Essentia Stratami & Dormeuse Mattress & Topper Reviews

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You might have read a hundred mattress reviews by now. This article is about the Essentia Mattress.You would be very well aware of this statement “we spend one-third of our lives on the bed”. This is a true fact and probably every blogger out there has added this cue in their mattress reviews.

Okay, basically a mattress is meant to offer a great sleep. Now that’s what you think but there is much more a mattress can do to your body.

If you don’t pick the right mattress then it can create allergies from harmful materials and components that are used in making a mattress. You can even fall prey to pests and bugs that have found the perfect breeding ground right underneath your mattress. Recently I read somewhere that bed bugs commonly flourish in a neatly arranged mattress set. That being said I have never kept my bed tidy after reading that article. I don’t know how true it is but I don’t like those tiny bastards and I hope you too don’t like them a bit.

Now talking about back pain, and all sorts of body pain “ahhh uhhh and eeehh” !! Again you need some sound sleep so that the body can relax and repair the damages that have been done. A mattress can go a long way in offering great sleep and relieving the body of pressure points. There are hundreds of mattresses available that claim to be the best and better than the rest. But how far do they stand true and are all of them worth buying?

Essentia Beausommet Mattress

In this article, we will review a unique mattress brand that has a fair customer base and has been selling great products for promoting healthy sleep. Essentia mattress is the brand that is being discussed in this article so stay tuned and keep reading to understand everything about this organic mattress range.

I’ll directly get into the details from my own experience ….. I purchased a Beausommet model from Essentia mattress as I had a load of body aches. I got to know about this mattress brand from a friend of mine who had similar health issues as mine. On top of that she was allergic to almost anything in this world. She doesn’t recommend anything that easily but she did recommend Essentia mattress and was almost forcing me to buy one.

I and my sweet-bitter-better-half were already sinking deep down into the old mattress. We were having plans to betray the old mattress for a brand new one but were confused to single out on one mattress. Perfect timing I would say when my friend recommended Essentia mattress and of course, she was yelling out loud about its advantages as if she were its brand ambassador. Anyways we gave it a try and landed upon the top of this PRETTY built stylish BEAUSOMMET. In one word my hubby said, “it’s brilliant”. He also said that “my friend has some sense about mattresses if not about dressing”.

Memory Foam Mattress by Essentia

I don’t know about her dressing sense and what he meant but I do agree with the mattress sense. She did a great job by recommending this mattress to us and I love her for that. I thought I should share the same with others and help others to catch great sleep and comfort.

We tried the mattress after spending around 30 minutes on top of it at the Santa Monica outlet. Actually we spent around 5 hours inside the outlet trying their mattresses but at last, settled down with the Beausommet model. All the models are simply great but I guess their whole body recovery mattresses are just excellent and paramount examples of luxury mattresses. I actually liked both Dormeuse foir and Beausommet but my hubby was glued to the Beausommet model. Finally, Beausommet was brought home and now we really love to sleep a lot.

I would like to share everything about Essentia mattress so that if you are planning to buy one you can make an informed decision. Essentia also has a good range of pillows, kids collections, mattress toppers, sheets and even some beds for pets. They also have foundations and adjustable beds.

Essentia Mattress Reviews – Dormeuse, Classic 8, Stratami, Beausommet, Tatami, Mattress Toppers

Firstly all Essentia mattresses are made in Canada and the makers have given careful attention to every detail of the mattress. It is clearly visible from the way it looks. They have employed dovetailed cotton that makes sure that the mattress doesn’t slip off from the foundation offering a soft grip.

Every mattress desires a support layer that renders as a sturdy base and this is achieved by the use of natural latex in essentia mattresses. This natural Dunlop latex support layer provides natural spinal alignment and stupendous support to the body. For the topping portion, natural memory foam (their claim to fame ticket which you can read in the later part of the article) is employed.

