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Eight Sleep Mattress
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Eight Sleep – Sleep Tracker

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As much as we try to have a high-quality mattress and all the comfort we can get, it is still not easy to be blessed with a night of peaceful sleep. Eight Sleep is an innovative bed cover that is smart enough to keep track of all the factors that remotely connect you to get a good night’s sleep.

I had a true wish to have something that can control anything that disturbs my sleep and let me enjoy the peaceful time I want to have. the sleep tracker is not well known. The era of technology does not stop to amaze anyone and has come up with a technology that incorporates all features into the bed cover. Finally, a bed cover that is smart enough to sense and control the environmental and physical factors, around the sleeper.

What Is Eight Sleep Tracker? / Eight Sleep Tracker Review

Eight Sleep is a bed cover that can fit over the mattress like a protective layer and stays firm under the bedsheets. This bed cover contains some sensors in the right areas that can catch the gist of the environmental and physical factors around the sleeper. These sensors adjust these factors for the convenience of the sleeper to let on the peaceful sleep.

Eight Sleep is capable of controlling over 15 factors. The sleeper can adjust them according to the taste and set them to maintain the desired environment. It is the same as a thermostat where you set the requirements and the device adjusts itself. Only here, the factors are not just one but many.

We can control and set all these factors over the mobile app. Mobile apps are the latest thing and Eight Sleep fully complies with it for ease of use. The motto is to get the bedroom environment favorable to help you rest to the fullest.

Importance Of Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

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Sleep is no joke. Therefore it needs to have quality, must be adequate for the body to get the needed rest. Most importantly, it should have a specific time frame. Oversleeping and under sleeping are both dangerous.

Getting a comfortable mattress is a big part of quality sleep, but it is only a ‘part’ of the plan. Other important factors that affect sleep such as the room temperature, humidity, light in the room, and noise all play important roles in controlling sleep. This is where you need the help of something like the Eight Sleep.

Eight Sleep Bed cover being smart lets you have control over these factors. It can control the bed temperature if the mattress feels cold; it can lower the room temperature by connecting to the room temperature control if that also has remote control through smart devices.

Eight Sleep may not be the essential part of the bedding but it has a lot more important than many other accessories on the bed. It works on electric power and has sensors to detect and respond when expected.

Features Of Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

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  • Eight sleep mattress cover is a personalized bed cover to help you sleep better. Regardless of what the environment is, this bed cover can adjust the temperature, humidity, and other unfavorable factors and thus bring them under control.
  • This bed cover does not require you to wear any kind of device while you sleep. Once set, it can work independently.
  • It can analyze and record the environmental factors such as room temperature, humidity, the ambiance of the light, the noise level inside the room. It can also monitor the heart and breath rate, movements while sleeping, the bed temperature etc and adjust to make it favorable.
  • Eight Sleep is available with dual sides for couples. This can have separate control units for either side so as to let each partner get the needed sleep. Each side can be controlled independently.
  • Eight Sleep comes with a smart alarm to make you get up in time. It can also set the timer for the coffee machine. The bed cover has sensors and they sense the lightest sleep moment and sets off the alarm to wake you up without causing any annoyance. You just need to specify a 30-minute window where within the lightest moment is looked for.

Eight Sleep Tracker Connectivity with other devices

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  • Eight Sleep is smart enough to connect with other smart devices in the home. If you have any device that can be remotely controlled, it could be connected to this smart app. It also lets you lock the door, make coffee in the morning by commanding the coffee machine, turn the lights off.
  • Eight sleep sensors can work its own, or can also be controlled with the help of Smart app. The smart app is available with iOS and also with Android.
  • Eight Sleep can sync with other third-party apps and record the sleep data. Hence it can be used with Apple’s Health Kit or with the Google Fit in android devices.
  • Eight Sleep fits over all types of mattresses as long as it is the right size.
  • It comes with a 30-day free return policy and is also shipped for free all across the US. It also has a one year warranty against any troubles with the product.

Eight Sleep Detection & Sensors

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Eight Sleep is a multi-purpose or multi-functional bed cover that is a complete smart device for your bed and thus for home. It has multi-connectivity and controls over a single app. Hence it can sense and detect many factors.


  • Breathing rate: The sensors monitor the breathing rate of the person and also record the data.
  • Heart rate is also checked and recorded. The data will be shown as a graph by taking it from the app data.
  • Humidity: The sensors can detect the humidity level in the room and if you want you can do the needful to adjust it.
  • Light: The sensors sense the light ambiance in the room and record the data. If the light in the room has sensors, it can be put to control it. You can also set a time to get the light turned off at the time for bed.
  • Movement: The Eight sleep records the movements you have while sleeping to check the quality of the sleep.
  • Room temperature: It can detect the room temperature and adjust itself to control it. The control can be done automatically, which is set by the device itself or can be made for a smart move by setting the optimal temperature that you prefer. It can also be done manually in case you want to take a nap in the afternoon. All controls are done through Wi-Fi with the Smart app that can be downloaded.
  • Snoring: The sensors can also detect if the person is snoring or not. It also records the noise level it creates.

