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  • 20  Years WArranty
  • 101 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping and Delivery
  • Best Mattress For Athletes
  •  Adjustable Base compliant
  • Best mattress For back pain
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DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress & Topper

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  • 365 Night Trial (Longest trial in the industry)
  • Lifetime Warranty (on All manufacturing defects for life)
  • Free Shipping and Returns in the USA
  • Easy finance available .
  • 15 inch mattress – Better weight limit , Great comfort, better life of mattress
  • 6.5 Firmness level – Perfect for most users. Great for people with back problems.
  • Perfect mattress for heavy people (over 250 lbs.) 

Visit the official Website at to purchase the mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is a Luxury Hybrid mattress with pocketed innerspring coils. The height of the mattress is 15 inches. The increased height helps the mattress bear better weight. If you are among those who are more than 200 lbs, you can be sure this mattress will be perfect for you. The Mattress will not lose its comfort over time even if you are overweight and you can put those concerns aside. The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is Medium-firm with a firmness scale of 6.5. Most people who are heavy will find this mattress a bit soft, but not too soft. 

 Innerspring mattresses and hybrids are known to have a lot lesser life than Memory foam and Latex but with the right construction, you could extend your mattress’s life to a double. The construction of the Dreamcloud and its layers are key to the mattress’s life and comfort. The mattress has 4 Layers, a Eurotop cover, and a Bottom mattress cover. The Gel Infused top Layer keeps the mattress cool in all weather. Being an innerspring, hybrid luxury mattress, the airflow is regulated perfectly to ensure that there is no heating in the mattress.  The bottom covers ensure the mattress does not move around and keep the layers in place. The High-density Baselayer ensures that the mattress is always held well. Overall the mattress construction looks very simple but it’s crafted well.

The mattress is Certipur certified and is free from chemicals including mercury and other heavy metals. The Dreamcloud Mattress is among the best-selling luxury hybrid mattresses today. The customer reviews for this mattress excel and exceed most other competitors. You can see the comparison of Dreamcloud mattresses with other leading mattresses in the industry here.

Dreamcloud mattress Reviews

Dreamcloud has one of the best reviews overall from all mattress review websites. We compared a lot of websites that review mattresses and Dreamcloud has an average rating of over 4.5 out of 5. In terms of luxury, the mattress excels. The mattress is known to hold better weight than many other mattresses in the industry and has a minimal motion transfer with excellent edge support. 

Full Customer reviews available now at

Below are some of the ratings by mattress review websites online.

  • The sleep Judge 4/5 
  • Sleepopolis 4.7/5
  • Slumbersearc 9.7/10
  • Consumeraffairs : 1.3/7
  • 4.6/10
  • Memoryfoam Talk 9.6/10
  • Mattressadvisor :8.8/10
  • 7/10
  • 4.8/10
  • :9.1/10
  • : 7/10

Coupon & Discount Code

Dreamcloud mattress has a constant $200 off the program on all mattresses when you subscribe to their newsletter. Simply wait for a few seconds for the newsletter tab to appear on top. Once you subscribe to the newsletter you will be provided with a coupon code and discount of $200 on all mattress purchases. Using a coupon code with the newsletter subscription coupon code will not benefit from additional discounts. You will also not get a bigger discount than the $200 Discount which is provided by the email subscription. Beware of fake discounts and coupon codes on sites online. Most of them are void and will not be valid. 

Customer Complaints & Problems

A total of 84 Complaints were registered on BBB (Better Business Bureau) over the past 3 years out of which 76 were in the past one year. All complaints were resolved amicably. The majority of the complaints were concerning Shipping. Delivery and products and services. Delivery delays were common complaints from customers and also complaints on wrong products sent were a common issue. Warranty claims and complaints were limited to 8 and 4 other complaints were registered on BBB. Overall BBB rates Dreamcloud at A- in their rating scale which is good but not the best. 

