Buy Duo Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

Really finding a mattress for your needs is a difficult task. But no worries with Tweak Slumber Duo mattress available online. It’s a firmer option for couples with different needs and is not as pricey as you think… Further, read on the user reviews and customer testimonials on these beds to know more.

Duo Mattress Scam

No, Duo mattress is not a scam. It is specially made in the UK by one of the leading manufacturers like Breasley. Breasley set up in North Manchester is approved by the National Bed Federation and is involved in producing quality mattresses for more than 40 years. Thus, you can be sure about the quality of mattress, ordered from Duo.

Are Bed bugs in Duo Mattress a Possibility

Quite hard to answer as the mattress is not bed bug proof in nature. Hence, it’s suggested you try to get rid of this bed bugs infestation by yourselves. Otherwise, it may reduce the quality of your life by causing discomfort, anxiety, sleeplessness or embarrassment.

Is Duo Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, this mattress is great for back aches and pains. The bed is available in soft, medium and firm options. So, you can choose firm if you are a side sleeper while your partner can go for the soft comfortable beds (if needed).

Is Duo Mattress Non Toxic

Yes, the bed is absolutely safe as it won’t emit any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, chemical flame retardants, allergenic dyes or any colorants.

How is Duo Mattress Made

The bed features 4 layers along with a mattress cover. It’s four layers include:

  • Top Layer – This a 4cm Viscoool foam layer that helps with pressure relief and also keeps the bed cool during the night hours.
  • Middle Layer – Called as reflex foam layer, where you can choose the firmness of your side. Equally, the layer is interchangeable, specially designed to bounce quicker than the standard memory foams available in the market.
  • Middle Layer – Fine layer made of a combination of pocket springs. It is constructed with supportive AGRO springs along with Harrison spinks micro-springs.
  • Bottom Layer – This is a resilient foam layer that works as a base of the Duo mattress.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Duo Mattress

No particular information is stated on the dimension, height, weight, and thickness of Duo beds. Hence, it’s suggested you check other sites for everything.

Adjustable base For Duo Mattress

Duo mattress adjustable base works for people who suffer different ailments. Besides, it also keeps you in a specific position when you sleep. So check them out at top-selling websites for greater insights.

Mattress Pads by Duo Mattress

A top quality mattress pad can protect your bed from the general wear and tear. The layer will protect your bed from dust and mites, increases longevity and promotes the needed support and comfort.  Thus, it is suggested you get a pair of mattress pads for your Duo beds. They are available online for a cheap, affordable price range.

Duo Mattress Cover/Topper

Duo mattress features a visco-elastic polyester cover, which is hypo-allergenic and equally keeps your mattress fresher for a longer period of time. In addition, it’s machine washable and offers a breathable sleeping surface to the sleepers.

Duo Mattress Bedding Accessories

  • Bedding accessories include – Duo mattress cover, slumber spray, and additional Duo mattress foam inserts.
  • Slumber spray – This Tweak slumber spray is a light mist which comes in a 100ml bottle. Just spray this light mist on your pillow before bedtime.
  • Additional Duo mattress foam inserts – These are additional reflex foam inserts available in soft, medium and firm options. This helps you interchange your mattress firmness at any time.

Duo Mattress Firmness Analysis

The firmness of this Duo Mattress is customizable. So, you can adjust the firmness of your bed according to your needs as it’s easily available in soft, medium and firm options. The soft one is rated 5.5, the medium one is 6.5 and the firm one is ranked 7.5 on the mattress scale.

Duo Mattress Frames & Foundation

Duo mattress works with all types of bed bases including divan, slatted and box sprung. But currently, you won’t find any bed frames available with these websites. Better you get with other top-selling websites.

The Duo Mattress Blog

For Duo mattress blog, just refer the site This will help you with many interesting blogs on sleep patterns and other related info.

The Duo Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

Tweak beds are located at Altrincham at Great Manchester. You can check them out at –

Castleton Works, Atlantic Street
WA14 5BY

Their working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. So, you can visit them anytime (in case you wish to check these products).

Duo Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

They are no local dealers selling these mattresses. Thus, it’s hard for you to get them in the local stores at your destination.

Duo Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

The customer service phone number of Tweak Duo beds is 0333 003 3352. You can call them or sent an email at All your doubts and queries will be answered by their customer support team.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Duo Mattress

You won’t find much info stated on Black Friday deals of Duo Tweak beds. Still, you never lose hope and keep checking the site for interesting deals.

Duo Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Generally, it takes about 5 to 8 working days to deliver these products to the customers. Equally, delivery is free of charge to the UK mainland. While, you will be charged extra for places like the Highlands, Islands, and North. Ireland.

Duo Mattress Financing

Yes, the company offers financing options to their users. You can check it out on their website as they offer, simple no fuss plan to all their customers. But, unfortunately, you won’t avail any credit in case you have any CCJ’s, IVA’s, debt relief orders or bankruptcies.

Duo Mattress in Stores

No, this Duo mattress is not available in the local stores. Hence, it is recommended you check them on the popular online websites at

Duo Mattress Safety & Certifications

Yes, the Duo has been tested according to the UK law and procedures. It meets all the UK health and safety requirements. Equally, certified under the Furniture and Furnishing Regulation Act 1988. Hence, there’s nothing to worry on the safety issue of these beds.

Maintenance On Duo Mattress

Well, cleaning this mattress is quite easy. All you need to unzip the mattress cover and remove it completely for machine wash. Equally, the foam inserts inside this bed are also removable, which easily lets you to vacuum and air out the mattress.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Duo Mattress

Yes, your Duo mattress will produce a slight odor when it’s unpacked. But, don’t worry as it’s totally safe and the odor will automatically disappear after a few hours. Just place them in a good ventilated room to speed up the process.

Motion Transfer on a Duo Mattress

Motion transfer is far excellent in this mattress as each side of the bed is independent of the other. The individually wrapped pocket springs added helps reduce partner disturbance. While the individual foam set up added gives a unique sleep experience to the partners with minimal motion disturbance.

Sagging Problems in Duo Mattress

You won’t experience any sagging troubles on the sides of the mattress when you sleep. Thus, it can be concluded the mattress is good for backaches and spinal alignment troubles.

Brands That are Equivalent to Duo Mattress

Very limited or no specific details are listed on brands equivalent to Duo beds.

Duo Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For Duo Mattress video ads and promo’s, you can refer the link They will provide you with everything on Duo mattress reviews.

The Duo Mattress Giveaway

Well, Tweak doesn’t specify much on the giveaway offers. Better, you keep checking their site for more newsletters on upcoming deals and offers.

The Duo Mattress Lawsuit

There are no lawsuit or any criminal issues filed against these beds. Altogether, the bed is great at offering the needed firmness to the sleepers.


In conclusion, this Duo Mattress is a top-selling hybrid mattress that’s fully customizable to cover your sleep requirements. Try them!  You will never regret or argue with its purchase.