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Tossing and turning all the night without finding the right posture to sleep? It is a dreadful experience indeed, where one feels so tired but does not get a restful sleep. I have been through this situation many times and have felt like the end of the world. I have imagined whether I would ever sleep peacefully without hurting my body.
My dreadful nights vanished finally until a few months ago since I brought home the dynasty mattress therapeutic deluxe. I am a newbie to motherhood, I had a tough time sleeping, all throughout my pregnancy, and postpartum days were just horrible. I had many fights with my husband frustrated over my sleeping patterns and all those body pains.

However, little did I know that my sleeping patterns would change from worst to horrible! I thought that after the baby arrives I could sleep peacefully and my body will feel better.  My baby would sleep all night with a few breaks of breastfeeding. I started getting severe backaches and it would not stop. Later one of my friends told me to try a dynasty mattress that offers a therapeutic effect.

I did not wait further but bought her idea and soon invited the dynasty mattress to my bedroom.

Want to know what happened next!

I felt some changes the very next day after sleeping on it, and I found that I had slept well all the night and my back pain was not showing up its dirty face. I didn’t feel that it was excellent or fabulous all of sudden but I started falling in love with this mattress slowly. It was not a “love at first sight feeling” but “falling in love again and again”.

I know there are others who face similar situations just as I went through. In this article, you will get to know everything about dynasty mattress and its therapeutic effects.

Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic Deluxe 10 inches

Features Of Dynasty Mattress

  • Supercool ventilated memory foam mattress with its own airflow cool system
  • Has a profile of 10 inches
  • Made of visco-elastic foam that is hypoallergenic and offers dust-mite protection
  • Removable cover that is washable and has four-ways zips attached
  • The cover is a white beautiful fabric which offers a velour feel
  • Construction is simple with 3-inch HD foam at the top layer and 7-inch resiliency base foam at the base.
  • Non skid bottom
  • Mattress comes compressed, rolled and double wrapped with plastic cover
  • Memory foams used have a density of 5lbs with ILD of 20

I received the mattress in a box that was vacuum-sealed. The minute I opened, it just stretched and took about 2 to 3 hours to expand. Do not expect an instant fully blown mattress and this one takes its own time.

As you, all know memory foam mattresses have some odor and it is nothing new. Therefore, for the safer side I let the mattress to air out for a few days before using it. As a rule of thumb, air out your new mattress to get rid of chemical odors. My husband and I managed to get the mattress to our bedroom. You will need four hands to move the expanded mattress.

We both slept on it for some time to get the feel …

Initially, we felt like there was something under us perfectly cradling our body from head to toe. It dint feel heavenly or like sleeping on a cloud or whatsoever. We felt good and that is it for the first time.

Few weeks passed and I felt like I am sleeping on something that supported my body with full comfort. It was extremely comfortable and super cool. I have always thought that memory foams sleep hot but I was wrong. All thanks to the airflow system of the dynasty mattress deluxe. Both of us started loving this mattress to the core.

Did I feel better with my back pain after sleeping on this mattress?

I know you would want to know about that and the truth is my back pain started fading away slowly. I felt relaxed and could happily spend time with my baby. My husband also seems relaxed after sleeping on this mattress. He now loves to cuddle on top of this mattress.

Dynasty mattress therapeutic deluxe offers the right support and has included the latest technologies in its design. My body aches have vanished into thin air within a few days and I feel so calm.

I hardly tossed and turned while sleeping on this mattress. Sometimes I would go into a deep sleep and wake up only after hearing the sound of my baby crying. I never knew sleeping was this easy and changing a mattress could do wonders.


About dynasty mattress

Dynasty mattress has a range of products often compared with the Tempur-Pedic brand. They have a series of mattress that has different construction and design. They produce special memory foam mattresses that customer’s love to the core. All their mattresses follow standard manufacturing procedures and are CertiPUR-US certified. Overall, dynasty mattress is a reliable brand that has the loyal customer base and quality products to offer.

Why invest in a Therapeutic Deluxe 10-inch memory foam mattress from Dynasty Mattress?

