Parents always wish to offer the best things for their children’s. If we are shopping beds for our sweeties, we will always have top prices and great comforts as our top priorities. But there are certain facts behind these Kids mattresses. Hardly anyone knows about these truths. Does anybody have ever thought about the toxicity risks associated with this? Our sweeties spent most of the time in the beds and during these hours they are exposed to different kinds of toxic gases released from most of the beds. Keep on reading to more about Kids mattresses

What materials are there in Kids mattresses?

Fire Retardant Barriers: In order to cope with the standards of the government flammability regulations, mattress manufactures fill fire retardant chemicals to the mattress. Including chemicals like PBDEs, antimony, brominated fire retardants, polyacrylonitrile, modacrylic and many other types of chemicals. We don’t know how dangerous and carcinogenic these substances are. Manufacturers don’t bother about the health issues caused to the consumers. The buyers are kept in dark.

Toxic Foam: We think of buying expensive foam mattress for the kids. But this mattress is filled with most harmful chemicals in order to make the foam malleable. Breakdown of this foam into tiny particles leads to many diseases like irritation of mucous membranes, weakness, nausea, blurred vision and breathlessness. The result is many kids become pray to these chemicals and falls sick. So it’s better to think deeply before buying these beds. You won’t be able to return back these mattress and finally you will be get stuck with this.

Older mattress: Even buying an old mattress is not a good choice. Since many kinds of common fungus and bacteria continues to thrive in these beds. They release high concentration of toxic gases more than the new mattresses.

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Why kids are vulnerable to these toxic exposures

About 7-12 hours sleep: Kids spend most of their time in bed. They usually sleep for about 7-12 hours a day. At this time they inhale these chemical gases and absorb harmful toxins through their tender skin.

Easy detoxification is hard for them: Babies cannot easily detoxify and eliminate these chemicals as their excretion systems are still developing.

Their delicate systems are developing: A child’s neurological, reproductive, immune and respiratory systems are in the early stages of development making him more impotent to the harmful chemicals. Of which the major concern is the brain development. Even low level of chemical exposures during the early stages can make more damage.

Think about buying organic mattress containing non-toxic materials

Don’t let your kids to sleep on toxins. Instead opt for mattresses made with natural organic materials.

Cotton: Cotton serves as a best covering and surface ticking material. At the same time this is firm and breathable. 100% certified organic cotton are good for kids mattresses.

Natural Latex: This is a safe material which is obtained from the sap of the rubber plant. GOLS certified organic latex is the best. Natural latex can be allergic, hence doctors recommends avoiding its use for young babies and children’s.

Wool: Wool is non toxic and a safe material used in organic mattresses. But wool is also associated with some allergic properties. So don’t go for allergies if the child has allergies.

Check for GOTS and GREENGUARD Certifications: Mattresses which have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) are the standard ones. This is a leading organic textile processing company. GREENGUARD is another form of certification meeting highest standards which approves mattresses with zero level emissions of aldehydes, phthalates and formaldehydes etc.

Points to remember

  • Always ask the retailer for fire resistant beds. PLA fiber is flame resistant non toxic material. This provides a soft and comfortable feel to your baby.
  • Check for waterproofing and dust might resistance in the bed.