Wright Mattress

Wright mattress cover is built from a combination of cotton and polyester, creating a perfect blend of soft and breathability. Its exterior has a very nice soft textured pattern and feel, giving the mattress a great feel.

Enso Mattress Reviews

Healthy sleep at a Healthy rate! Enso relief has adopted a unique and distinct way to create healthy sleepers and offers an un-matchable and unparalleled sleeping experience to its customers. By Infusing natural technologies and natural materials in the making process of the mattress, Enso mattresses make sure that its users get high-quality sleep which will make their days active and nights restful.

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The following are the technologies that Enso uses in its mattresses to make them eco-friendly, healthy and high in comfort.

  • Active Charcoal technology: Charcoal is a filter that protects the mattress from harmful organisms and insects. It prevents the mattress from the attack of mildew and mold. It is one of the safe and effective techniques to prevent the mattress from the harmful invaders.
  • Aloe Vera Technology: The Benefits of Aloe Vera are not known to the world. It is great for external as well as internal body systems. The aloe vera technology keeps the mattress fresh and envelops the user in a sheet of calmness and serenity.
  • Mineral water technology: The foam used in the Enso mattresses are all cleaned with mineral water before they are stuffed into the mattress. This cleaning process with mineral water helps in cleansing the foam of harmful gases and dreadful chemicals. Mineral water is a natural cleanser and a healthier option of getting rid of the harmful chemical filled odor.
  • APR Foam Technology: Enso mattresses use APR (Airflow Pressure Relief) foam. APR foam is very efficient in uplifting pressure from the pressure points. Extra pressure on the pressure points is the reason behind various body pain. APR foam helps in getting relief from body pressure. It easily contours to the body’s structure and allows the body to rest better.
  • Negative Ion Technology: The negative ion technology efficiently neutralizes the power of allergens, airborne particles and pollen. It is like a protection shield in Enso mattresses.
  • Bamboo technology: Covers made of bamboo are used in covering the Enso mattress. The bamboo covering helps in reducing the transfer of heat from the body. It also helps in increasing the durability of the mattress.
  • Silver Technology: Every Enso foam has a silver touch. The silver that is infused into the foam will never wear off or wash off. It will be there throughout the life of the mattress. The unique and special silver technology is used by Enso because, silver is a great bugs and mites repellent. It easily destroys the hazardous and harmful bacteria.

    credits: http://dion89.com/

    credits: http://dion89.com/

  • Quick Recovery Foam Technology: This technology helps in maintaining an even and equalized surface of the Enso mattress. The specialty of the quick recovery foam is that, it instantly gets back to its original form once the pressure on it is lifted and prevents the mattress from ‘before the time’ sagging and dentures.
  • Tencel Technology: Tencel is a natural wood extract. It is stronger and is anti-bacterial in nature. It efficiently manages the moisture. Usage of Tencel technology in the Enso mattresses helps the mattresses to be become stronger and more comfortable at the same time.
  • Cluster Foam: Cluster foam enhances the ventilation inside the mattress, making it easier for the mattresses to breath. It responds to the body temperature and is also efficient in keeping the mattress free from molds.
  • PureGel Spheres Foam Technology: Gel infused foam is a milestone in the foam technology. It has got all the properties of the normal foam, except for the heat retention property. This technology does not let the heat from the body get trapped inside the mattress. The pure Gel Sphere foam technology ensures that the mattress remains cool during night and does not disturb the sound sleep of its user.

The Enso mattress is divided into three main categories:

  • Enso Mattresses: Hampton, Dream weaver, Nova, Polaris, Moselle, Splendor and Marakesh.
  • Enso PureGel mattresses: Denali, Kona, Blue Mist, Strata, Pinnacle and Sierra.
  • Enso Hybrid mattresses: Affinity and Unity.

At Enso systems you can also find comfortable mattresses and perfect foundations for your mattress.

Sleep well and healthy with Enso mattresses!

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