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Eight Sleep Mattress is an innovative memory foam mattress with the sleep tracking technology cover feature. This new concept allows you to track your sleeping habits better than most sleep trackers. It can keep you warm and offers perfect firmness to get a better night sleep.

Eight Sleep cozy and comfortable mattress comes with an intelligent sensor cover to measure the quality of your sleep. It also delivers a daily sleep report, warms your bed and turns on your Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker and other smart home devices. Eight Sleep mattress designed and assembled in U.S. Its technology layer is designed in California and assembled in China.

Eight Sleep Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

You will find raving Eight Sleep Mattress Reviews from its customers. People say it is perfect, a well-designed mattress that makes you feel best. Sleepers love the smart sleeping technology feature. Many of them warm up their bed with the phone before going to sleep. They say Eight is making the future of sleep and these new features are ultimate. Most customers say that the bed looks very simple but it stands out on the comfort and has the great innovative technology.

Buy Eight sleep smart mattress that comes with different levels of comfort for the sleeper. Sync your iPhone or Android with your mattress to check your sleep quality. The unique sleep tracking technology does an excellent job of checking the sleep quality and notifies you the next morning.

The contouring memory foam layers, tech-infused layer, split adjustable bases makes every penny count. Every mattress claims to offer comfort but Eight sleep mattress offers you optimum comfort every night thus giving you a luxurious sleep. It also eliminates any aches, pains that accompany with an improper or sunken mattress.

Many users say that among the many mattresses they have tried on, this is by far the best they have encountered. The sleep tracker seems quite intimidating for some but then once you have figured out its features, everything falls into place. The best part is you can know the hours of sleep and the quality of your sleep which is of prime importance.

Keeping in mind all the above factors including motion isolation, heat emission, lifespan, warranty, and price, we have decided to give it a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

The only downside is the firmness level which falls somewhere on the medium-firm scale. This is a great blessing for those with back pain as medium-firm gives them the right level of comfort. Some might find it too firm but among reviews received, users with back pain love this level of firmness.

Best Mattress Models from Eight Sleep Mattress

Smart Collection

Its smart collection includes mattresses made with premium materials. These beds provide incredible comfort with a proprietary sleep tracking technology to track you and your partner’s sleep. It also helps manage your bed temperature, connect to other devices in your smart home like Amazon Echo, etc. It comes with features such as Daily sleep report; built-in bed warning, Smart alarm and Smart home integration. It comes in Full, Queen, King, Cali King sizes.

  • The Saturn+ – This three-layered premium foam mattress delivers quality comfort for a better price. It includes smart technology cover to track sleep, manage bed temperature, and integrate with your smart home. This is a most affordable smart mattress which is 10 inches tall and prices start from $699.
  • The Jupiter+ – This is a four-layered mattress with dynamic reactive foams plus smart technology cover. It helps measure your nightly sleep patterns, manage your bed temperature and integrate with your smart home. This supreme supportive mattress is 10 inches high and prices start from $899.
  • The Mars+ – This four-layered mattress has 4” of sleeved coils surrounded by poly foam and other soft foam layers combined with support and breathability. It includes smart cover technology to track your sleep, control bed temperature and connect with your smart home. This hybrid design with reactive comfort is 11 inches tall and prices start from $1199.

Standard Collection

Eight Sleep Mattress Standard Collection is developed from the analysis of 10 million hours of sleep data. It provides the best comfort and support with three product options in different sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cali King

  • The Saturn – This three-layered premium foams mattress offers quality comfort at an affordable price. This is supportive yet soft and great for back sleepers. Price starts at $349 and is 10 inches tall.
  • The Jupiter – This Four layered mattress offers reactive support for all types of sleepers. It has everything – the comfort of memory foam and the breathability and bounce of reactive foam. Price starts at $449 and is 10 inches tall.
  • The Mars – It is a hybrid version of premium foams and sleeved spring coils. This 11 inches high bed provides a contouring hug, a resilient rebound, and enhanced breathability. Its price starts from $649.

Eight Sleep Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Twin, Full

The Dimensions are

  • Twin – 39 X 75 X 10 inches
  • Twin XL – 39 X 80 X 10inches
  • Full – 54 X 75 X 10inches
  • Queen – 60 X 80 X 10 inches
  • King – 76 X 80 X 10 inches
  • Cali King – 72 X 84 X 10 inches

Eight Sleep Mattress Specifications

What Makes Eight Sleep Mattresses Different? The makers say it is more than a bed, an experience beyond the bedroom and across your life and home. Eight mattresses are smarter because of its unique approach of not only measuring but improving your overall sleep. Its features include

