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Emma Original
  • Pure Memory Foam Mattress
  • Superior Cooling
  • 5 Zone Comfort Layer
  • 10 Year warranty , 365 night trial
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Emma Sleep Original & Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress

Why I like the Emma Sleep Mattress

  1. Affordable
  2. value for money
  3. High weight limit
  4. 5 Zone support system
  5. Cool and Climate regulating
  6. Washable Covers

Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is an affordable mattress with a price tag of $699 For a queen memory foam and $799 for a Queen Hybrid. The mattress comes in both, pure memory foam and a memory foam hybrid (Emma Climax Hybrid). While the hybrid mattress is the best and gives you the most for the money, the memory foam mattress to isn’t far behind.

Emma mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, 0% finance, 24/7 customer support, Free shipping and returns and a 365-night trial. in comparison to most other mattress companies, all the services are on par or excel with the competition, except for the warranty. Some mattress vendors do offer a lifetime warranty for their products. Note that a lifetime warranty usually means nothing as it only covers manufacture defects and not wear and tear of the mattress due to regular use. so, this effectively means a 10-year warranty is still a lot as you wouldn’t be using a mattress for more than 10 years anyways.

The Emma Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress

To begin with, the Mattress is Medium firm to a bit soft. At the comfort level of 5, you would find the mattress, just right if you are between the weight range of 130 and 180 and a bit soft for people above 180 and below 240. The mattress is supportive and pressure-relieving. Being a memory foam mattress, you have a plush feel with the mattress hugging your body. The 3-zone design maintains a straight spinal alignment giving you a perfect support system for your back.

  1. UltraDry Original cover keeps the mattress dry and breathable wicking moisture and maintaining a good, moderate temperature for a comfortable sleep. the cover is temperature regulating. It’s also easy to remove and washable. You can machine wash the covers at 170 degrees Fahrenheit or hand wash them with a regular detergent. Washing the mattress cover is often necessary, especially when there are spills and stains which could ruin the mattress.
  2. Cool Point Elastic Arigocell is responsible for keeping the memory foam mattress cool. A trademark technology by Emma sleep, the Airgocell allows better breathability and airflow, keeping the mattress cool
  3. 3 Zone HALO Memory foam. : The Emma Original memory foam mattress has only 3 zone comfort system as opposed to the 5 zones in the hybrid. Nevertheless, the mattress is one of the few to deliver a zoned comfort system in memory foam. A zoned comfort system is usually common in hybrid mattresses but the incorporation of a 3-zoned comfort system in the Emma Sleep original provides better support in the middle of the mattress where it’s prone to sinking or sagging. The Halo Layer is also responsible for keeping the mattress steady and preventing motion transfer.
  4. the Emma HRX Supreme foam makes the layer base. this is high-resilience foam which is designed with cutouts to increase breathability while holding the mattress firm and preventing sagging. The mattress is also stable due to this core layer.
  5. Edge support: A dedicated edge support is often overlooked but not on an Emma Original memory foam mattress. reinforced perimeter allows an active sleeper from falling off and helps you sit easily on the edges.

The Emma original mattress is for people below the weight range of 250. if you are above 250 lbs and below 500 lbs, go for the hybrid, which has a higher weight capacity. See more below.

