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Dunlopillo bed is a perfect choice for your sleep. All the beds featured in this collection are made of natural latex. It is breathable and hypoallergic, designed without the use of any additional elements. Altogether, it’s good, available at an affordable pricing choice. So, better you read on the reviews before you get them online. 

Dunlopillo Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

There are 5/5 stars rated for these Dunlopillo Mattresses available online. Most of the user reviews have stated – The mattress is great as it offers an excellent contouring and bouncy natural features to the user.

Best Mattress Models from Dunlopillo Mattresses

Dunlopillo Mattress, well known for material and support is available in different models namely:

  • Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress
  • Diamond Mattress
  • Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress

Independent Reviews On Dunlopillo Mattresses

  • Christina says “This is a great comfortable bed that offers the best night sleep for long hours.”
  • Sherin says “Quality five-star mattress I have ever owned in my life.”
  • James says “Very comfortable, high quality, temperature control mattress from my point of view.”
  • Andrew says “Quite satisfactory! Nothing much to exclaim…”
  • Deborah says “Dunlopillo is superbly comfortable with excellent support.”
  • Susan says “High-quality bed that’s very cozy to use.”
  • James says “Looks good and is very comfortable at aiding pressure relief.”

Dunlopillo Mattresses Specifications

Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress

  • This is the deepest core mattress, made using 24cm of 100% Dunlopillo latex material.
  • The latex used in its design is a natural elastic material that easily conforms to your body shape for a healthy night’s sleep.
  • Dunlopillo Millennium is breathable, which keeps your temperature at an even level, wicks away moisture that leads to unpleasant odors.
  • Seven comfort zones added in these beds provide a softer cushion for your shoulder, hips, and heels. Equally, it keeps your spine aligned in whichever direction you sleep.
  • Natural latex added is anti-allergenic, featuring anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The soft knit cover is made using Actipro technology. It showcases enhanced cooling properties, removes unwanted allergens, eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Dunlopillo Diamond Mattress

  • This Dunlopillo Diamond Mattress is 18cm deep and offers a firmer support and cushioned comfort to the users.
  • The 7 comfort zones added offers sumptuous comfort and cooling support to the softer areas. This ensures the body is correctly aligned.
  • Equally, the latex added individually responds to each person lying on the bed and provides them the correct individual support needed.
  • Altogether, the unparalleled elasticity of the latex used in these beds provides an enhanced pressure relief for healthy blood flow to your muscles. This, in turn, helps you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress

  • This Orchid mattress is 24cm deep and is best at offering a firmer support to the users.
  • The natural latex added in these beds offers a perfect comfort by contouring to the natural shape of your body.
  • Dunlopillo 7 comfort zone provides instant pain relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to your body.
  • However, the bed, in turn, helps you maintain a constant, comfortable body temperature.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Dunlopillo Mattresses




2ft 6” Small Single

29.5 x 75”

75 x 190cm

3ft Single

36” x 75”

90 x 190cm

4ft Small Double

48” x 75”

120 x 190cm

4ft 6” Double

54” x 75”

135 x 190cm

5ft King Size

60” x 78”

150 x 200cm

6ft Super King

71” x 78”

180 x 200cm

Adjustable base For Dunlopillo Mattresses

Dunlopillo Mattresses works best on all kinds of adjustable bases or support. Altogether, it provides an unparalleled comfort by cradling your body in every terms.

Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Mattress Pads by Dunlopillo Mattresses

These mattress pads offer a layer of comfort and warmth to the users. Besides, the viscoelastic foam added in these pads offers pressure relieving properties to the users. But, currently, there are no mattress pads available at Mattressnextday stores. Hence, it is suggested you check with other stores. They are available in varying sizes and thickness to suit your needs and physique.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Cover/Topper

Dunlopillo bed features a luxurious, soft knitted cover which helps you stay comfortable (everytime you sleep on these mattresses). Equally, it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Thus, it serves as a perfect option for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Bedding Accessories

Currently, there are no Dunlopillo bedding accessories featured at Mattressnextday. However, it is suggested you get with other sites for more info.


Dunlopillo Mattresses Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, this Dunlopillo bed is available in single, double, king and super king sizes. Further, you can refer the size chart featured at their site for more info.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Trial period – Mattressnextday offers 14 day returns policy on all their products. So, you can return them at the earliest for a hassle-free refund policy.

Guarantee & Warranty – Dunlopillo Mattresses comes with an 8 year guarantee period. Hence, you can repair them anytime (in case any damage happens to your beds).

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Dunlopillo Mattresses

The manufacturer offers 10% discount on all the orders above £100, 5% off on orders above £100, 70% off on all the sale items, free next day delivery on certain orders, 50% off on Dunlopillo mattresses and beds, 25% off on bedding accessories, 48% off on luxury beds . Further, you may also login with your personal email id for receiving newsletters on upcoming deals and offers. 

