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Ecosa Mattress
  • 100 Night Trail
  • 15 Year warranty
  • Waterproof, Dust mite free
  • Adjustable Firmness
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Ecosa Mattress & Topper

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  • 100 Night Trail
  • 15 Year warranty
  • Waterproof, Dust mite free
  • Adjustable Firmness

Ecosa Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

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Ecoasa Mattress Provides 3 firmness levels in one mattress. It has a simple construction with a waterproof inner cover and an outer cover which can be changed. The Pricing is affordable and in the cheaper range compared to many other memory foam mattresses. You can customize it to your firmness requirement between firm, medium, and medium firm.  

The Ecosa mattress is designed for a range of base types including the floor. It requires minimum maintenance and care.  ‘

Ecosa Mattress Product Review

  • 4.4
  • 7.4
  • 4.6
  • : 4 
  • Slumbersearch : 9.5
  • MemoryfoamTalk : 9.4

Ecosa Mattress is considerably new and one of the basic Memory foam mattresses in the market. Not many websites have reviewed the product and the reviews are basic. Though the mattress is customizable in terms of firmness, there is not much interest in this mattress in general. The main reason for the lack of interest is the rise in the hybrid mattress market. More people prefer a hybrid mattress that has more bounce and also the features of a memory foam mattress. The downside of a hybrid mattress is the price and also the life of the mattress. Ecosa mattress is customizable and it is one of the main reasons for many people giving it a high rating. The customer service of the mattress is good and overall reviews on Google are excellent. At 98% positive reviews on google (which is genuine and from real customers) the Ecosa mattress has an edge. The reviews are based on 2000+ customers. Ecosa site review claims it has over 4.9 /5 rating for its mattresses from over 6000 Reviews. In general, the product seems to be doing what it promises and at a very reasonable cost.

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Bed Base For Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa mattress works on a range of bases, including the floor. It is easy to set up and you need not worry about the right base when it comes to the Ecosa mattress. As long as the mattress sets on a base and it’s firm, you can be sure it will work. From the slatted base, Adjustable or box springs, The Ecosa mattress is just ok with any of them. If you do not want to buy a base right away, go ahead and set it up on the floor.  Unfortunately, you cannot buy a base for your mattress at Ecosa. Ecosa only sells mattresses and does not provide anything apart from mattresses and pillows. You may want to check other vendors including amazon for a base, suitable for your Ecosa mattress. If you already have a base ready from your old mattress, chances are it will work for your new Ecosa mattress as long as you purchase the same size.  

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Ecosa mattress good for Back Pain

Ecosa Mattress has a firm, medium, and medium-firm options. You can set up your Ecosa mattress depending on your requirement. Most people find the firm or medium-firm perfect for back support. Though the mattress company itself does not claim that the mattress is made specifically for back pains or is chiropractor-approved, the Ecosa mattress does a good job in supporting your back in any sleep position with a slight adjustment to the mattress. Research shows that people sleeping on a firm or medium-firm mattress find great support for their back.  

Cleaning the Ecosa mattress 

Cleaning and maintaining a mattress is a regular process that shouldn’t be overlooked. When it comes to Ecosa, you will be required to keep the mattress clean by regularly washing the covers.  Ensure that the mattress is not left in the cold for a long period as the material inside, the foam especially tends to crumble. Your warrant will be void if this happens and it will not cover the damages. The cover of the mattress is washable. Its recommended that you rotate the mattress regularly. You can also Flip some of the layers in the mattress, but flipping the entire mattress is not recommended. 

Coupon code, promo codes and discounts

Ecosa mattress rarely comes out with discounts and promos. You may get 3rd party coupon codes but they may not be very useful. The regular on-site discount currently gives 20% or 200$ discounts on mattresses and pillows. You will be required to subscribe to their mailing list to avail of this discount. You may also look for special prices during holidays, especially labor day and black Friday. There will be a significant discount on prices during these times.  

Contact information & Phone number

Ecosa is an Australian mattress with outlets in the USA. Contact information on the website just provides an email address “” with no physical address or phone number.  