Who the Emma Original is Best suited for

  1. Those who love memory foam: If you are one of those who love a memory foam body-hugging feel, you will love the Emma original. It is a perfect memory foam mattress which gives you everything you can expect from it. Body-hugging, contouring, responsiveness and pressure relieving all in one. The mattress is on the comfort level of 5, usually considered medium firm. For many, it would be a bit soft but still supportive, thanks to the high resilience base.
  2. on a budget: If you are looking for an affordable mattress, the Emma Original is your best bet. For $499 you get a twin and a queen mattress for $699. Not many mattress companies provide a mattress at this price range. And considering the quality of the mattress, most mattress companies would charge at least $1500 for the same mattress. No matter what size you pick, you will find that the Emma original mattress is cheaper than most of the other mattresses of the same quality.
  3. For better back support: The Emma original mattress is not a bariatric mattress, created for hospital use. But if you are looking for a mattress which is supportive and durable, the Emma mattress should be on the top 5 mattresses on the list. Being a memory foam people usually think that it would not be as supportive as a hybrid mattress. That’s true but the Emma Sleep mattress is much more supportive than most other memory foam mattresses. If you are below 40 and suffer from back pain, the Emma original may just be the right option for you. Also, note that the pressure relief is best for people below 180 lbs. over 180 lbs, you are still recommended a hybrid mattress and the Emma Climax Hybrid may be your best next option.
  4. For those who love a hotel-quality mattress at home: the Emma original mattress is plush and has a soft feel. It’s cool too. Just like you would have in a luxury hotel. if you would like to mimic the same feel of a hotel mattress right at home, the Emma Sleep would be an affordable solution. The mattress is not just comfortable but also durable.
  5. Side sleepers: Yes this mattress is perfect for almost everyone and that includes stomach and back sleepers but it’s extremely comfortable for side sleepers. The Emma Sleep mattress provides excellent comfort for people who sleep on their sides, yet keeping your spine aligned throughout the night. Its 3-zone pressure relief comfort system ensures that you sink into the mattress but your spine is straight. this gives you a good night’s refreshing sleep.

Who the Emma Original is NOT For

  1. People above 200 lb: you may want to consider a mattress which is a bit more firm if you are above 180 lbs. But 200 lbs is the best weight recommended for side sleepers. Above that, you may feel that you are sinking into the bed and it makes it uncomfortable. If you sleep on your back, the weight limit is even lesser at 70 kilos or roughly 155 lbs.
  2. Sexually Active Couples: The Emma original is good but not as good as a hybrid when it comes to sex. if you are sexually active and live in a hot area (Climatic conditions) then you may find the mattress a bit too hot. Also, you may sink in a bit too much into the mattress making the entire experience uncomfortable. Though the mattress is responsive, it is a bit too uncomfortable to move around in a memory foam mattress and it does take a bit of time to move around. This may be a big put-off for couples.
  3. People who love bounce: This is a memory foam mattress. there are no springs to help you bounce around. if you are looking for the bounce in a mattress, this is not the right pick. as a matter of fact, don’t pick any memory foam mattress. Pick a latex mattress for a slight bounce or a hybrid for a good bounce.

Emma Climax Hybrid – The Upgrade

Emma Sleep Original & Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress

Emma Climax Hybrid

The Emma Climax Hybrid has 5 Ergonomic Zones, that adapt to your body shape and contours to your body providing support for your lumbar region. The mattress helps with spinal alignment and is cool. the mattress supports up to 500 lbs per side and is cool and temperature-regulating. If you are recovering from spinal problems or surgery, the Emma Classic hybrid can be a good mattress, especially if you are on the heavier side.

Best Known For

  • Supports upt 500lbs
  • Excellent Lumbar Support
  • 365 Night trial 10 Year Warranty

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When a memory foam mattress is just not enough, you know it’s time for an upgrade and in the case of the Emma Original, A Emma Climax Hybrid. The Emma Climax Hybrid is everything Emma Original and a lot more. In many a sense, it’s a completely different mattress and not an upgrade at all.

To begin with, the Emma Climax Hybrid supports more weight (up to 500 lbs per side). the Mattress has a pillow top cover and a dedicated edge support system. The mattress comes in a medium firm comfort level (comfort level of 6) and is more firm than the original. The mattress has a 5-zone support system as opposed to the original’s 3-zone support system. to sum it all up, the Emma Climax Hybrid does everything an Emma original does and a lot more. When it comes to price, the Emma Climax Hybrid only costs $100 extra for a queen when compared to the original.