  • Sleep Tracking Technology – This feature allows you to wake up and see a sleep report every morning. Observe the nightly data daily and find trends to improve your sleep. It allows you to tracks over 15 factors about your sleep and health. Eight tracks Time asleep, Bedtime, Wake-up time, Toss and turns, Sleep breaks, Heart rate, Respiratory rate, Light and deep sleep, Bed temperature, and Room temperature
  • Smart Alarm – The smart alarm feature allows you to wake up refreshed. It detects your lightest sleep cycle and triggers the alarm when you are naturally the most awake. The sensors in the Eight Sleep Mattress cover detect the changes in your body movement, breathing, and heart rate, to find the best time to wake you up. The alarm rings on your smartphone, which produces soothing sounds to wake you up.
  • Temperature Control – It is scientifically proven that warm bed helps you fall asleep faster. Ideally, for optimal sleep, your bedroom temperature should be at 68 degrees and bed temperature warm enough to relax. These Mattresses offer dual zone controls. This means it allows you and your partner to choose different warming levels/ temperatures for each side of the bed and sleep better together.
  • LOT And Wi-Fi Integrations To Optimize Sleep – You can connect your sleep to your home. This means you can connect Eight mattresses to any other Wi-Fi enabled devices in your homes such as Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Philips Hue via IFTTT (If This Then That). It allows you to create automatic triggers like turning off your lights every night when you fall asleep, or brewing your coffee when you wake up.

Eight Sleep Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Eight Sleep Mattress comes with a warranty. For Mattress: 10-year limited warranty and for Technology layer: 1-year limited warranty.

Eight sleep mattress offers you a 100-night trial with a free return policy. This means you won’t be charged with shipping charges and every penny paid will be refunded aptly.

The memory foam mattress from Eight Sleep comes with 10-year limited foam warranty. If there is any defect that is covered under the warranty, the company will replace or repair it.

Note that the 10-year limited warranty does not apply to the technology layer, fabric, components, materials, and sensors. Instead, they are covered exclusively by 1-year limited warranty.

Discount Prices On Eight Sleep Mattress

Name one person who doesn’t bargain or look for a discount!!! Everyone loves a good discount and hence Eight Smart Sleep Bedding offers decent discounts on their pillows and mattresses.

The company offers 10% off on sleep products exclusively for students. If you are a student and are considering a mattress change for your dorm, then Eight Sleep is best recommended.

Eight sleep mattress also offers 10% OFF for those who serve the country i.e. Military and Veterans. If you are an active duty military personnel, veterans, retired military spouses, and dependents, then you can avail this offer to buy Eight sleep mattress.

Just click on the discount code and Get a New Eight Sleep Mattress at the lowest price.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Eight Sleep Mattress

If you plan to buy online then the best place to buy Eight Sleep Mattress is from their official website This is because you can avail the following benefits

  • Sign up and Get 10% off on any purchase
  • Current deal, get 2 pillows free with purchase of any mattress
  • Eight Sleep Mattress Best prices; currently Eight Sleep Mattress sale is going on.
  • Free U.S. shipping
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year limited warranty and more

There are many websites such as that offer great discounts on the mattress. However, make sure the validity of the coupon and the rest of the warranty T&C, return policy etc. before availing from discount websites.

Eight Sleep offers Smart collection and Standard collection of mattresses. The bed warming feature is available on all mattresses in the Smart Collection. Its Standard collection provides the best comfort and support to sleepers. These mattresses are 10 inches tall and come in up to 4 layers. It uses comfortable memory foam, transition foam, and supportive foam. Eight Sleep Mattress prices start from $350 to $1500, depending on the size and type of bed.

Independent Reviews On Eight Sleep Mattress

Here are few of the independent Eight sleep smart mattress user reviews available on various websites.

By Myles Cirillo –

“We ordered the mattress and it arrived fully packed in Costco. We thought this way one can return it, if not happy. After two months, we couldn’t find a better product than this. We love Sleep Eight mattress. It is comfortable – neither too firm or nor too soft. If you are a bit on the obese side, you may want something with bit more support.

Moving on to the cover. I and my wife had sleeping issues for many years now and still felt uncomfortable. The app only tracks the room and bed temperature apart from scrutinizing the heart rate and breathing. While we love the app, we don’t know what to do with it. Another thing is if your partner love to cuddle, the app doesn’t really know what to do with it. Other than that, the mattress and cover are good.”

By Spencer –

“The Eight mattress is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on. When you lie on it, it feels so cuddly as if someone’s hugging you. My sleep quality has improved. The only problem is that now I don’t want to get out of the bed. 😛 ”

Eight Sleep Mattress Customer Reviews

  • Yvette and her husband were using Serta mattress for 10 years and now was the time to change. They found a promotion to purchase the Eight. After reading great reviews about it and its special technology feature, they bought eight sleep. Today they are very happy with the purchase and uses smart features to connect mattress to other devices.
  • Hanji says it is the very comfortable mattress and stellar technology. Moreover, it comes at a great price.
  • V. Lax haven’t slept this soundly in years.
  • Kayah says this is the most comfortable mattress he ever owned. Plus, it’s much more affordable than other companies.

Bad reviews of Eight Sleep Mattress

By Tom Stanley –

“Overall, a dud so far!!!! After investing in this product at Indiegogo, I had to wait for a few months and finally arrived two weeks ago. I have installed it and tried to use it the last couple of nights. The whole experience was quite overwhelming for me.

The first night, it didn’t register any sleep or any other activity which was quite annoying. I had to reinstall, setting up wifi and other parameters. I slept with it again last night. Though I was in bed for 6.5 hours, the device stated I slept for 4.5 hours only. The statistics are wrong and there doesn’t seem any way to fix or troubleshoot such issues.

My wife’s side app didn’t work for either of the nights that she used it. The device and app seem to have limited functionality. What’s sad is even after all this brouhaha, the device can’t seem to function even a simple feature. One more night and I will be returning this for a full refund.”

