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Emerald Home memory foam mattresses are part of their Emerald Sleep Systems that include the mattresses and foundations. The memory foam mattresses here are part of their ‘cool systems’ that has the mattress cooling technology in it.

The cool jewel memory foam mattresses by Emerald Home range in the mattress thickness from 8-12 inches. The mattress construction is basically the same and it all comes to the thickness of each layer used to make them look and feel different from each other.

Some of the memory foam mattresses here use the special types like Green tea infused layer and a Bamboo charcoal layer as well. These natural ingredients make the mattress closer to nature and safe for the sleepers.

Basic Characteristics Of Cool Jewel Memory Foam Mattresses

All of the cool jewel memory foam mattresses mentioned here have the 4 layer construction. The mattress layers alternate with softer, soft, harder, hard layers. This is the same pattern in all the mattresses. With the difference in the thickness of each layer the output of the comfort differs. It also depends on the density of the foam used that decides the softness of the layers and ultimately on the mattress.

The first layer of the memory foam mattresses is the 44-pound density gel infused Visco memory foam. The gel layer is cooling and dissipates the heat on the mattress faster. For the soothing sleep, the mattress should not be heated up and this gel infused layer eliminates this problem.

The second layer is another visco memory foam. Here this layer has open cells to allow air flow through the layer. The air flow also serves the same purpose of eliminating the excess heat. In addition, this would also help in relieving pressure points. The density of Visco foam layer here is 3 pounds which is not as soft as the top layer.

The third layer is the hardest foam in these memory foam mattresses. Usually, the hardest foam is seen at the bottom, but here it comes just above the support foam. As in the case of other memory foam mattresses, the purpose of this layer is support. This is a polyurethane foam with a density of 1.8 pounds which is high dense.

The bottom part of the mattresses is made up of high-density polyurethane foam with a density of 2 pounds.

The other features that are common in these memory foam mattresses are the cooling mesh along the bottom perimeter.

Some mattresses have the Green tea infused memory foam and Bamboo charcoal infusion inside the mattress.

Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses By Emerald Home

Emerald Home ESG8QM 8″ Cool Jewel Mattress Twilight Gel with Memory Foam, Queen

The 8-inch cool jewel Twilight gel memory foam is a medium comfort mattress. It has 4 different layers in varying thicknesses. The top gel memory foam layer and the open cell memory foam layers are 1 inch each. The firmer layer is 2 inches and the support layer is 4 inches in thickness. The mattress cover is 100% polyester material that keeps the mattress together.

The top layers of the mattress are temperature sensitive and molding to the body. It also keeps the microbes and other allergens away to make a safer space for sleep. The comfort of the mattress is good enough for those who love memory foam mattress.

The 8 inch thick mattress is more suitable for the RVs than in the bedroom. Not that it does not suit in the bedroom, for many, the bedroom mattress would like to be thicker. People use this mattress in both these places and to be precise, loved it. Due to the thickness, many customers prefer it for their children’s room. It can make a rather luxurious mattress for the kids than the usual sizes.

Emerald Home ESG10QM 10″ Cool Jewel Mattress Moonlight Gel with Memory Foam, Queen, White

Emerald Home ESG10TXLM 10″ Cool Jewel Mattress Moonlight Gel with Memory Foam, Twin X-Large, White
For a luxurious sleep, the mattress needs to be thicker, at least 10 inches. The memory foam with gel infusion can be a safe haven to keep the temperature off. Here this Moonlight gel memory foam mattress from Emerald Home has the cooling mesh that guards the bottom perimeter.

The mattress layers are 1 inch gel memory foam layer, 2 inches of the open cell visco foam layer, 2 inches of the high density PU foam and the bottom most is the 5 inches of thicker polyurethane foam for the support.

The memory foam comes with its benefits like antimicrobial, anti-allergen facilities. The mattress contours to the body and reduce any pressure or pain. It is also able to minimize the motion transfer to let partners sleep in their individual space. This Moonlight memory foam mattress is available in all sizes from twin to California King sizes.

Lynda had been using heating pads to relieve the back pain for a long time. After using this mattress she no longer need them and could sleep without hindrances.

According to Smithling this medium comfort mattress is nothing short of sleeping in heaven.

Emerald Home ESG12QM 12″ Cool Jewel Mattress Starlight Gel with Memory Foam, Queen

This 12 inches thick mattress is truly luxurious. It has all the cool jewel features like gel memory foam, air flow through the mattress, open cell technology, and cooling mesh to finish off.

The gel memory foam keep it cool and soothing for the sleeper while the air flow system diffuses the heat and allow the cool air to pass through. The open cell technology also allows the heat to go away and cool air coming in. the cooling mesh regulates the temperature and maintains the breathability of the mattress where it is needed.

Mattress has its layers in the form of 2 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of cooling open cell visco foam, 2 inches of comfort foam and 6 inches of support foam. The available mattress sizes are, all the sizes from twin to California king.

The customer reviews are bombarded with superlatives like ridiculously comfortable, awesome, heavenly, never had before. Only very few customers were disappointed with the comfort it could offer. The overall comfort of the mattress is medium. It may also seem a little firmer

Emerald Home ESGC12KM 12″ Cool Jewel Mattress Midnight Gel with Visco and Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam, King, White

The Midnight gel memory foam mattress by Emerald Home is the most special of all. It not only has the usual gel memory, open cell, and support foam, but also has the natural infusions in the form of Green tea and Bamboo charcoal.

The cross section of the mattress is that it has the2 inches thick gel memory foam at the top followed by 2 inches of Green tea infused open cell visco memory foam. The core of the mattress is the 8 inches thick polyurethane foam that has the Bamboo charcoal infusion.

Green Tea And Bamboo Charcoal

The Green tea infusion keeps the mattress feel and smells fresh. It also reduces the chemical addends in the mattress. The Bamboo charcoal eliminates any odor from the mattress. It can also absorb moisture and reduce the humidity around the mattress.

These natural ingredients are also resistant to microbes and allergens. In addition, it can also remove the chemicals and other odor causing compounds in and around the mattress to make a completely safe haven for people with allergies.

Warranty And Foundations

All the Emerald Home memory foam mattresses have the 15 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The mattresses are safe to use on box spring, platform beds, slated beds or adjustable beds.

The mattresses are compressed and rolled to fit inside a rectangle box for convenient shipping. They are rolled on their reverse side so be careful while opening. It takes about 24 hours to have it completely expanded.

There is no trial period so one must be sure before purchasing that they need a mattress that is not towards the plush or soft feel and more towards the medium to firmer side.