Emma Climax Hybrid Reviews

To begin with, the layers are different to the Emma Sleep original mattress

  1. The Emma Climax Hybrid has an ultra-dry pillow top cover. While the original has an ultra Dry cover, they do not have a pillowtop cover which gives the mattress a plush feel, just like in hotel mattresses. The pillow top cover is moisture-wicking and breathable making the mattress cooler than regular memory foam mattresses
  2. The AirGoCell Layer provides climate regulation and heat control, keeping the mattress temperature in control. They also act as a motion isolation layer preventing light sleepers to be disturbed by their partners while they toss and turn. The Airgocell layer is cooler and can be compared to gel foam but with different technology.
  3. The Ergonomic & Adaptive Climax Transition layer is the key foam layer in the Emma Climax Hybrid mattress. The 5 zone Memory foam layer is contouring and provides pressure relief to your shoulder, hips and back. The foam layer is dense in the centre and lighter on the head and foot area providing you with a straight spine while you sleep without sinking into the mattress in the hip area or the shoulder providing an uneven sleeping surface. the transition layer keeps the mattress in good shape even throughout the years, providing comfort and support as long as the mattress lasts.
  4. Encased coil system of the Climax hybrid mattress provides the much-required bounce, which a memory foam mattress lacks while providing better breathability and airflow to your mattress. This layer is also responsible for keeping the mattress cool.
  5. Dedicated Edge support System Most mattresses these days do have a dedicated edge support system in place to prevent people from slipping off the mattress while they sleep. the HRX Supreme edge support system on an Emma Climax Hybrid creates a reinforced perimeter for you for a comfortable sleep and also while you sit on the edge
  6. The HRX supreme system on the edges is also the same material on the base. it’s a dense material which gives the mattress its durability while keeping the mattress in place providing the much-needed motion isolation feature spring mattresses often tend to lack. the base helps the mattress support the weight of the person sleeping on them and is key for the Emma Climax mattress which can hold a 500lb person comfortably.

Who the Emma Climax Hybrid is Best For

  1. People who are heavier than 240 lbs and below 500 lbs. : The Emma Climax Hybrid is constructed on a strong base with high-quality springs which can support up to 500lbs per side. That’s 1000 lbs in total. It’s a perfect mattress with an 11.5-inch profile and will not hit bottom even if you are heavy. With 5 zoned layers and supportive construction, even a heavy person can benefit from all the features of a good mattress which were not previously possible. The mattress does not compromise on any of its features just because it supports heavy people. it’s still cool, pressure-relieving and breathable. Emma Sleep classic hybrid is surely one of the best mattresses to support heavy people.
  2. People who are looking for a mattress for great sex: There are 3 things which are important for a mattress if it meets the requirements or standards for sex. It has to be comfortable yet supportive, it needs a decent bit of bounce and it should not sleep hot. The Emma Sleep climax hybrid with its pillow top covers is soft and comfortable, almost like a cloud. its ultra dry cover is breathable. the 5 zone layer construction makes the mattress supportive and the coil system gives the much-required bounce. The overall use of AirGoGell makes the mattress cool and comfortable for sex. To top it all, the weight capacity of the mattress is a great bonus too. the mattress is one of the best when it comes to sex. Luxurious and functional at the same time.
  3. People with back pain: The Emma Sleep climax hybrid is not constructed specifically for people with back pain but the construction is just right for people who suffer mild back pain due to a soft mattress. the Emma climax hybrid is a bit more firm than the Emma original. This makes it a perfect option for people with back pain. The encased coil with the 5-zone construction also makes the mattress perfect for people who are heavy and have back problems. the Emma Climax is also compatible with Adjustable bases which makes it even better for people who have special requirements and sleeping positions.
  4. If you are looking for an affordable mattress: A hybrid mattress at $799 a queen is usually rare. the Emma Climax hybrid costs half of what most competitors charge and delivers double. It’s affordable, luxurious and functional all in one. The warranty of 10 years is just right for all mattresses and the 365-night trial is enough time for you to try out a mattress. Considering the quality of the mattress, the construction of the mattress is affordable and has the most value for money.

Emma Original vs Emma Climax Hybrid

Emma Original

  • The Emma Original Mattress is 10 inches Tall. The profile though is good for most people, there is a slight problem when it comes to preferences. Some people do love a High profiled mattress
  • A Pure Memory foam mattress. Clearly has its benefits but lacks in some areas, like cooling and breathability
  • 3 Zoned Layers. This is good when you compare with other brands but its slightly poor when in comparison with the Emma Climax Hybrid. The mattress is still supportive and pressure relieving though
  • Low Weight Limit : If you are on the heavier side, the Emma Original mattress is not going to be supportive at all. the mattress supports upto 200 lbs. per side which is ok but not great

Emma Climax Hybrid

  • Emma Climax Hybrid is 11.5 inches tall. Though not significantly taller than the original, it does add to the height of the mattress making it look a bit better.
  • Being a hybrid mattress, the Emma Climax Hybrid is breathable, much more cooler and comfortable for those who sleep hot.
  • the 5 Zoned Emma Climax Hybrid is perfect for pressure point relief and provides the support for people who are sufferings from a bad back or hip problems. Its 5 zone support is spot on and better than the Emma Original
  • The Emma climax hybrid supports upto 500 lbs. per side, a great weight limit and considered on the top range for most mattresses. The Climax is great for people who are heavy, obese or fat.

