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Buy Essentials Memory Foam Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

Essentials memory foam mattresses is a product from the UK that is available at a low cost. The mattresses are body conforming and can give cradling effect to the sleeper. Essentials memory foam mattresses make a comfortable bed for the night’s sleep and relieve the pressure points. The mattresses are available in 2 series with differing comfort levels to suit different sleep positions and requirements.

The Essentials memory foam mattress price starts from £99 and reaches a maximum of £149.99. There are 3 sizes available for this mattress range.

You can buy these hard to match price mattresses from Memory Foam Ware House online store for the best price.


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool 


  • 100 night trial
  • 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Flippable


  •  Organic Mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Finance available


  •  15 years warranty

  • 90 night trial

  • Natural Latex

  • Free shipping

  • Handcrafted in USA

Best Mattress Models from Essentials Memory Foam Mattress

There are mainly 2 types of Essentials memory foam mattresses

  • Essentials Homestarter memory foam mattress
  • Essentials Reflex foam mattress.
  • The major difference between these 2 models is that the Homestarter series of mattresses have 2 layers, an upper memory foam and a base poly foam layer in construction while the Reflex series has only one single layer of high-density poly foam.
  • The poly foam layer is 12 cm thick in Homestarter series and 15 cm in Reflex series.
  • The base poly foam used in both the mattresses have open cell technology that allows air circulation and heat dissipation inside the mattress. The material is hypoallergenic and can prevent the growth of microbes, dust mites, and other allergens.
  • The extra layer in the Essentials Homestarter has a 3 cm thick memory foam for the comfort and softness.
  • Both the mattresses have a cover base at the bottom as well.
  • The mattress covers in all the Essentials memory foam mattresses are removable and washable.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Essentials memory foam mattress has unconventional mattress sizes which are available in 4 varieties.

  • Single 90 x 190 x 15 cm
  • Small Double 120 x 190 x 15 cm
  • Double 135 x 190 x 15 cm
  • King 150 x 200 x 15 cm

All the Essentials memory foam mattresses have the same depth of 15 cm. if there is a memory foam layer added, then the depth of the base layer is reduced to accommodate the extra layer and keep the depth same at 15 cm.


  • Free shipping and Returns

  • 100 night sleep trial

  • 20 year warranty

  • Certified organic wool , Latex and cotton


  •  20 year warranty

  • Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex

  • Handcrafted in USA

  • Free shipping


  •  Lifetime warranty

  • 100 night trial

  • Finance facility

  • Affordably priced


  •  100 night sleep trial

  • Free shipping

  • 10 year warranty

  • finance facility

  • Made in USA


  •  20 Years warranty

  • Free shipping


  • Non Toxic Green mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Lifetime warranty

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

All the Essentials memory foam mattresses have 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.

Only unopened items have the return and refund offer. Once you have opened the mattress, it is no longer eligible for return under any circumstances. In case there is a defect, you must make use of the warranty for repairs or replacement, whichever is applicable.

The mattress shipping is free of cost for all orders above £99. The shipment starts within a day or could have an express delivery if the order placement is before 4 pm. Anyways, the delivery happens within a few days depending upon how far your location is, from Wakefield WF.

The delivery team is 2 members who would have the mattress delivered to your room, open it up and remove packages as well.

Discount Prices On Essentials Memory Foam Mattress

The Essentials memory foam mattress price is almost the same for all mattresses regardless of its series. The same size mattress has the same price.

  • Single £189.99
  • Small Double £239.99
  • Double £249.99
  • King £269.99

The discount price changes every day. The price could start anywhere from £99 to 143 for the smallest and can reach up to £203 as of today.

Independent Reviews On Essentials Memory Foam Mattress

The reviews of Essentials memory foam mattress say that the mattresses are amazing for this stunning price. The general view is that even the medium-firm comfort would feel like firmer. It is a warning for those who do not like a firm mattress that they stay away from this brand. Though there is an option for the mattress topper, people who prefer softer mattresses may not turn out to be a great fan of these mattresses.

The overall ratings show ‘excellent’ from all the users. The slight problem with it is the smell of the new mattress. This problem requires a ventilated room to solve it,

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Setup & Installation

The Essentials memory foam mattress arrives rolled inside a box. The installation process is simple. Just remove the packaging layers, unroll and keep the mattress on its foundation for expansion.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Essentials memory foam mattress toppers are the quick solution for a firm mattress. The additional layer of memory foam softens the hard feel of the mattress. These toppers are available in 2, 3, and 4 inches thicknesses.

The material used is medium density memory foam. The thicker the topper is, softer the feel would be.

These mattress toppers do not have a cover to have them at a more affordable price. You can simply slip in this topper between the mattress top and the last layer of the bed sheet.

Just like the Essentials memory foam mattress, these mattress toppers would also be rolled and compressed inside a box. The price of the mattress topper starts from £89.99 to a maximum of 169.99.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Bedding Accessories

Apart from the mattress topper, there are pillows and cot mattresses from MFW Essentials.

  • The Essentials Cluster Pillow is a high-density memory foam pillow for a firm support. The memory foam is as pieces or small clusters inside. It is standard sized, hypoallergenic and has washable cotton pillow cover. The price is £39.99.
  • Essentials Support pillow is responsive and supportive. It is softer than the cluster pillow. This pillow variety has medium-firm comfort. The memory foam inside is a single piece. The pillow has a removable and washable poly cotton cover as well. The price is £49.99.
  • Essentials Cot mattress has an ideal size of 60 x 120 x 10 cm in width, length, and depth. The mattress is supportive, safe and hypoallergenic for the baby. The mattress cover has a zipper to help with removal and putting it back on.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Firmness Analysis

Essentials memory foam mattresses are either firm or medium-firm in comfort levels. All the mattresses in the Essentials Homestarter series have medium-firm comfort levels. The addition of a softer memory foam layer gives softness and reduce the firm feel of the high-density base foam.

All the Reflex series mattresses are firm because the user would be in contact with the HD foam without any additional layers on the top.

If you are not comfortable with either of these comfort levels, you can add a mattress topper to make it more suitable.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Frames & Foundation

Essentials memory foam mattress is compatible with a platform bed, slated beds with closer slats and a box spring as well. The high-density foam in the base can sustain on all foundations and give enough support for the sleeper.

Due to the thin nature of the Essentials memory foam mattresses, they are not ideal on an adjustable base.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

The customer service phone number is 0330-0080-377. The lines would be open from Monday- Friday only. The working hours are 9 am to 5 pm. Their email id is

The Essentials memory foam mattress headquarters is at,

Memory Foam Warehouse, Unit 1 Navigation Yard, Chantry Bridge, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF 1 5PQ. The working hours are the same as the customer service. Both the customer service and outlet store & headquarters will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Maintenance On Essentials Memory Foam Mattress

  • All the Essentials memory foam mattresses have a removable cover. You can remove it, wash, dry and replace them back on the mattress.
  • These mattresses are low maintenance as they are resistant to most allergens. You just need to do a quick vacuuming of the mattress surface when needed.
  • The Essentials memory foam mattresses are single sided so there is no need to flip them.
  • If you want, you can rotate the mattresses from time to time to allow the most used parts to bounce back and regain its shape. Mattress rotating should be done once in a month for best results.


Essentials memory foam mattresses are low-cost mattresses with a comfortable sleep platform. The mattresses are most ideal for the guest bedrooms for most. They are also suitable for those who are on a budget. The lack of a trial period can be a small dent in the comfort but because of the affordable price range, that should be fine. The discount price may change from day to day so you need to keep track of the prices for the best deal.