Ensure that you are purchasing the right product and there are no mistakes on your part when purchasing the Dreamcloud mattress. Returns could take time and emails will get lost in the huge pile. Call customer care for better results in case something goes wrong. If nothing else works, get a complaint registered at BBB URL at

Construction, Material and Layers

For details on the Construction of The Dreamcloud Premier Mattress visit

For the Dreamcloud Standards, Visit

The Dreamcloud mattress has 4 performing layers, a Quilted euro top, and a Bottom Mattress cover. The Quilted Euro-top offers luxurious comfort and softness. The Quilted top is the key to the luxurious feel and the reason for most people loving the Dreamcloud mattress. It’s the only layer most people will ever see. The layer right below the quilted euro top is the comfort layer. the Contour comfort layer is Gel-infused memory foam. Most mattresses will use a gel-infused layer to keep the mattress from heating while;e you sleep. The Comfort layer is also responsible for the Relief of pressure points. Below the comfort layer is the support layer. You don’t want to feel to sink into the mattress and that’s exactly the purpose of the support layer. It gives you firm support for the Gel-infused layer. It also ensures that you don’t feel the encased coil right below it. This layer is firm and dense, but just enough to provide you the support required. The Innerspring coil is encased or pocketed. This ensures that the mattress does not produce any noise over a longer period. The side coils are denser to provide better edge support. The innerspring coil is the reason for a better bounce of the mattress. The entire mattress is the cover that encases everything. This cover is breathable and ensures that the entire mattress stays in one piece. 

The mattress is Certipur certified which ensures that they are free from hazardous chemicals. 

Where to Buy the Dreamcloud Mattress

To Buy a Dreamcloud mattress visit

The best place and the only place you can purchase the Dreamcloud mattress is at Amazon has a listing of Dreamcloud mattresses but they don’t sell Dreamcloud mattresses there. Be sure to purchase the Dreamcloud mattress from if you want to get the right product and a valid warranty and returns. You are looking at a 365-night trial and you wouldn’t get that kind of trial value from amazon. Amazon allows 30-day returns and not 365-night returns. If you purchase the Dreamcloud mattress from any of the stores, be sure that you get the trial and warranty details verified. 

  • Dreamcloud King Mattress Best Price : The best Price for the Dreamcloud king-size mattress is $999 if you get a discount of $200 from the newsletter subscription. The normal price for a king-size mattress is $1199. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will get a mail with the coupon code from Dreamcloud which is valid. You can use them to purchase your Dreamcloud mattress and the whole process will not take more than 5 minutes, starting from entering your details to getting the code and purchasing the mattress.
    Best Price on The Dreamcloud King Mattress:
  • Dreamcloud Queen Mattress Best Price : The actual price for the Queen Size Dreamcloud mattress is $999 but you can apply a $200 discount from the newsletter subscription. The Coupon code for the discount will be sent to your registered email address for $200. Your Queen Size Dreamcloud mattress will cost you $799 and that’s the best price.
    Best Price on Dreamcloud Queen L

Instructions on How to setup a Dreamcloud mattress

Dreamcloud mattress comes in a huge duffel bag. It is heavy and will require help to get to the room you prefer. That is the only help you will need. Everything else is getting the plastic cover off the mattress packaging and waiting for the mattress to expand and unfold. There is no setup required if you have the right foundation. Once you place the mattress on the foundation and unpack the plastic, everything else is hands-free. It is more or less, waits for a few hours to get the mattress to expand.

Dreamcloud Setup instructions now on To Buy Dreamcloud mattress visit

Dreamcloud Mattress Bases, Frames & Foundation

Bases are not just for comfort and style or aesthetics. It also adds life to your mattress. A poor base may ruin your mattress and void your warranty. The Dreamcloud works great with the platform base, adjustable base, metal frames. It becomes a bit too bouncy with a box spring and is not recommended. You need not purchase a base from Dreamcloud, but you need to ensure that the base for your mattress is strong, sturdy, and in perfect condition. The Dreamcloud mattress works with an adjustable base.

  • Works well with any mattress of the same size
  • Made with premium material
  • No tools Required Assembly
  • Comes with optional legs for adjustable height

The Dreamcloud platform bed and base come with a 50-night trial and free shipping. The product is made with premium material and carries a lifetime warranty. You don’t need any tools to assemble it. The Base comes with adjustable heights which are optional. The slats are 4 inches apart and work with other mattresses too.