  • This mattress offers super comfort and is just what you need especially if you have body aches and pains. If you have elderly people or someone suffering from chronic health problems then dynasty mattress therapeutic deluxe is the right pick.
  • Therapeutic deluxe from dynasty mattress comes at an affordable price. If you want to enjoy all the comforts without spending much then this is the ideal choice. I would say investing too much on a mattress is not a great thing to do. Nowadays cheaply priced mattresses do well or are better than high-end mattresses.
  • Talking about the quality of the mattress, this mattress scores 10 out of 10. The memory foam layers are of high density and the supportive base offers a sturdy finish. The cool AirFlow layer improves ventilation of the mattress.
  • The cover is washable and easy to remove. I am specially mentioning this here because my mattress is prone to all sorts of accidental spills. Having a newborn makes it impossible to keep the mattress in good shape. Nevertheless, thanks to the removable cover that is easy to maintain and clean.
  • You get two free standard memory foam pillows that match with the mattress cover. The pillows are just awesome and support the shoulders comfortably.

Who should buy dynasty mattress therapeutic deluxe mattress?

  • Ardent memory foam lovers: If you are totally in love with memory foam and in search of a therapeutic variety then this is the ideal pick. Go and grab it soon.
  • Those who are sensitive and have a problem with allergies can choose this mattress blindfolded. This hypoallergenic mattress offers protection from mites and allergens.
  • Want cradling support and comfort then try this mattress
  • Do not want to spend more yet desire for restful sleep then look no further.

Where to buy dynasty mattress therapeutic deluxe?

You can buy dynasty mattress from retail outlets and wholesalers throughout the nation. If you want to personally, feel the mattress before making a purchase then visit nearby stores for the same.

Alternatively, you can buy this mattress online either at Amazon or at their official site. Dynasty mattress has set up its online store where you can buy their products at competitive prices and crack exciting deals. For more details, you can ring this toll-free number: 1-800-208-2713

Customer Reviews Dynasty Mattress

Personally, I am totally fallen I love with this mattress. My friend who told me about this mattress loves this brand to the core. It performs well in terms of comfort, reducing heat and provides the cooling effect. The ventilation system of this mattress is unique to this brand. It has a simple design and construction, which is easy to maintain. Above all, it is a durable mattress.

Check out at the Amazon and this mattress has 4.4-star ratings, which proves that it offers above average satisfaction to all its customers. This mattress is available in all standard sizes and dimensions.

This is what customers have to say about this mattress.

“Super cool and does not sleep hot at all”

“Great pick for a fair price”

“Serving its purpose and reasonably priced”

“Best mattress ever I have had”

Free trial period

This was my first experience with a trial free offer. I always wondered how this offer works and thought to give a try. Fortunately, I loved this mattress and I am not going to return it anytime. Dynasty mattress offers 120 days trial and 20-year Warranty.

Shipping and delivery

The mattress follows the bed-in-a-box style and reaches your doorstep vacuum-sealed. Shipping is entirely free and they have collaborated with Fedex®. After the order and payment procedure, you will have to wait for 4 to 6 business days for your mattress to arrive. Dynasty mattress ships only within the US.

Return policy

In case of a dislike, you can return this product within 120 days of the purchase. You can return this mattress for any reason and avail a full refund.

The mattresses must be in good condition. In addition, it is important to keep all the purchase documents and proofs to claim returns and warranty. The returned product will undergone inspection process before issuing a total refund. Shipping and packaging charges will be the customer’s responsibility. Note that if you do not return before the timeframe, you will not be eligible for any returns. For further details contact at: sales@dynastymattress.com

Bottom line

Dynasty mattress is constantly looking forward to helping its customers to have a better night sleep. They have great designs when it comes to memory foam mattresses. With dynasty mattress therapeutic, deluxe you get two matching pillows, which is an extra bonus.

I am having a great time sleeping on this mattress and now my hubby loves this mattress more than I do. He says he feels relaxed and does not feel tired after a night full of restful sleep. We have a queen size mattress and this is the best mattresses I have ever had. I definitely recommend this mattress to all out there looking for a comfortable mattress.


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