Eight Sleep Mattress Return Policy

Eight sleep mattress comes with 100 nights return policy. This means you get 100 nights to check how it works for you. If not satisfied, you are eligible for a refund. You also need not pay for any shipping charges. The best part is you need not re-pack the mattress. The company team will follow up with you and find out the best way to dispose off the mattress. Eight Sleep does not re-use or offer refurbished mattress.

If you are purchasing only the smart tracker, it comes with a 30-day return policy.

If you don’t sleep best in the first 100 nights, you can request a full refund with no re-stocking fees, no return shipping or disposal fees.

Eight Sleep Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Eight Sleep mattress is eligible for Free Shipping anywhere in the US except Alaska and Hawaii. The company does not offer to ship internationally.

Brands That are Equivalent to Eight Sleep Mattress

Eight Sleep mattress Vs Casper Mattress

Here is a comparison of Eight Sleep Vs Casper.

Eight Sleep Casper
Price (Queen) $945 $950
Four layers of support Yes Yes
Top Foam layer Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes No
Bed warming Yes No
Smart home integration Yes No
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Ships in a box Yes Yes
100-night trial Yes Yes
10-year warranty Yes Yes
Height 10” 9.5”
Firmness 6/10 (Medium Firm) 7/10 (Slightly firm)

Eight Sleep Smart Mattress

The Eight Sleep Smart Mattress offers you optimum comfort which is combined with sleep tracking technology. It comes with four layers of high-density foam that provide impeccable support. The mattress is designed in such a way to ensure the bouncy feeling while maintaining a cool temperature. The best comfortable mattress you will find, it comes with a smart cover and sleep tracker that measures your sleep hours, quality of sleep, and many other sleeping habits.

Wake up every morning feeling refreshed and charged!!! Eight sleep mattresses are the only one that has the bed warming feature, smart alarm, and full smart home integration. Download the app on your smartphone, customize it, and sleep healthy with Eight sleep.

The eight mattress comes with a firmness level of 6 out of 10 scales. This means it is neither too firm nor too soft. It offers dynamic support and contours easily with the body.

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress comes with four different layers of foam. It has been rated 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It is slightly firmer than the Eight mattresses as the foams are quite soft. This might sink the bed, especially in heavier sleepers. As the material is soft, it will affect the edge support. For those who like to sleep on the bed, this can be challenging as it would feel like you will be rolling off the bed. Also, few users have complained about off-gassing that takes days to dissipate completely.

What do experts say?

Websites such as Sleepopolis, Mattress Insider say that Eight sleep is the right mattress for sleepers who want to improve their sleep quality. The well-balanced mattress with four layers of foam has the right amount of sinkage and contours easily on the body without making them feel like sleeping in a pit. Personal isolation, comfortable foam etc. makes it a worthy mattress to sleep on.

Eight Mattress Vs Ghostbed Mattress

Get the unparalleled support of Eight sleep mattress that offers you 4 different foam layers with premium density so that you can sleep cool even on hot summers. What really sets Eight sleep from others is the smart cover and sleep tracker technology. It will not just improve your sleep but also motivates you to wake up refreshed and ready. The quick alarm set, bed warming feature etc. are few of the key features that are not found in any other brands.

The Eight Sleep mattress has received 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale which means it is neither soft nor too firm. The dynamic support and contouring capability are another essential features that “make” the mattresses one of the most comfortable mattress ever.

Ghostbed mattress

The Ghostbed mattress has a light firm feel to it. It comes on the firmness scale of 7 out of 10. It consists of 7.5” of Support foam as the base, 2” gel memory foam, and 1.5” Aerated latex foam as the top layer.

Eight Sleep says that studies show that people who sleep on memory foam mattresses get the best sleep – 21.3% every night as compared to 19.8% on latex, 18.8% on the gel (or gel-infused layers), and 10% on innerspring beds. The average deep sleep range every night for heavy sleepers is between 18.25%.

Now go ahead and choose the one you deem fit.

Eight Mattress Vs Helix Sleep Mattress

Eight Sleep Helix Sleep
Price (Queen) $945 $995
Four layers of support Yes Yes
Top Foam layer Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes No
Bed warming Yes No
Smart home integration Yes No
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Ships in a box Yes Yes
100-night trial Yes Yes
10-year warranty Yes Yes
Height 10” 10”
Firmness 6/10 (Medium Firm) Customizable

Eight Sleep Mattress

Looking for ultimate comfort? The prominent feature of the Eight Sleep mattress not only improves your sleep but also lets you gauge how well you sleep every night. The interactive app and the mattress cover with sleep tracker plays a key role in measuring your sleep activity.

Nevertheless, it is four layers of Eight sleep mattress that forms the base for an effective sleep. Full of rich, dense, and soft layers of polyfoam, latex-like foam, and memory foam, they give you utmost comfort all night long making you lazy to get out of bed.

Neither too hard nor too soft, Eight sleep mattress comes at 6 out of 10 firmness scale. This makes it fall under the “medium-firm” mattress that will help you to get rid of any back pain or joint pain by releasing any strain from the pressure points. The materials of the product are manufactured in such a way that it keeps the skin cool and dry.