  • 50 night trial 
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Life time warranty
  • Finance available
  • Slat Spacing of 4 inches apart

Sizes and prices

  • TWIN 39” x 75” x 15” $200 
  • QUEEN 60” x 80” x 15” $250 
  • TWIN XL 39” x 80” x 15” $200 
  • KING 76” x 80” x 15” $275 
  • FULL 54” x 75” x 15” $200 
  • CAL KING 72” x 84” x 15” $275 


  • Adjustable Comfort
  • No Tools REquired Easy assembly
  • Adjustable height with 3 height options
  • 3 speed vibration head and foot massager
  • 3 preset position
  • Wireless remote
  • 5 different sizes

Most Mattress companies today come up with at least one mattress which is compatible with adjustable bases. Adjustable bases are good for people who have undergone surgery or have back problems. Some people use it for comfort. The Dreamcloud mattress is compatible with most adjustable bases but it’s best suited with the base provided by Dreamcloud. The Dreamcloud adjustable base comes with a 3-year warranty and a 50-night trial. Assembly is super easy. You don’t need any tools. The Dreamcloud adjustable base works with any adjustable mattress. The base comes with 3 preset positions, a wireless remote, and 3-speed vibration for head and foot massage. The adjustable base is available in 5 different sizes.

  • Cool Comfort with Perfect Airflow and breathability for your mattress.
  • Elevates your mattress height to your requirement
  • Easy assembly and light weight
  • Sturdy to handle the heaviest mattress. Perfect support for box springs and other foundations without letting your mattress sag.
  • Adjustable sliding end rails to fit any mattress size 
  • 7 Legs with locking wheeled roller
  • Floor protection caps

Size and dimension

  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT1,000 lbs
  • HEIGHT 7”

The Dreamcloud metal frames come with a 50-night trial and a lifetime warranty. The Frame helps you put the mattress at the right height for better comfort, without losing the aesthetics of your room. It is sturdy and can handle the heaviest mattress. It supports up to 1000 lbs of weight and can hold a box spring or foundation without letting your mattress sag. The Frame is suitable for all sizes of mattresses with a maximum width of 75 inches and length of 70 inches. It comes with a center railing for better support and 7 legs which gives each area of the frame equal weight support. The legs are attached with a locking wheeled roller and a floor protection cap. The frame allows proper airflow for your mattress and you can be assured that the mattress warranty will not be void. The Dreamcloud metal frame is compatible with all Memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses.

  • Comes in 2 colors
  • Luxurious Silky Upholstered Button tufted headboard
  • Metal frame with real wooden slats
  • No box spring or foundations required
  • Available in 3 sizes

Sizes and Dimensions

  • Full 84’’ x 60’’ x 40’’
  • Queen 89’’ x 66’’ x 40’’
  • King 89’’ x 82’’ x 40’’

Want to add a luxurious feel to your bedroom? The Dreamcloud bed frame sports a silky upholstered button tufted headboard and comes with a metal frame and wooden slats. You don’t need a box spring or foundation with this frame and it comes in 2 colors. The frame comes with a 50-night trial and is built with quality materials. You don’t need any tools to assemble this bed frame and the assembly is easy. The bed frame with headboard comes in 3 different sizes.

Beddings & Toppers

  • Luxury Cotton sheet set by Dreamcloud
  • Comes in 6 different sizes
  • 100% Long staple cotton 
  • Easy care. Wash on gentle cycle and medium tumble dry
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Finance facility
  • Clearly labeled “foot of the Bed”
  • Fully enveloped
  • Fits any mattress 12 inches or over.
  • Elastic corner bands
  • Diagonal Twill weave pattern for light weight breathable , cool to touch feel
  • Enhanced durability
  • Envelope closure pillow case

For full details on the Dreamcloud Mattress toppers visit

Sheets are often overlooked when purchasing a mattress. Complement your mattress with the best sheets from Dreamcloud. With 100% staple cotton and clearly labeled sheets to envelop the mattress completely, you not only protect the mattress but make it look a notch better. The sheets come with standard pillow covers. The sheets are breathable and cool to touch and feel. For more information on the sheets check out the website.