It is a patented material which you CANNOT….. get from any other mattress maker and that’s what makes Essentia mattress unique. This material swiftly takes you to the next level of sleep by cradling your body. It is so smooth and comfortable that it relieves your pressure points and reduces stress. I have never had back pains after waking up from my brand new mattress. Had terrible back pain after postpartum and it never ended until I started sleeping with my HANDSOME Beausommet.

Why Essentia Mattress?

I actually liked their whole mattress range and trust me all the layers are fused in a sleek fashion and I heard that their molding process is also a patented one. That being said this mattress offers exceptional support and motion transfer is negligible compared to other mattress brands. I don’t get disturbed by his toss and turns…” Moreover I don’t find him tossing and turning that frequently as with other mattresses”.

Do you like wraps? If you don’t like them you might surely like bucaneve wraps. Nah it’s not something that is edible but a special wrap designed to protect the Essentia mattress from wear and tear. Bucaneve is a thin, simple cotton cover which is unbleached and it helps to reduce friction. Again to gift wrap the whole mattress into a perfect mattress a removable cover is attached which is custom-made with unbleached organic cotton materials. No hassles while removing and washing the cover.

Unbleached cotton fabric is great as it cleanly keeps you away from chemicals. Essentia mattress has nothing to do with toxic fibers. They make use of something called as Zebrano cotton fabric (I don’t know what that is but I just love the fabric used) in all their mattresses.

Natural Memory Foam Baked To Its Perfection

Remember I mentioned about their claim to fame ticket!!!! Now that’s a patented product and the only natural memory foam produced in the whole world. They mix natural hevea milk, essential oils, and other natural essences along with plant extracts and water to bake the natural memory foam layer. They have a specially designed equipment and technology to bake all the molds to perfection. All these baked layers are set to cool just like we do with cakes inside the oven so that they come clean and fine.

Once baking and cooling are done the mattress layers are fused and sent for testing. After testing the mattress is all set to reach our doorsteps finely packed.

About Essentia Mattress Company

This company is not a mattress giant but will shortly become one of the major players. They have opened numerous stores around the US and Canada. They have their presence online way long before but now customers can get the feel of these mattresses in reality by visiting stores nearby.

Organic is the trend currently and customers are looking for environmentally friendly products in every step of their life. Keeping this trend in mind essentia has developed a full range of mattresses with different price ranges and needs.

Essentia Mattress Types

They offer three types of mattresses Lifestyle mattress, performance mattresses and whole body recovery mattresses. I purchased a whole body recovery mattress which is priced a bit high than the other two types. I will be giving a separate review about Beausommet after this section.

Lifestyle mattress models are Bionda and Stratami.

Bionda Mattress Review

Bionda mattresses are pillow-top like mattresses with two layers of dome-shaped contour latex surface which allows better air flow between the surface and body. This is made with certified organic latex foam which is both comfortable, allergy free.

Stratami Mattress Review

The Stratami mattress uses 3 inches of the Essentia dome-shaped contour latex which gives comfort, allows free air flow and reduces allergens. It also provides good support.

Performance mattresses are available in two models namely Classic 8 and Energie opus.

Classic 8 Mattress Review

Classic 8 is one of the best picks from the essentia brand and comes in a medium firmness level. It has a 2-inch natural memory foam topper above the natural Dunlop latex foam which helps to contour according to the body. It conforms according to the shape of your neck and shoulders allowing blood circulation in an optimum way.

Energie Opus Mattress Review

Energie opus on other hand comes with a 3-inch thickness on the top layer placed over the natural latex core. Sleeping on this mattress makes you feel like floating in the clouds. The mattress breathes air in and out and supports the body completely.

Wholebody recovery mattresses are available in three models namely Beausommet, Dormeuse and Dormeuse Fior.

Beausommet Mattress Review

Beausommet is the one I own and I am certainly a proud owner of this mattress. Once you sleep on it you will feel the difference for sure. It is so relaxing and readily provides soothing comfort to the whole body. It is firm as well as soft at the same time and is a great piece of luxury.