Helix Sleep mattress

Helix is known to offer fantastic hybrid mattress. All you have to do is simply fill out the questionnaire based on your body type, sleeping style etc. and they will build you customized mattress. The Helix mattress is manufactured using four layers of dynamic foam. This makes the bed more conforming than an innerspring bed. However, it is less conforming than a memory foam bed.

Eight Sleep Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

The customer support of the Eight Sleep has been boo-ed off by few users. It is mainly because of the underlying reason that the “sleep tracker” which though syncs easily with the app does not give accurate information.

To make matters worse, the customer service seems incompetent in handling the queries which have pissed off the sleepers. Another complaint of the sleep tracker is you cannot turn off the Wifi bandwidth. If only the company enhanced the feature such as reading the sleep quality, has a backup or built-in memory, and uploading it later on when you switch on the Wifi bandwidth. This can be a challenge for those who are on a budget as it can spike up the additional bandwidth cost.

Unfortunately, the customer support does not take initiative to correct this issue or give a refund to the users. We sincerely hope Eight Sleep works on this issue or they will end up losing even the faithful users.

Eight Sleep Mattress BBB Business Profile

Eight Sleep is not registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau). Also, the company has received D- rating at BBB.

Eight Sleep Mattress Scam

The company is certainly not a scam as there are many happy users. There are many blogs and review websites who say that the mattresses are of premium quality and did not have any trouble with it.

We feel some users are just unfortunate who seem to have had a bad experience with their purchase. Even the customer support seems to have failed that lead the users to further disappointments.

Just like any other brand, there are positive and negative reviews for Eight Sleep Mattress available. However, the company does come with 100-trial nights which gives you ample time to return the product, in case not satisfied.

Are Bed bugs in Eight Sleep Mattress a Possibility?

Though there have been no such instances so far, the Eight Sleep cover is quite thin and unnoticeable. Hence, we recommend placing a thick mattress pad underneath the cover. However, if the mattress pad is thin, you may place it over the Eight Sleep mattress cover. However, don’t put a thick cover on the Eight cover as it might mess up the sensors giving you inaccurate information.

Is Eight Sleep Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems?

Yes, this is a medium-firm mattress that will help sleepers with back pain. It corrects the posture and aligns the spine so that you can sleep correctly without putting stress on pressure points. It is also considered compatible with pregnant women (especially in the second trimester) where back pain can be common. Sleeping on Eight Sleep Mattress has helped users to fight sciatica and back pain.

Is Eight Sleep Mattress Non Toxic?

Eight Sleep mattress comes with CertiPUR-US approved foams which means they are free from Ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP, formaldehyde and other heavy metals that can be dangerous when inhaled and allergic to the skin.

Stating the obvious, this means that Eight Sleep mattress is absolutely safe and non-toxic. They do not have any off-gassing issues and are deemed absolutely worthy to sleep on.

Are Eight Sleep Mattresses Any Good?

Eight sleep mattresses come with four different layers of comfort including memory foam. These layers offer you optimum comfort while sleeping. The unique sleep tracking technology syncs with your iPhone and Android smartphone and gives you input on your sleep quality.

How is Eight Sleep Mattress Made?

Eight Sleep Mattress is made of 4 separate layers

  • 2″ Top cooling & comfort Layer – This 2″ of reactive foam provides cooling and initial level of comfort for the sleeper. This specialty poly foam is high density and is resilient and breathable like latex. It offers bounce and response like latex but with the foam feel. It has a density of 3.0 PCF.
  • 4″ high-density support Layer – This 4″ of base foam provides support for the mattress to maintain the shape and its integrity. It also offers deep compression support for the body. It has a density of 1.8 PCF.
  • 2″ Contouring memory foam Layer – The 2″ of memory foam under the more responsive top layer provides contour and extra pressure relief. This layer has a density of 4.0 PCF.
  • 2″ supportive Transition Layer – This 2″ of transition foam between the top comfort foams and denser base layer provides a transitional layer as well as support for the sleeper. It has a density of 1.8 PCF.

Dimension, Height, Depth, Weight, Thickness Of the Eight Sleep Mattress

Eight sleep mattresses come with four different layers of comfort including memory foam. These layers offer you optimum comfort while sleeping. The unique sleep tracking technology syncs with your iPhone and Android smartphone and gives you input on your sleep quality.

Adjustable base For Eight Sleep Mattress

Yes, Eight Sleep mattress is adaptable to any foundation and is absolutely compatible with an adjustable base.

Mattress Pads by Eight Sleep Mattress

The mattress pad by Eight sleep mattress is basically a sleep tracker that turns the bed into a smart bed. It comes with dual zone warming feature that offers extra coziness. It also syncs with your smartphone (you have to download the app) so that you can keep a track on the quality of sleep.

It fits with standard mattress sizes and works best when used by two sleepers.

Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

The cover of the Eight Sleep Mattress is nice and made of 100% polyester. This material makes the mattress more breathable and offers a softer feel for the sleeper. The cover is thin with no frills, making it simple and allowing the sleeper to use Eight Sleep’s sleep tracking technology. The cover comes in white color with small pores.