Dreamcloud Pillows

  • Twin/Twin XL set: 1 standard pillowcase
  • Full/Queen set: 2 standard pillowcases
  • King/California set: 2 king pillowcases
  • Suitable for back stomach and side sleepers
  • Sleep cool with temperature regulating technology
  • internal ventilation with cooling gel
  • Wicks heat and moisture
  • 1 inch comfort foam provided to adjust height
  • Product L x W x H: 22”x15”x7”
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Removable and washable covers

For the entire specs on The Dreamcloud pillows, read the article on

The Dreamcloud pillows are crafted for comfort. No matter what your comfort level and how you sleep, the pillow can be adjusted accordingly. This pillow is not made of shredded latex but has solid latex layers. Each layer is 1 inch in thickness and you can add or remove a layer to match your comfort levels. The pillows sleep cool and it is perfect for back, stomach, or side sleepers. The temperature regulating technology and the internal ventilation cooling gel keep the pillow cool in all weathers. The covers are removable and washable.

Dreamcloud Mattress Protectors

  • 50 night final sale period (returns taken if unopened)
  • Easy care – Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Free shipping
  • Crafted with 300 thread count 100% cotton
  • Breathable quilted top layer with 1 inch loft
  • Deep pocket panels to fit mattresses up to 22 inch height
  • Durable, noiseless, 100% waterproof, spill and stain resistant. 

A mattress protector helps prevent stains, dust, and spills on a mattress. Most mattresses are polyester to keep spills and stains away but the 100% cotton mattress protectors by Dreamcloud help maintain temperature and yet prevent stains. It is 100% waterproof, washable and noiseless. The 300 thread count protector is simply one of the best mattress protectors in the industry.

Buy The mattress protector from Dreamcloud at

  • Twin Dimensions: 75” x 39” x 16” / Weight: 4.78 lbs
  • Twin XL Dimensions: 80” x 39” x 16” / Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • Full Dimensions: 75” x 54” x 16” / Weight: 6.62 lbs
  • Queen Dimensions: 80” x 60” x 16” / Weight: 7.85 lbs
  • King Dimensions: 80” x 76” x 16” / Weight: 9.94 lbs
  • Cal King Dimensions: 84” x 72” x 16” / Weight: 9.89 lbs

Dreamcloud Weighted Blankets

  • Stimulates pressure points
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Deep pressure therapy for a hug feeling
  • Keeps cool with breathable material
  • Weighted by glass beads – Non toxic, Durable , eco friendly 
  • Sleeps cool in summer

Buy the weighted blanket from Dremacloud at

  • BLANKET DIMENSIONS  47in x 74in x 1in
  • WEIGHT 20 lbs
  • Quilted Cover:
  • Color: Grey
  • Outer: 100% Polyester Velvet
  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Fill: 100% Polyester Batting
  • Inner Blanket:
  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: Silicon Dioxide Beads

Smell , Odor and Off gassing

Odor is common in all mattresses. Though many of the mattress companies will tell you that there is no smell in the mattress, the first day or 2 will have some smell. It’s the smell of new fabric and foam. There is no Harmful VOC in the mattress. Even if the mattress does not have any smell, it’s best to leave the mattress off-gas for a day or 2 before starting to use the mattress. Many of us don’t feel comfortable with new odors or smells. We may feel difficulty in adjusting to the new smell. 

Contact & Customer service Phone number



Dreamcloud uses a 3rd party financing company, Affirm for all the financing needs of their customers. The prequalification can be done online and takes a few minutes. You need to verify a few details and the entire process should take no more than a few minutes. The entire questionnaire is about 20 sets of questions which is analyzing your financial conditions and your credit score. You will be approved within minutes. 

NOTE: It’s always recommended that you do NOT use any form of Financing if you want to get the best price and avoid hassle when you return the mattress.

