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Electric blankets, King Size dual control is a king sized electric blanket available in many brands with slight variation in the features. The king sized blankets have a dimension of approximately 140 cm x 150 cm. The size will vary slightly for different brands.

The General Features of Electric Blankets including the King Size dual control blankets are

  • All electric blankets heat up in a few minutes. Those using fast heat technology heats the blanket in about 5 minutes though some of the blankets may take up to 30 minutes to heat up
  • The dual control allows the heating to be adjusted separately on both sides of the bed when used in double and king size beddings
  • The blankets have safety mechanism which allows it to be used safely all night. It is however safe to buy electric blankets which have a UL or ETL mark for safety standards which are used in the USA
  • The fittings allow the blanket to be secured to the bed using ties or elastic skirt
  • There are different heat settings that can be set to different temperatures according to the comfort of the user
  • The electric blankets – king size and dual control can be easily machine washed and dried
  • These can also be used as normal blankets
  • The thermo control feature in electric blankets can adjust the temperature of the blanket according to the room temperature to keep the users warm at all times
  • The dual controllers are detachable with multiple heat settings
  • Most of these king size dual control electric blankets will have a long cable to plug it to the electrical point
  • Most of the electric blankets will have an auto shut-off which switches off the blanket after the set hours in case, we forget to switch off the power in the morning
  • The pre-warming facility is available in newer versions of the electric blanket to warm it before you get into the bed
  • The controller can also have lighted dials for easy adjustment at night
  • Electric blankets consume very little energy. For an eight hour use, electric blankets only consume about 0.35 kwh of energy which works out to only 4 cents per day in the US


Before buying these electric blankets which are king sized with dual control, it is better to check for the warranty terms also. All good quality electric blankets should last for at least 5 years after repeated use and washing. There are reviews and ratings available for the various brands of electric blankets for the users to select the type best suited to them.

Electric Blankets