Eight Sleep Mattress Topper

Eight Sleep Mattress Topper is the predominant sleeping tracker that comes with dual zone features. Apart from keeping an eye on your sleep hours and quality, it comes with alarm facility, heating features to keep you warm in cold climates and many advanced algorithms to help you get a peaceful sleep. While it is not mandatory to wear it every night, it certainly helps you to know much about your sleep performance. This sleep tracker works for both you and your partner.

The product is easily available at Amazon for the best price.

Eight Sleep Tracker Mattress Topper User Reviews

The product has received 4.1 out of 5-star ratings from users.

Good Reviews

Easy to set-up, the product is a breeze to use. It is compatible with every mattress. Choose the size and you are all set to go. The wristbands are easy to wear and give you good tracking results which include breathing, toss and turn, body temperature etc.

The instructions make it easy to set up the topper while the heating pad ensures that you and your partner stay warm all through the night. The heating pad comes with a timer so that you don’t have to turn off or on and continue enjoying best sleep.

Eight Sleep Tracker Mattress Topper Bad reviews/Complaints

Just like any other product, the mattress topper too received its share of complaints. There are many people who are unhappy with the results. For instance, few claim that the product just stopped working after a few days.

The major problem seems to be the sensor that does not seem to deliver correct results. People notice that the wristbands are too big and do not seem to read the heartbeat and other variations correctly. Another person says that the wires seem too much of hassle to get connected every night (though it is not necessary to use the wristband).

One major flaw is the fact that the mobile app does not have an offline facility. This means you need to plug in your Wifi broadband connection all night long so that syncing does not stop. This is a huge drawback on the company’s end which might need fixing. However, if it doesn’t bother you much, you can go ahead with it.

If that’s not enough, many people claim that the product does not give accurate time even if they leave it on. Users complain that even though they slept for 8 hours, it shows 6 hours. Misreading is another flaw seen in this product.

The Verdict

In spite of the product flaws, people seem to love the product and majority of the user reviews are positive with only a few unhappy customers.

With the trial run available, your money is safe. So you can check the product, try and keep it or return it based on your personal experience.

Eight Sleep Mattress Bedding Accessories

Since you are changing your mattress, might as well loosen the purse strings a bit and buy bedding accessories.

  • Sleep tracker – is an option that you may want to add while purchasing the Eight sleep mattress. This sleep tracker has the ability to convert your bed into a smart bed. The dual zone warming feature delivers an extra cozy bed that can measure your pulse rate, quality of sleep, duration and so on.
  • Bed sheets – 300 thread count organic cotton sheets that are soft and velvety for a peaceful sleep.
  • Foundation – a simple, yet classy foundation, it is designed to support any mattress. No tools required, it is easy to assemble. This foundation frame is made using strong pine wood that lasts a lifetime. It is available in all sizes.
  • Adjustable Pillow – the adjustable pillow from Eight sleep helps you customize it as per your neck preference giving you the right feel for the head. Rearrange as per your comfort.

Eight Sleep Mattress Firmness Analysis

This mattress offers a perfect medium firm with not too firm and not too soft. It comes in at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. This mattress is fairly responsive. This means it will not give you the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress. It is perfectly soft when sleeping on side and perfect firm for sleeping on the back. It may appear too firm for side sleepers with lightweight.

Eight Sleep Mattress Frames & Foundation

Get new bed frames and foundation with Eight Sleep that offers different frames such as box spring, mattress foundation, adjustable bed frame, platform foundation, and slatted base. Choose the one that works well for you.

The Eight Sleep Mattress Blog

Eight sleep mattress keeps you updated with blogs that provide you healthy tips, guides, and many other interesting facts. Check out the blog at

The Eight Sleep Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

Eight Sleep Mattress is available for sale both online and in selected stores. You can try this mattress and delight by its comfort, beauty and live smart features in downtown New York. If you stay outside NYC, then try the Eight Mattress at the Sleep Sherpa Showroom in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area.

Eight Sleep Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Eight sleep mattress is located in New York. The headquarters address is

146 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013
United States

Eight Sleep Mattress Dealers & Retailers Near Me

There are few retailers with whom Eight sleep mattress have joined hands such as Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. So go ahead and choose your own retailer or buy it straight from the official website.

Eight Sleep Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Call Eight sleep customer service phone number at +1 888-699-4015.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Eight Sleep Mattress

For those who want Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Eight Sleep Mattress, you can subscribe to their newsletters. With newsletters, you can stay updated beforehand of the oncoming deals.

Current deals include –

  • $100 OFF + $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • $125 OFF Sleep Trackers
  • Take 25% OFF on Accessories
  • 25% OFF Eight Mattresses at Amazon
  • Eight Mattress Deals at Walmart

Eight Sleep Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Use the white glove delivery to have your mattress installed at any given time, day, and week of your choice. Note that this offer is valid only for those who live in New York. You also have to pay shipping charges for having it delivered at $75 when you are using “White glove delivery” feature.

It usually takes 7-10 days of time to deliver Eight Sleep mattress.

Eight Sleep Mattress Financing

Eight Sleep mattress offers easy EMI or financing features through which you can buy now and make the payments on monthly basis.

Currently, there are two credit companies who have joined hands with Eight Sleep.