Showroom, Stores & Retailers Location

Dreamcloud mattress has no brick-and-mortar business presence. You will have to purchase the mattress online. While this may seem to be one of the drawbacks, it is also the main reason why the mattress is affordable. Luxury mattresses of the Dreamcloud quality sell for anywhere between $1800-$3000. The cost of the Dreamcloud queen without discounts is set at $999 because the savings are passed on to the customer. With the mattress boom in online sales, people have found it more comfortable to try the mattresses at home for an extended time, in the case of Dreamcloud, for a year. This benefits both, the customer and the company selling the mattress in different ways.

Warranty, Return Process

Dreamcloud mattresses provide a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. The Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and defects on the parts which are not caused due to daily use of the mattress. Sagging, indentations are not covered in the warranty if it is caused due to daily usage. We recommend that you read the entire warranty page before purchasing the mattress. If you do not like the mattress in one year, you can always return it to the company and get a full refund. The refund process can be initiated by calling the customer service number at 1-855-976-4860 and emailing them at with the details. Note that there is a break-in period of 30 days for returning the mattress and if a mattress is opened after 90 days it is considered a misuse of the product and the warranty void, making the product ineligible for returns. Unopened products should be returned within 30 days and the returns will be processed normally. White glove charges will not be refunded on returning the mattress.

Box spring For Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is a hybrid and naturally bouncy. Adding more bounce by putting a box spring underneath will add more bounce to the mattress which will not be the results you require. For the right experience, check out some of the frames and foundations on It is not required that you purchase one of them but you will get a gist of what is suitable for a foundation for Dreamcloud mattresses. If you want to add a bit MORE bounce, You could use a box spring as long as it meets the terms and conditions of the Dreamcloud mattress. You may want to check out the terms page on Dreamcloud for more information. One of the best foundations for the Dreamcloud mattress is a slatted platform. It provides the best support for the mattress and comfort for the person sleeping on it.

Find options for bed bases and frames for Dreamcloud at

Shipping & Delivery Time and delays

One of the biggest complaints with Dreamcloud mattresses is not the product itself but the delivery. There have been over 38 complaints in the past year related to shipping and delivery delays of Dreamcloud mattresses. While most of the complaints have been addressed, it is to be noted that the problem did exist. 

Weight limits & Weight

Dreamcloud is a huge mattress and is thick at 15 inches. While most mattresses in the industry are usually 12 inches, the extra 3 inches of the Dreamcloud makes it apt for heavy people. IT also means that the mattress does not bottom out when someone heavy sleeps on it. The Dreamcloud mattress can take up to 350 lbs. Of weight on each side and that’s a total of 700lbs per mattress. The coils will support the maximum weight without giving in. The warranty of the mattress will not be affected if someone over 350lbs uses the mattress but the comfort of the mattress cannot be guaranteed. People between the weight of 230 and 350lbs find the Dreamcloud mattress Soft and supportive. People below 230lbs may find the Dreamcloud mattress a bit in the medium-firm category. Overall, the Dreamcloud mattress is a perfect fit even if you are heavy and you can be sure that the mattress will support your weight throughout its life.

Dreamcloud Mattress For Back pain

The Dreamcloud mattress is not designed specifically for people with back pain. Fortunately or by chance, the mattress falls under the medium-firm side and is perfect for adjustable beds. These are the 2 main criteria for a mattress for back pain and problems. The Dreamcloud mattress performs well with people suffering from back pain. It does not exert too much pressure on your body and gives you a uniform feel. Since it’s compatible with adjustable bases and beds, you will find the Dreamcloud mattress perfect for people with back pains and using an adjustable base. Overall you could use the Dreamcloud mattress for back pain and problems. It’s not the recommended mattress, but it works. Note that there is no chiropractor’s recommendation for this mattress. If you don’t think this mattress is right for you, you can always return it after using it for 30 nights.

Read more about how some customers found a great difference in their back pain at

Dreamcloud is a Luxury Mattress. It’s one of the few luxury mattresses which are sold online and which is good. Apart from being nominally priced, the mattress offers a lifetime warranty and a 365-night trial, and free shipping. The Dreamcloud mattress comes in the Luxury firm category and is a hybrid mattress. The reviews from various mattress review sites and individuals put Dreamcloud as one of the most affordable memory foam Luxury Hybrid mattresses online.