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Dimensions of ecosa mattresses

The Ecosa mattress comes in 6 sizes Single, Long Single, Double, King Single, Queen, King, and Super king. Dimensions of the mattress are listed below

 Width (CM)Length(CM)
Long Single92203
King Single107203
Super King203203

Depth / Height / Thickness 

The Ecosa mattress is 10 inches thick.  

Motion Transfer and partner disturbance on Ecosa

Ecosa mattress has minimum motion transfer and you can be assured that there will be no partner disturbance. Being a full memory foam mattress without spring makes Ecosa disturbance free for your partner. It does not matter what kind of setting you have, firm, medium, or medium-firm, you can be assured that there will be no disturbance for your partner. 

Cover for the Ecosa mattress

One of the best features of the Ecosa mattress is its cover. The cover is waterproof and washable. You need not worry about spills. Though the mattress cover is waterproof it does not feel like you are sleeping on plastic. It does not retain heat and is comfortable in most weather. You will be required to use a sheet on top of the cover for better comfort.

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Super King Size Ecosa mattress, the best seller

Queen Price and Size

The queen-size mattress from Ecosa is one of the most common purchases. It’s the second best seller in the Ecosa range. It is 153 Cm Wide and 203 cm tall. It is perfect for Young adults who love to cuddle. IT does not allow a lot of space but is comfortable for 2. Most people who are in their younger age would prefer the queen size mattress to the king due to the price difference and comfort. With that said, the Ecosa mattress is a perfect bed for sex and activities.

Layers Explained

The Ecosa mattress has 3 main layers. The firm layer which is primarily firm is usually placed on the bottom unless you need a real firm feel. A gel foam layer that is medium-firm, allows airflow and helps the mattress keep cool, and the Memory foam layer itself for a medium-firm feel. The layers can be arranged according to your preferences. Your preferences can change over time and if you ever feel the need to change the firmness of your mattress you can do so now without purchasing a new mattress. 

Ecosa mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are always a great investment. Mattresses are not cheap and even with waterproof covers and the sheets you put on the mattress, chances are that your mattress needs extra protection. With Ecosa mattress, though it’s safe to say that the cover is dustproof and mite-proof and also waterproof, You still need to consider purchasing a mattress protector. Mattress protectors are cheaper and easy to maintain. While you can wash the mattress protector from time to time, it also is replaceable and not a part of the mattress. After a point of time if you feel that your topper is worn out you can simply purchase another one. The cover for the Ecosa mattress on the other hand cannot be purchased separately.

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Topper for Ecosa mattress

The Ecosa mattress is a bit firm and for those who love to sleep on something more soft or plush, you will require a topper. Ecosa mattress does not provide a topper for your mattress and they do not sell them on their site either. If you need a topper for your Ecosa mattress, we suggest amazon. You can check out a range of toppers for your Ecosa mattress from amazon and there are good deals too. Click here for recommendations on mattress toppers for your Ecosa mattress. Be sure to check and verify the size before you purchase your mattress toppers. For instance, Ecosa Mattress Topper for Queen size mattresses are the same for all the queen-size mattresses but you may need to confirm the size of the topper before purchasing one.

Mattress comparison 

Ecosa mattress is compared with most Australian brands and little comparison is seen with American brands of mattresses. For instance, Eva and ergo flex are sold in Australia and don’t have a great presence in the united states. Koala, noa, sleeping duck, Tempur, Sealy, and sleep republic are some of the other mattresses which are compared to the Ecosa mattress. Ecosa is on par with most of the brands in the USA and a bit cheaper. You will find the price value a bit lower than most brands in the USA and especially those solid online. For instance, the Queen size Ecosa goes for $730 While the queen size is $850. This is primarily because of the basic nature of the Ecosa mattress. Puffy is a bit more sophisticated and has a lot better foam. Also the warranty and trial period play a major role in the pricing of Puffy mattresses.

Ecosa stands no comparison to Latex mattresses and vegan options. The mattress, though does not have wool in it, clearly cannot be considered organic. The feel of latex is far different from memory foam and a person who prefers latex wouldn’t prefer an Ecosa mattress. For a range of Latex mattresses please check the bestseller list of Latex mattresses above.

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