  • Affirm – Pay in 6, 12, and 18 months with 0 to 30% APR. Pay only $56 per month for 18 months at 0% APR on $1000 purchase. You may need to provide a down payment amount.
  • Zibby – No credit required. Pay the same as cash price if you are buying products within the first 90 days. After 90 days, additional lease costs will apply.

Eight Sleep Mattress in Stores

Eight Sleep mattress is available at online stores only such as Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. You can choose the one at your discretion.

Eight Sleep Mattress Safety & Certifications

Eight Sleep does not have any flame retardants so you can be sure that the mattress you are using is 100% allergen-free. All the four foams in the Eight mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified. This means they have gone through rigorous testing and have met all the standards and eligibility that makes them more durable. They have also been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

Eight mattresses have a fire certification this means that you can sleep peacefully knowing that your mattress is safe.

Maintenance On Eight Sleep Mattress

The foams and the materials used in Eight Sleep Smart mattress are free of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and other hazardous chemicals that have an extremely low impact on the indoor air quality.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Eight Sleep Mattress

Any new mattress which includes Eight Sleep does come with few off-gassing issues. These are initial odors that are available once you remove the package. The only way to get rid of the odor is by leaving the mattress for around 24 hours. This will make the mattress more ready by diminishing the off-gassing odor.

Odor & Smell in Eight Sleep Mattress

During the first couple of days, you might feel an initial smell since Eight sleep mattress the product is brand new and comes in a packed box. It will be a wise decision to leave the mattress open and unused for 24 hours. This will help you to get rid of any smell or off-gassing issues.

Motion Transfer on a Eight Sleep Mattress

Eight Sleep mattress is pretty good at isolating motion. But it is not as good as pure memory foam mattresses. Its top layer’s response and bounce transfer a little more motion across this mattress. It may be good for couples, but sleepers who wake up easily with slight motion should have to keep this point in mind.

Sagging Problems in Eight Sleep Mattress

It is too early to say that Eight Sleep mattress can cause sagging as the company is only three years old. However, till date, there have been no sagging issues or any complaints from sleepers.

Air Mattress Vs Eight Sleep Mattress

Many sleepers find themselves comparing with memory foam mattresses such as Eight Sleep and air beds. Keep in mind that both have distinctive features that sets them a class apart from one another. Hence, looking for an ideal option is a challenge.

Personal isolation

Motion transfer is a key feature of Eight sleep that enhances the sleep quality. More often a partner gets disturbed if the other keeps tossing and turning. Eight sleep mattress promotes personal isolation so that you can sleep peacefully even if your partner keeps tossing and turning all night.

Air beds, too, have this feature provided they come with dual air chambers i.e. one for each side of the bed. If you are buying an air bed with single air chamber, motion transfer is poor.

Body Contour

The Memory foam mattress in the Eight sleep comes with body contouring polyurethane foam that adapts to the sleeper’s body position and retracts back to the original shape afterward.

Air mattress, on the other hand, come with adjustable air bladders that allow the sleepers to increase or lower the pressure as per the firmness required. The air bladders are usually topped by mattress cover and topper layers. Few use pillow tops while some use different layers of foam.

The best part about Air mattress is they excel in relieving pressure points. This is because the core support is an inflatable air chamber, unlike other mattresses that have coils or innerspring.

Prominent feature of Eight Sleep

Rich with four different layers of high-quality foam, Eight Sleep offers a mattress pad (also called Sleep Tracker) that keeps a constant check on your sleep ritual throughout the night. This will help you to gauge the level of your sleep quality.

Another prominent feature of this mattress is choosing different warm levels. Stating the obvious, a warm bed helps you fall asleep faster. These Eight smart mattresses come with dual zone controls that will allow you and your partner to choose different warming levels for respective side of the bed.


One of the most noted complaints is without a doubt sagging. No one likes a mattress that sags. CertiPUR-US certified mattresses such as Eight sleep doesn’t sag and has a good durable period.

Air mattress, on the other hand, tend to sag within a short period as compared to any other memory foam mattress.


The equipment such as the built-in pump that accompany air mattress can hinder quality sleep due to their constant running. However, that’s not the issue with Eight sleep memory foam mattress as it is discreet yet powerful in assisting you a quality sleep.


Here is where air mattress score. Air mattress comes with a versatile pump that will help you to adjust the level of the firmness.

Eight sleep mattress or any memory foam mattress lacks this feature as the bed is manufactured straight from the factory that cannot be modified. However, you may add a mattress cover to adjust the firmness. However, it calls for additional investment.


Memory foam mattress such as Eight Sleep mattress lasts longer than the air mattress. This is because of numerous reasons. For instance, short warranty. The warranty period of air mattress is short. If the PVC bed needs repair, the cost of the new one costs almost same as repairing. So you might as well indulge in a new bed.

Pump replacement is another issue that needs to be repaired by cost or warranty. If your inflatable mattress requires an external pump, you can buy a new one from Amazon at $15 or less.

Sleeping Hot

Eight sleep tend to release hot air given the nature of memory foam mattress. While it is good to sleep warm, it can be troubling when summer hits. There are many cooling gel covers available at best price that will absorb all the moisture from the skin and promote better sleep.

Air mattress too contain such issue but it can be managed with the equipment and tools available with the air bed.