Dunlopillo Mattresses Comparison

Well, you will find only limited info stated for these Dunlopillo Mattresses comparison. Better, you check with other sites for everything.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Return Policy

Dunlopillo beds come with a 14-day return policy. Thus, you can return them at the earliest, in case you are not happy with the quality offered by these beds.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Shipping & Delivery

No specific detail is listed on shipping. But, the company offers a next day delivery service on most of their products. Besides, they have a mattress disposal facility. So, you can give up your old beds, in case you are not wishing to sleep on your old, thrown away beds.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Setup & Installation

The mattress is quite easy to install. You can refer their instruction-setup manual or look into the online videos for more info on these elements.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far, there are no negative reviews or bad consumer reports stated for these Dunlopillo Mattresses available online. Still, you can refer their site for greater insights.

Dunlopillo Mattresses BBB Business Profile

This Dunlopillo mattress is not BBB accredited. But the mattress is 100% natural, made from quality materials and you will find only positive consumer reviews stated for these beds.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Scam

No, the mattress is not a scam as it is made by a well-known manufacturer who is an approved member of the National Bed Federation’s Code of Practice.

Are Bed bugs in Dunlopillo Mattresses a Possibility

Hard to say… as bed bugs may infest your mattress by getting to your bed from different places. Better you check for some effective heat treatments to get rid of these bed bugs attack.

Is Dunlopillo Mattresses Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, this Dunlopillo is perfect for the back pain sufferers. It includes 7 comfort zones that offer a smoother support to your shoulder, hip and back areas.

Is Dunlopillo Mattresses Non Toxic

The mattress is non-toxic as it is free of harmful chemicals like boric acid, formaldehyde, antimony trioxide and other toxic petrochemicals. Besides, the product conforms to BS7177: 2008 standard for domestic use. Hence, it is considered ideal to use at home.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Firmness Analysis

Well, the feel and firmness offered by this mattress are excellent. Dunlopillo has been rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Equally, it offers the needed support and beautifully adapts to your body type, weight, and other related factors.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Frames & Foundation

This Dunlopillo bed works on all kinds of frames and foundation. It offers a solid underlying support to your body. All you need to check with other sites for more info.

The Dunlopillo Mattresses Blog

For info on blogs, it is suggested you refer the link This could help you with more details on sleep goals and related issues.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Factory Location & Headquarters

The company owns showrooms at places like Herne Bay and Canterbury. It is quite easy to access! So, you can approach them anytime you wish. Their working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

The contact service number for Mattressnextday is 0333 0069 769. You can contact them anytime for all your doubts and queries related to these beds.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Dunlopillo Mattresses

With Black Friday deals, you can avail around 70% off on these Dunlopillo Mattresses. But at present, there are no Black Friday deals available, as all the offers have ended. Still, you never lose hope… instead keep checking their site for latest deals and upcoming offers.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Delivery Fee & Time

You can avail next day delivery, along with free shipping offers on orders above £150. Refer the site for more.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Financing

Zero percent interest-free credit is available on Dunlopillo Mattresses. Visit their site to know much about V12 retail financing and their budget-friendly options available.

Dunlopillo Mattresses in Stores

No, the mattress is not available in the local stores. Better you get them from the seller’s website or check with other top-selling destinations like Amazon.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Safety & Certifications

This Dunlopillo bed is an NBF certified product. Hence, there’s nothing to worry as it is considered a perfect choice for asthma and allergic sufferers.

Maintenance On Dunlopillo Mattresses

This mattress is quite easy to maintain. The company suggests you rotate your bed from end to end (in between every 2 weeks and 2 to 3 months thereafter). But, remember you do not use any cleaning fluids on the product or never expose the mattress to any open flame areas.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Dunlopillo Mattresses

The company states, the mattress won’t produce any toxic off-gassing or bad odor as the bed doesn’t include any carcinogenic components added in its construction.

Motion Transfer on a Dunlopillo Mattresses

Motion transfer is very low in Dunlopillo beds when compared to other mattresses available in the market. All in all, it easily helps at reducing the impact of one sleeper’s movement on the other person.

Sagging Problems in Dunlopillo Mattresses

This is not a sinking mattress. It perfectly helps at lowering health issues like backaches and sleep disturbances.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Video Ads & Promo’s

For Dunlopillo Mattress video ads and promos, you can refer the following links

This could help you with more details on firmest options like Dunlopillo beds.

The Dunlopillo Mattresses Giveaway

At present, there is no giveaway offers available with Mattressnextday. Better you get into the site or check on for more interesting deals listed.

The Dunlopillo Mattresses Lawsuit

Until now, there are no legal or criminal cases filed against these mattresses. Overall, it’s a right mattress which offers you a restful, relaxing sleep.


Really, this Dunlopillo Mattress is an absolute comfort mattress which provides an excellent postural support, unique luxury and support to the users. So, why wait? Order them soon as possible.



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