Sleep Stages Detection

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It can detect the sleep stages and also record the proceedings to get the final sleep score. The sleep score shows how many hours the person slept and how long was each sleep stage spent. The 3 stages of sleep are,

  • Deep sleep
  • Light sleep
  • REM

Eight Sleep can detect each of these and record the duration that finally gives the sleep score or rather the sleep quality score.

Other Features of Eight Sleep Tracker Mattress Cover

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  • Bed temperature control: The sensors detect the bed temperature if it is optimal or not. If the bed is detected colder than required, it warms up the bed cover to provide the comfort level. In case the room grows hotter, it can control the thermostat when it is synced. It works well with the Nest thermostat.
  • Control the home thermostat: You can sync with the smart thermostat and also control the temperature to make it to the desirable reading that is preferred.
  • Dual zone for couples: The dual zone allows the couple to have individual settings for the temperature and have independent control over their sleep score and recordings.

How Does Eight Sleep Work?


The Eight sleep bed cover can be slipped over the mattress and stays fit and fine over it. It fits all types of mattresses, whether it is memory foam, latex, spring, hybrid, or any other type. You can use it in the same manner as you would the mattress protective cover.

It has sensors fitted inside the 2 layers of the bed cover material. These sensors are connected to the dime-shaped accessory fitted on the exterior of the bed cover. It has a wire attached to it, letting it connect to the power outlet. These sensors, each work on different aspects. The sensors can be controlled and set over the smart app or they get adjusted itself accordingly.

Most importantly, it requires a Wi-Fi connection and power inlet to function. The power cable is provided and the Wi-Fi is your duty.

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The sensors are connected to smart devices like iOS phones or Android phones through Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi. Eight sleep can track as many as 15 different factors between the sensors. Apart from the temperature and humidity, it can detect the light ambiance in the room and get connected with the sensors of the light to get it off or on, on time.

It can detect and set the hours of sleep and when the person needs to wake up in the morning. The time can be set. It detects and records the factors like movements while sleeping, whether or not the person snores, checking the heart rate, pulse rate, noise level in the bedroom, and the time the person falls asleep.

These recordings can be used for evaluation to see how much time you sleep, when you got out of the bed, how much do you toss and turn on the bed while sleeping and other minute details that we may neglect but can be corrected if paid close attention. It can also track the local weather forecast.

In short, the minute sensors that are attached to the bed cover will have an overall tracking of the sleep pattern of the sleeper. It also records the readings and helps you do the needful to adjust the pattern to turn into a healthier routine.

Advantages of Eight Sleep Tracker

The major advantages are that it gets you the real sleep score and makes a completely personalized climate control of the bedroom. The blueprint of the sleep pattern helps you update where the improvements are needed. The data points on climate control help you adjust the home climate control unit to set in the perfect manner that helps you sleep peacefully. All of these can be set in 2 zones for the couples who have different needs of the climate.

Eight Sleep is connected to the smart app that stores all the data. It also has ballistocardiography – the conversion of the body’s data like heart rate and pulse rate into a graph that helps in easy tracking. It provides the data like sleep duration, quality of sleep with the different sleep stages, sleep cycle, etc.

Eight Sleep can integrate with the other smart devices like auto door lock, lights with sensors, smart thermostat, etc. This makes a single control unit for all the smart devices at home and lets you sleep peacefully at night.

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Eight Sleep  Bed Cover Size & Price

Eight Sleep bed cover is available in 4 sizes- full, queen, king, and California king. The sizes are all standard. The product material is 100% polyester. The sensors are in between the fabric layers and the other end of them is in the power adaptor. It is also machine washable. The price seems a bit expensive.

The product is not readily available and one must place a pre-order to get the product. The orders are all shipped at the same time. There is a definite time to place the pre-order and the date is also set for the shipping. People who manage to place the order within the period can avail of the product sooner, otherwise, they may have to wait until the time for the next shipment which is a few months, close to a year, away. The upcoming shipment would be done in October 2016.

The Eight Sleep comes free of cost as all orders are eligible for free shipping within the USA. The package comes in a box that contains the mattress cover, a power cable, a smart box with the connector cable, and a quick start guide on how to use the bed cover.

While placing the pre-order, you need to pay $99. The remaining amount of the mattress cover will be deducted at the time of the shipment of the product.

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Setting Up The Eight Sleep cover

Eight Sleep cover is available in 4 sizes and comes in a box. Open the box and get all the pieces inside ready.

