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Dreamie Fleece – Camping Blanket with Travel Bag is an “As Seen On TV product “. It is the amazing all in one top sheet, bottom sheet, and pillow pocket. Dreamie Fleece not only provides warmth and comfort but more importantly, useful for traveling and packing light. You can have comfort, all around your body, including coverage in the back, and on your feet for all over warmth. It is like, 2 fleece blankets in 1, to keep you warm and is just like a cocoon. The fluffy, comfortable material is thick enough to keep you warm but thin and light enough to fit perfectly in the pouch Read More …

  • White Glove Delivery
  • Mattress Removal
  • Finance Available
  • 15 Years warranty
  • 120 Days home trial


  •  Organic Mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Finance available


  •  365 night Home trial

  • Forever warranty

  • Tencel cooling cover

  • Certipur Certified 

  • Gel Memory foam

Dreamie Fleece features soft comfortable bedding. You can use it at hotels, on airplanes, for car trips, or your own chair or couch. The Pillow pocket helps to keep your pillow in place while you sleep. Durable fleece material is machine-washable design, so it is easy for cleaning. The Espresso color gives a stylish look. Its unique design affords you full body comfort and coverage. The side opening, and built-in pillow pocket, of DREAMIE, makes it very comfy. You might not want to get out.

Features of Dreamie Fleece

  • Dreamie is like a personal cocoon.
  • The top sheet, bottom sheet, and pillow pocket – all in one.
  • It comes with a free Travel bag and is lightweight.
  • It is thin and light enough to fit perfectly in the pouch.
  • Dreamie Fleece material is made of machine washable uber soft fleece.
  • It is great for sleepovers, camping, traveling, and can be used on a couch, chair, airplanes, and even in a car.
  • It is washable and holds very well the light heat of a dryer.
  • Dreamie Fleece comes in Espresso Color.
  • It opens on one side for easy entry or exit and comes with a built-in pillow pocket.
  • The fluffy, comfortable material is thick enough to keep you warm.
  • It is not a sheet, not a blanket. It is the Original Dreamie.


  •  Free and fast delivery
  • 100 night trial
  • Free returns
  • Celliant Technology
  • 10 years warranty


  • Zip and wash cover

  • 100% made in usa

  • Stain resistant fabric

  • 101 nights sleep trial

  • Lifetime warranty


  • 365 night trial
  • Everlong warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Financing Facility

Customers Concern About Dreamie Fleece

One of the main concerns regarding this product was the quality of the material. Dreamie Fleece is of a higher quality, as it is not only soft and fluffy, but it is indeed warm. Another concern was with regard to its life span. Customers raise this concern, since it is recommended for traveling and also needs cleaning, handling, packing and unpacking. An average of 2 years of frequent use isn’t visible at all. The blanket will not lose it qualities, in material or functionality, if it is washed and maintained properly.

Dreamie Fleece will fit for even tall or chubby people. So the size of the blanket is not a problem at all. Nobody has complained that the blankets are too short, or too narrow, not to comfortably host anyone. Another concern was how warm it will feel. It will provide just a bit of extra warmth, no problem. But in heavy winter nights, it better to slip into it and cover yourself with another blanket. It won’t replace a real professional sleeping bag, though.

What Is Fleece?

Fleece is a synthetic material made from 100 % polyester. The raw materials for polyester are made from two petroleum products: terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Fleece is the ideal material for a mid-layer. It is made from long lasting synthetic fibers that are able to trap air and keep you warm.

Fleece is able to resist moisture and withstand wear and tear. It is warm like wool, thick and deep-pile. Fleece will only absorb a small percentage of moisture if it gets wet and it also dries quickly. Fleece does not accumulate little wooly balls on the fabric, as it begins to age, like wool and other fabrics.


  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Flame retardant


  •  100 night sleep trial

  • 10 year warranty

  • Finance facility available

  • Free shipping


  •  100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Certified organic 

Dreamie Fleece Customer Questions &  Reviews

Is this microfiber fleece or cotton fleece or something else?


How easily well does it wash, and does it take forever to dry?

It is easily washable and does not take long to dry.

What are dimensions of the actual blanket?

The size of the blanket is 1m x 2m

Dreamie Fleece Reviews

An Amazon Shopper says Dreamie Fleece is of good quality and is soft and non-static. It is just the right thickness for comfort, warmth, very practical and useful.

Toasty says I bought Dreamie Fleece for my husband and he has one word to say-Toasty! We both are very happy with the purchase.

Another customer says it is more comfy and warm than my regular blankets and sheets. This is so nice when I go to my grandkids house-I like the couch to sleep on and this makes it really great!

Kate says I use this with my typical warm blanket for extra warmth, but this can easily be used for warm couch lounging. It is long enough to have my back and head lying on fleece all night and to lie over my pillow. It is like an incredibly lightweight & portable sleeping bag.

Buckeye says it is like a very thin sleeping bag. It is great for when it is warm out when camping. I like the built-in pillow- case to slip your pillow into. It also comes with a bag to store it in, and it can also be used as a snug blanket. If you are looking for a lot of warmth, especially when camping, this is not the item for you. If you are searching for a fairly warm and portable one, this is good. I recommend it.

Negative Reviews

Shank says it is a nice idea. But the fabric was really cheap and looks like it will fall apart fast. It would be nice if it was made better.

An Amazon customer says it is comfy but it won’t keep you that warm. The fleece is thinner.

Anne says the quality is not good.

Boyce says stitching is pathetic.


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool 


  •  20 year warranty

  • Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex

  • Handcrafted in USA

  • Free shipping


  •  Free 100 night trial

  • 10 year warranty

  • Perfect hybrid mattress

  • Excellent reviews


Dreamie Fleece is better than any blanket invention of the year. Its unique design affords you full body comfort and coverage. The Dreamie Fleece is the amazing all in one top sheet, bottom sheet, and pillow pocket. It provides soft comfortable bedding no matter where you lounge or sleep. The soft fleece fabric keeps you snug and warm in the chilly winter months.

Few people who were not pleased with this product and that mostly happened due to manufacturing flaws. But the general verdict of the product is a wholeheartedly positive one as it will fit any house and any type of person. It is a high -quality product with high- quality features.