Owner Satisfaction

Many sleepers prefer memory foam to an air mattress. Eight sleep is not completely memory foam as the bottom layers come with transitional polyfoam, memory foam based on the product of Eight sleep that you choose.

As a general rule of thumb, it is necessary to replace your mattress every 7-10 years. Nevertheless, people love Eight Sleep and claim that it is the “best mattress they have ever slept on”.

Air mattress, too is decent in its own way and there are many users who love air beds. If you can withstand the noise from the pump and uninvited repairs, then air beds are for you or else go with Eight Sleep.


Price of Air mattress and Eight sleep are quite similar. A mattress is a long-term investment, we reckon that you think twice and research well before investing.

InnerSpring Vs Eight Sleep Mattress

The innerspring mattress might look like comfort at first but after a few uses, the sound pollution and insufficient pressure point relief begins.

Unlike Eight sleep mattress that comes with comfortable foam layers and personal isolation, innerspring can trigger pain the pressure points such as shoulder and hip area. The result is you will be waking with a dead arm due to lack of proper blood flow.

The main reason why Eight sleep mattress steals the show is that the contouring ability to mould itself to the shape of the body. This takes off strain from the pressure points giving you a cloud-like feel to sleep on every night.

While it is a great relief for those on a tight budget, innerspring mattress doesn’t last long. That’s because spring mattress cost only a fraction of the amount and probably even less if you are getting a hand-me-down. The durability of a new spring mattress is somewhere around 7-10 years which is quite similar to memory foam mattress.

Another downside of innerspring mattress is it cannot be flipped (though you can rotate).

That being said, Eight Sleep mattress does offer a hybrid mattress that combines innerspring with memory foam. While the support core is constructed using the pocketed coil, the base is high-density polyfoam that comes with the bottom layer of transitional polyfoam and a top layer of memory foam.

This is where innerspring mattress takes an upper hand as the bounce effect of Eight sleep mattress is less as compared to the innerspring mattress.

The best part of Eight sleep mattress is its adaptability to blend easily with any bed frame or foundation. Be it adjustable bed frame or box spring, Eight sleep comes in standard sizes that fits the bed frame easily. One mattress = any bed frame. That’s not the story with innerspring mattress which is definitely a thumbs down.

If we talk about price, Eight sleep mattress is certainly expensive. But good things don’t come cheap. Unlike sagging issues with innerspring mattress, Eight sleep does not sag easily and stays intact for a much longer time than spring beds.

For those who are looking for quality and quantity, Eight sleep mattress is considered best in the market.

Gel Mattresses Vs Eight Sleep Mattress

The main difference between gel mattress and Eight sleep mattress is the infusion of cooling gel. This is to ward off heat transfer from the body and heating issues of the visco-elastic foam. Especially, in summer climates, things can become nasty. This is where Gel mattresses come in. The cooling gel wicks away excess moisture from the skin while giving you cool, dry sleep every night.

The sad part of using gel mattress is the fact that many memory foam mattresses are manufactured using poor quality. However, the cooling gel does its job. Nevertheless, its still not worthy as cooling gels work only for a few minutes and once the “feeling” goes away you are back to square one. The heat from the memory foam mattress also makes it difficult for anyone to sleep.

Eight sleep mattress does not come with any cooling gels. Instead, the company uses latex-like foam, memory foam, transition foam, and support foam that provides better blood circulation and support. The result is you and your skin will be able to breathe easily without feeling hot or moist.

Memory foam layers relieve you from body pressure so that you never have to wake up with body pain.

The Verdict

Eight sleep mattress is an excellent product that comes with high-quality materials that keeps you cool and dry without any special additions. They last long and offer you quality sleep.

Hybrid Mattress Vs Eight Sleep Mattress

A typical hybrid mattress brings you best of both the worlds – i.e. the combination of memory foam layers and innerspring system. But there is also the expensive mattress you will ever encounter.

The best part of the hybrid mattress is its ability to contour well than latex or innerspring beds. The bouncy feature makes it good for couples. Available in a range of firmness levels, hybrid mattress is known for their ability to deliver personal isolation. So without any noise, you can move away from the bed and your partner won’t be disturbed.

But there are few downsides of the hybrid mattress. For instance, one of the biggest disadvantages of the hybrid mattress is its short lifespan. Since hybrid models use many polyfoams because of its cheap price, they tend to degrade quickly giving you an overall less lifespan of your mattress.

Also, hybrid mattress is a heavy bed making it a challenge to move wherever you want to move it. This can also mess up the durability of the components of the mattress.

Eight sleep manufactures a foam-based mattress that comes with high-quality foams including memory foam that comes with a durable life.

The body contouring feature, minimal off-gassing, and CertiPUR-US Certification ensures that the product is truly free from allergens and fire safe. The most prominent feature of the Eight sleep mattress is the sleep tracker that is a thin mattress cover which not only protects the mattress but also tracks your sleeping ability. Just download the app (available for iOS and Android) and you can watch how it promotes better sleep quality for you and your partner.

If at all, you want to choose a hybrid mattress, Eight sleep manufactures a hybrid mattress using high-quality foam and innerspring known as Eight Sleep Mars Mattress. A hybrid product, it comes with 2” memory foam as a top layer, transitional polyfoam as the bottom layer, support core of pocketed coils, and a base layer of high-density polyfoam.

