses has their features. The top rated mattresses have different thicknesses and characteristics as well.
  • Some have the gel infusion, and there are mattresses with bamboo charcoal as the primary infusion into the memory foam.
  • The gel infusion helps in cooling the mattress temperature, especially the heat from the sleeping body. The charcoal infusion has more comprehensive benefits that help not only to keep the cool of the mattress but also in the improvement of the health of the mattress as well as the sleeper.
  • In most cases, there are only two foam layers, the infused memory foam at the top and the basal firm support foam.
  • The firmness of the mattress is not too soft or too hard. It can vary within these limits from the mattress to mattress.
  • Furinno memory foam mattresses may not be universal for all, but people who are not specifically looking for some particular mattress can love these mattresses very much.
  • The mattresses have better durability, body conformity, and also possesses a faster recovery rate to get back to its shape.
  • Here are the top rated memory foam mattresses from Furinnno Angeland brand.

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Top 4 Furinno Memory Foam Mattresses

Furinno Angeland HealthySleep 10″ Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified, QUEEN

The HealthySleep 10-inch luxury gel memory foam mattress has a firmer base and a softer top layer. The top layer is the gel infused memory foam, and the basal layer is premium polyurethane support foam. The top layer is 2.5 inches in thickness, and the support layer is 7.5 inches thick.

The memory foam layer has an open cell technology construction. It enables the air to go through the mattress and freshen up the mattress. This mattress could hardly claim to have any stale smell to it.

The gel memory foam layer conforms to the body readily and makes a softer surface to sleep. The support foam is firm and can support the body perfectly without going deeper into the mattress. The mattress also offers pressure relief from the critical areas like shoulders, neck, head, hips, back, etc. and allows the healthy spinal alignment.

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The mattress has a removable and washable mattress cover that is made of knitted fabric. It has some added softness to it. The mattress also has a fire retardant. The mattress is available in the sizes twin, full and queen.

This type of gel memory foam mattress from Furinno Angeland is also available in the thicknesses of 6 inches, 8, and 12 inches.

Customer Reviews

Jacqueline from Virginia finds this mattress a great deal. She is impressed with this cheap mattress, and she terms it firm enough not to have bounce and soft enough to feel the plush mattress. She uses it on a platform and finds it perfect on the thickness account.

Michelle from Lititz sums up the pros and cons of the mattress as excellent value and quality with no awful smell. The mattress is comfy, firm, and great. The cons she found are that the thickness choices she didn’t see much to choose from.

Deborah has chronic back pain and got relief from it by this mattress. The only complaints she has that the mattress did have some smell, but that was gone sooner. The major concern is that the bed gets hot too much. According to her, the cooling gel memory layer does not do its job as it should be.

Furinno Angeland 10″ Healthy Sleep Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress, Full

The 10-inch Healthy Sleep bamboo charcoal infused memory foam is one step ahead of the gel memory foam mattress. Usually, the gel infusion is added as a protection against the mattress heat. The bamboo charcoal can also do the same but some extra as well.

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The bamboo charcoal can control the temperature, moisture, and the allergens also. The allergens like the chemicals or otherwise have no chance of penetration against the bamboo charcoal. It makes the mattress extremely safe for all even for those with allergic reactions.

There also are several health benefits of the charcoal to the sleeper that makes this Furinno Angeland 10 inch Healthy Sleep memory foam mattress special. This mattress does not cost highly, but just enough it can bring in comfort and peace to the sleeper.

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The mattress has got 2 layers, the upper 2.5 inches of bamboo charcoal infused memory foam and the lower, 7.5 inches of high-density foam for support. The bed also has a knitted fabric cover that is zippered for easy removal and washability.

The comfort level of the mattress is medium firm. It has built-in fire resistance and the mattress top has a tight finish. It could be used with a box spring, platform bed, slated bed, or even on the futon.

Customer Review

Emily bought it for her mother. For her, it took about a week’s time for the full expansion of the mattress that came in compressed form. The mattress didn’t have any smell to it. The comfort level was also smoother for her mother.

Furinno Angeland 2″ Healthy Sleep Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

The third of the leading memory foam mattresses are not exactly a mattress, but a mattress topper. The mattress toppers are used to change the comfort level of the mattress. In most cases, they are added to get some softness for the firm mattresses.

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Many types of materials are available for the mattress topper and the one that we are discussing here is the bamboo charcoal infused layer of memory foam. As the name suggests, this memory foam has the infusion of bamboo charcoal. Also, it also has numerous pores all over the surface. These pores are for aeration on the mattress topper.

This mattress topper has all the good qualities one seeks on a mattress surface. It has body conformity, pressure relieving tactics and supports healthy spinal alignment. This mattress topper has a thickness of 2 inches. The one mentioned here is a queen size.

Why Use Bamboo Charcoal?

For starters, bamboo charcoal is a sustainable material that good for the user and nicer on nature. The first use of this material is that it can eliminate the odors. The mattresses are exposed to sweat and other fluids that can accumulate. They are most likely to cause foul smell over the period. The bamboo charcoal can eliminate the risk of odor formation. In addition to these smell, it can also help eliminate much of the chemicals from the air.

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The next advantage is that it can remove the moisture from the surface. People who sweat a lot at nights can avail this mattress topper and rest assured that there will be no growth of microbes on these patches. It plays a huge role in the hygiene of the mattress and its maintenance.

To enhance these features on this bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress topper, the numerous pores on the mattress add air circulation to the credit. Together they make a great team of good health and support the health of the sleeper.

Moreover, this bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress topper suits well in a tropical climate where humidity is higher and there are risks of mold formation. In addition to this, the charcoal emits negative ions that can positively affect the parasympathetic nervous system and helps the body to relax.

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Furinno memory foam mattresses: Bottom Line

Bamboo charcoal and the gel infused memory foam layers are beneficial but they are not water proof. Getting a water proof mattress cover that is also breathable can enhance the life of the mattress. There is mattress covers available made of bamboo fibers or with charcoal infusion. This helps protect and intensify the goodness of the charcoal infused mattresses.

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