  • The first step is to download the app on your Smartphone. Once it is downloaded. Open it and click Get started. The app opens and will get you through the various steps to be followed.
  • The set up button on the app will lead you to the many steps to have the bed cover spread and place the connector socket.
  • Strip the bed and spread the Eight Sleep over the bare mattress. Place the connector socket at the left top side of the bed. This socket can be connected to the power cable.
  • The power cable has the connector at one end that can be inserted into the socket. The cable also has a hub in the middle. When the power cable is connected to the power outlet and switched on, it blinks.
  • Wait until the light is blue on the hub and you are good to go.
  • The next step is to connect the device to the Smartphone. This is ‘pairing’. Stand close to the bed and check the Wi-Fi connectivity. When all is good, click the next button and it must be connected through the Wi-Fi port in the phone. Once connected, the hub light will be blinking in multiple colors.

Eight Sleep Referral Program

Eight Sleep allows you to refer a friend after you have made a purchase. You can refer a particular friend. If the friend purchases Eight Sleep through the link that you have shared with them, you get a $20 worth Amazon gift card, and the friend gets $20 off on their purchase.

You can refer only one friend with a single link and each referral link is valid only for one purchase. The maximum number of referrals is 50 in a single calendar year. The referral program works only if the referrer and the referred customer are separate persons.

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Safety Instructions On Using Eight Sleep

  • Download the app before you plug in the Eight Sleep bed cover to the power outlet. Only after you are ready to set up should you move to this step.
  • Make sure that the power cords are not jammed or cuddled anywhere and they are free flowing all the while.
  • Eight Sleep is not fit to use while on generator power, it can damage the device.
  • Eight Sleep is made to use within US and the power outlets that are similar to that of US. The power requirement is 110v to 220V.

Eight cover mattresses are also available. These are foam mattresses with four layers of foam which give good support and also help to relieve pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair the Eight Sleep – sleep tracker?

Pairing is to connect the Wi-Fi of the Eight Sleep and the Wi-Fi network at home to work in sync. After setting up the Sleep Eight, standing close to the bed, connect the device to the Eight Sleep Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi would be named Eight-XXXX, a 4 digit number that is specific to you. Connect to this network and click the pair the device button. Look for your home network system, choose, connect and you are paired. Eight Sleep cannot connect to 5G networks and if you have one, you may want to do something with that.

The hub in my Eight Sleep is not blinking in blue but other colors, what does that mean?

The hub light shows various colors and each has its significance. The blinking blue is the setup mode, blinking white means it is connecting to the back end. The solid blue shows that it is paired and connected to the Wi-Fi. This light would also dim in 30 seconds. The solid red color denotes it is warming the bed and here also the light dims in 30 seconds. Solid yellow shows that it is disconnected from the Wi-Fi. Blinking yellow is to notify that it is trying to reconnect to the Wi-Fi and finally the blinking green is that it is updating its firmware.

What does Invite a partner mean?

Couples will get the different zones on the Eight Sleep bed cover. Each partner will have individual choices for the sleep environment and can control it independently. Once you have set up your sleep eight, click the button, invite a partner. This will take you to the page where you are supposed to feed in the email id of the person. The email with the invite to download the app will be sent. The partner can click the link and go to download the app to get his/her Eight Sleep setup. In the end, you will have control over your side and your partner will have control over his/her side of the bed only.

Can I place the socket anywhere on the bed?

No, the socket must always be placed at the top left side of the bed. It is because the sensors are set in such a way that this is the ideal spot for the socket to get connected to them.

Is it ok to spread any kind of bed sheet over it?

Yes, you can have your regular bed sheet spread over the bed cover. It will not interfere with the sensor in any manner. Just make sure that the bed cover is under the bedsheet and not over it.

Do I get daily updates about the sleep pattern?

Yes, the app shows daily updates, weekly updates, monthly, and also in the last few months as well. The data shows how long did you sleep, what time you were in bed, the time of waking up, from the bed, sleep score which is graded at 100. It also shows how long were each sleep stage, and records the number of times that you have had restless movements spend that are more than 5 seconds long.

What if there is some disturbing noise around?

The sensors can sense the disturbing noise and play some calming sound to lull you back to sleep. You can set this sound from the options given.

What are the options to warm the bed?

There are 10 temperature settings to warm the bed, you can choose the optimal one from the lot.

What is the sleep score?

The sleep score is the sum of time that you have slept and the restless moments you have had. The total denotes the quality of the sleep that is scored in 100. The sleep score will be shown in different colors, depending on the quality. The color would be red for an OK sleep that has a score of 50-66%, yellow for good sleep with a score of 67-83, green for 84-100% score. The grey color shows no score was recorded.

How do I clean the Eight sleep bed cover?

Eight Sleep has a hydrophobic cover at the top. In case there is any spill, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Do note that only the top layer is machine washable where the sensors are not attached. The cover layers are zipped together, unzip the top layer, and taken to the washing machine for cleaning.

I seem to have misplaced my user manual, what do I do?

Never mind, the user manual is available for download online. You can log in to your account and download the PDF version.

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