Latex Mattress vs Eight Sleep Mattress

Here is the basic comparison of Latex mattress Vs. Eight sleep mattress.

While Eight sleep mattress is known for comfort and ability to relieve strain on pressure points, latex mattresses are known for its durable nature but certainly not for comfort.

Latex mattress is available at cheap price and is considered one of the eco-friendly mattresses. However, memory foam mattress such as Eight sleep outperforms latex mattress. It improves the blood circulation.

Note that there are sleepers who are allergic to latex mattress. While the number of people allergic to latex is just 1%, it can trigger skin reactions or breathing issues. Such situations are not available with Eight sleep mattress.

All the mattresses of Eight sleep are manufactured using high-quality materials that will give you peaceful sleep. However, we cannot claim that Eight sleep is 100% memory foam mattress as the products of Eight sleep come with many materials. Though the company does not include latex, there is a “latex-like” material Eight sleep uses. We are not sure what they mean by this. The mattress firmness is medium-firm which is best suited to cure any back pain naturally. You will wake up feeling refreshed.

However, the company ensures that the mattresses are safe and absolutely healthy. There are no gels infused and the foams are free from any allergens.

A few major downsides of using latex mattresses include –

  • Not good for the spine – latex mattresses are not flexible enough to support your back. Hence, it is always best to go for mattresses such as Eight sleep that come with body contouring features which remove pain from pressure points and support better sleep.
  • Are hot for the body – while 100% natural latex mattress offers cool sleep environment, the mattress pads and sheets can trigger more heat making it uncomfortable to sleep.

The Verdict

Sleep is one of the best medicine that heals the body, mind, and soul. If you want to sleep cool without any disturbance, then we do recommend Eight Sleep. The mattress does come with few chemicals but they are barely effective and mostly harmless. A CertiPUR-US Certified product, Eight Sleep comes with 100-night trial so that you can check how it works for you.

Luxury Firm Mattresses Vs Eight Sleep Mattress

Firm mattresses are classified by manufacturers as luxury firm and cushion firm mattress. Usually, they are paired with a Eurotop style that gives a unique feel.

The ability of the luxury firm mattress is to maintain a firm support while contouring as per the body shape. Many manufacturers also use the term “Cushion Firm” for the luxury firm. It is a great relief for stomach and back sleepers as it helps them get relief from the pressure points.

Eight Sleep mattress is a kind of a luxury firm mattress that offers you great comfort levels for your spine. It is not too firm but offers medium-firm support which is best recommended for back and stomach sleepers. The prominent feature is the sleep tracker that ensures that you get good sleep all night.

A huge disadvantage of the luxury firm mattress is the fact that heavy body weight might case indentations. However, that’s not the cause with Eight sleep mattress. While it is common for every mattress to sag, the high-density foams work unanimously to maintain a stable position without any indentations. Still having doubt? The 100-night trial run gives you a great time to check out how the product works for you. If not satisfied, the company will refund you back.

Motion isolation is also available with Eight sleep mattress so that even if your partner hops in and out of the bed, you can dream on without any disturbance. Usually, many luxury firm mattress comes with extra padding for pressure relief. However, this is not at all necessary with Eight sleep mattress. Why? Because the comforting layers of foam promise the required firmness while cuddling with your body. One of the most comfortable mattress you will ever sleep on, Eight sleep mattress is definitely worth a try.

Plush Soft Mattresses Compared to Eight Sleep Mattress

Plush soft mattress

As in the name, the plush soft mattress is probably one of the softest mattresses that not only adds a luxurious feel but also gives a cuddly feel so it feels like you are cradling into the mattress for a deep sleep. It is a great product that helps people who are dealing with joint pain problems. Sleepers who are slim and light or side sleepers or pregnant women can use plush soft mattress which will help them to sleep peacefully.

However, if you are a back sleeper, this is not recommended as it puts spine out of alignment thus reducing the quality of sleep. Plush soft mattresses are also very expensive which can burn a hole in your pocket.

If you are a couple and have a different sleeping preference, plush soft mattress might not work for you.

Eight sleep mattress

Eight sleep mattresses are available only in medium-firm scale. So you know what you can expect out of the mattress. If you are looking for a soft or extra soft, then this may not be for you.

All the models available for Eight Sleep are the medium-firm mattress that offers you great support for your spine. It is also known to reduce the strain in the pressure points so that you can sleep easily. In fact, if you want to avoid back pain or dealing with back pain but looking for a natural healer, Eight Sleep mattress is for you. The memory foam layer works brilliantly in delivering the necessary firmness and softness so that you won’t feel like sleeping on a log.

The key feature of Eight sleep is the sleep tracker that keeps a check on your sleep quality and notifies you about the hours of sleep, depth of sleep and so on.

Another advantage is the heat feature that adjusts the temperature of your bed based on you and your partner’s preferences.

You can also buy the sleep tracker separately if you are having a mattress in good condition. That being said, we highly recommend you try Eight sleep mattress if your current mattress has gone past the expiry date.

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The Eight Sleep Mattress Lawsuit

Currently, there are no lawsuits filed against Eight Sleep mattress. The company is not a scam and is 100% genuine with its headquarters based in New York.


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