Best selling Emma Mattresses by Size

Emma Twin Sized Mattress

When it comes to size, the Twin sized mattress is the best selling mattress by Emma . The usual trend is that the queen sized mattress is the most preferred but Emma sells more Twin sized mattress compared to the Queen . The Twin sized Emma Original mattress is 30″X80″X10″ in size and Costs $499 for the original . The Twin size for the Emma Climax Hybrid is 38″X75″X11.5″, Slightly wider than the Original and costs the same at $499. Though the twin sized mattress may not be a perfect fit for all adults, its a great mattress for dorm beds. If you can accommodate that extra 8 inches of the Hybrid, it makes a great mattress for studio apartments and small bedrooms for singles. The Emma Climax is a great mattress for adults who are single but works great for anyone above the age of 15.

Emma King Sized mattress

The Emma King sized mattress is the second best seller in the Emma Range, primarily due to its low cost. While most mattresses, memory foam or hybrid would cross the $1000 mark, the Emma King sized mattress falls under $1000 range. This makes the king sized mattress affordable and preferred by customers. Also consider the fact that you get a lot more space than any other sizes with the king, making it a perfect mattress for adults, couples and specially people who are heavy. The King sized Climax hybrid supports the weight of 500lbs per side making it a prefect luxurious mattress for people who are heavy or fat. The Dimension for the original is 76X80X10 and costs $799(After discounts) and the Emma Climax hybrid is 76x80x11.5 priced at $999 (After discounts)

FAQ – Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress

Q: What is the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress?

A: The Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is a premium mattress designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. It combines the benefits of memory foam and pocket springs to offer a balanced sleep experience.

Q: What are the key features of the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress?

A: The Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress features a combination of memory foam and pocket springs for optimal comfort and support. It has a breathable cover that promotes airflow and temperature regulation. The mattress is also designed to minimize motion transfer, making it ideal for couples. Additionally, it comes with a 200-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Q: What sizes are available for the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress?

A: The Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is available in various sizes, including Single, Small Double, Double, King, and Super King. You can choose the size that best suits your needs and preferences.

Q: Is the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress suitable for all sleepers?

A: Yes, the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is designed to accommodate different sleep positions and preferences. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, the mattress offers the necessary support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

Q: Does the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress come with a trial period?

A: Yes, the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress comes with a 200-night trial period. This allows you to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home and decide if it meets your sleep needs. If you’re not satisfied, you can return it within the trial period for a full refund.

Q: How is the delivery process for the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress?

A: The Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is delivered directly to your doorstep. It is compressed and rolled into a compact box for easy handling. Once you unbox it, the mattress will expand to its full size within a few hours.

Q: Does the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress have good edge support?

A: Yes, the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is designed with reinforced edges to provide excellent edge support. This ensures that you can sleep comfortably and enjoy the full surface area of the mattress.

Q: Is the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress suitable for individuals with allergies?

A: Yes, the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is hypoallergenic. It is made with materials that are resistant to dust mites and other common allergens, making it a suitable choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

Q: How long is the warranty for the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress?

A: The Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and ensures that you can enjoy your mattress with peace of mind.

Q: Can I use any type of bed frame with the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress?

A: Yes, the Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress is compatible with most bed frames, including slatted frames, platform bases, and adjustable bases. It offers versatility in terms of setup and can be used with your existing bed frame.

Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress
Emma Sleep Original & Emma Climax Hybrid Mattress

Emma Climax Hybrid mattress technology that can support added weight and movement without getting hot or stuffy. Perfect for all types of sleepers, and activities that need the added reinforcement, the mattress can easily support all body types while maintaining its resilience so that you don’t sink too deep into the mattress. It also has a reinforced perimeter that makes getting in and out of bed easy.

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