Dormeuse Mattress Review

Dormeuse is also similar to Beausommet in terms of patented whole body recovery technology. It is more on the soft side when compared to firm Beausommet. Dormeuse provides deep contouring effect and gently supports the body weight. It is one of the ultimate soft mattresses you can get in the markets. Have lower back pain? Then you should definitely try buying this mattress for better support and relaxation.

Dormeuse Fior Mattress Review

Dormeuse Fior is typically soft and another name for luxury. It is simply a benchmark mattress in the organic mattress category and it provides super-duper comfort. It feels soft as it can be and if you love to sleep on pillow-top type mattress then go ahead and buy this one. This mattress gives a plush feeling and the pillow-top layer is pest resistant.

Dormouse fior is a highly priced version from Essentia and it comes with a unique 3 foam formula design. Each layer is baked and molded on top of one another to offer endless comfort.

The Grateful mattress review (for kids)

The Grateful bed with a firmer option is great for kids and adjusts to those who love to sleep on a supportive mattress. It is a great pick especially if you have a toddler at home. I am planning to buy a grateful bed for my toddler very soon as he needs to sleep on a firmer base so that his body gets the right support while at sleep.

Tatami Mattress Review

If you want to try the organic version or something better than the organic bandwagon then try Tatami mattress.
It is made of natural latex foam with a medium firmness level at the support layer and natural memory foam on the top. Tatami is great for people undergoing stress and it really helps to get relief from pressure points. It is organic but better than the normal organic versions as it does not allow the growth of dust mites, bed bugs and other pests. Moreover, it does not flatten and cradles your body for years ahead.

Essentia Mattress Customer Reviews

I am sure there isn’t a single mattress brand that doesn’t have any flaws. Essentia mattress brand is a new entrant in the mattress industry and so it has yet to go a long way to get a foothold. Like any other mattress brand, Essentia mattress has received mixed reviews. Some say that their high-end mattresses are priced way higher and could have been priced lesser. There are also doubts against the natural memory foam that is being used and they compare that with the natural latex. While buying a mattress it is best to try it before you buy. This will help you to understand what is right for your body. The positive sides of Essentia mattress is that they deliver support to various medical conditions like back pain, lower back pain and stress. Overall this mattress range receives an above average rating from its customers. The customer satisfaction is above 80% which is quite good. There is no off-gassing and these mattresses are said to be silent. Essentia also has the GOTS (Global organic textile standard) and GOLS (Global organic latex standard) certifications.

Now want to hear how I felt sleeping on my Beausommet?

Feels just like heaven that’s what I would say. Trust me I have tried different mattresses but never got this ecstatic feel with any other mattress. On the price side, this mattress was not a budget-friendly one as it was high on the scale. But I didn’t mind investing in one as it was worth buying. After all, sleep isn’t something that should be compromised with.

I have never flipped this mattress and I have been told that product care is minimal and need to rotate it only once in a year. If by mistake any liquid gets spilled it can be easily cleaned using a dry cloth and then air out the mattress. The best part I like about this mattress is, its cover is easy to remove and is machine washable with any normal mild detergents. My Beausommet lies on top of a sturdy slatted base that allows it to breathe air as well as offer all the comforts required by the body. Overall it is very easy to maintain. Shifting the bed is quite difficult as it is heavy but that doesn’t matter as I don’t move it around much. I would definitely give a thumbs up and up and up for this mattress.

Essentia Mattress Complaints

The main complaint about Essentia mattress is the price. Most of the mattresses are priced in the above average range, the prices ranging from $1000 to $ 6900 on the different ranges available. The thickness of the mattress is another issue. These mattresses do not suit people who are very heavy. A few customers also complained that the mattress retains heat and hence they had to sleep hot.  opinions that the use of natural foam and the Essentia claim of being the ‘healthiest mattress in the world’ have not been substantiated.

Bottom line

I have totally fallen in love with this brand for they offer the organic mattress with high-end comfort. No hassles, easy trial period with a 60-day money back guarantee and a whopping 20-year warranty. What else do you need? You should definitely give a try to this mattress brand.


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