For side by side comparison of Dreamcloud with other mattresses.


Do you need a box spring with a DreamCloud mattress?

The Dreamcloud mattress does not require a Boxspring. You could go with a frame and a slatted base if you prefer that. A box spring works too but is not a mandatory requirement. No matter what the base is, ensure that it meets the requirements set by Dreamcloud mattress company. You would void your warranty if you use a box spring that is worn out or a base that does not meet the specific requirements. The Dreamcloud mattress also works well with most adjustable bases. You could also place the mattress on the floor but the only problem is the dust and dirt which may accumulate near your bed. If you are looking to purchase a base or a frame, You can do so from the Dreamcloud mattress website and be sure that you will not void the warranty.

How thick is a DreamCloud mattress?

Dreamcloud mattresses are 15 inches thick. The thickness of the mattress is important for many people, especially those who are overweight or obese. A thick mattress ensures that you don’t hit the bottom of the mattress if you are heavy. This also provides a luxurious feel for normal-weight people. Chances of you hitting bottom is next to impossible on a Dreamcloud mattress. While most mattresses are only 8 or 10 inches thick, with 15 inches of height on a Dreamcloud mattress, you can be sure that the mattress is luxurious, will last more than any other mattress, and will be comfortable at the same time.

How long does it take for DreamCloud mattress to expand?

The Dreamcloud mattress requires at least 24 hours to expand to full shape. Though the company claims that the mattress is usable in a few hours, leave the mattress opened and unused for at least 24-48 hours. This will ensure that there is no chemical odor that comes off a new mattress and the mattress expands fully. For most memory foam mattresses, you will find that the mattress expands much faster if you sleep on it. This is because the body heat will speed up the process. For an innerspring mattress and hybrids like the Dreamcloud mattress, it is recommended that you leave the mattress to take its course while it expands. A good 24 hours is recommended. 48 hours will surely be good if you do not want the mattress to smell. Always ensure that the mattress area where you unpack is well ventilated.

Is DreamCloud mattress toxic?

Dreamcloud mattress is Certi-Pur Us Certified. That does not mean there are no chemicals involved. The entire manufacturing process of a mattress involves it going through many chemicals. While the Certipur US standard requires that you not use a lot of the chemicals on the list, some chemicals are still permitted and not entirely safe for everyone. Advice caution and leave the mattress off-gas for at least 24 to 48 hours. The process of leaving the mattress in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours ensures that most of the chemicals which can be aired out will be gone. Most mattresses will have significantly low traces of toxic material after it is left out for 24 to 48 hours and is considered safe. 

Dreamcloud mattress is no different. It is safe and non-toxic as long as you go through the right process and leave the mattress for 2 days after unpacking.

How does the DreamCloud mattress arrive?

Dreamcloud mattresses are shipped via FedEx ground and you will receive them in 2 – 5 business days. The mattresses will be left outside your door in most cases.

Is DreamCloud mattress made in the USA?

No, Dreamcloud mattresses are manufactured in China and shipped from fulfillment centers in Washington. The website does not state the country of manufacture but various sources have mentioned that the product is manufactured in China and shipped to the USA for distribution. Refer to for more information

Are DreamCloud and nectar the same company?

Yes, Dreamcloud mattress and Nectar are both manufactured by the same company and distributed in the USA from a facility in Washington. The Nectar mattress is the base model, a much cheaper option that also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365-night trial. The mattresses, though manufactured in China are excellent and the services provided are to the mark. Manufacturing in china also helps the company save on price which is passed on to the customers.

How much is a DreamCloud mattress?

The dream cloud mattress starts at $799 and the queen mattress sells for $1099. It is one of the cheapest luxury mattresses in the market. A mattress of the same quality from Saatva sells at the same price with a trial of 120 nights and a warranty of 15 years. Most people will require a new mattress after 10 years and with that in mind, both the mattresses will be just as great. Another difference between the saatva and the Dreamcloud mattress is the height. The saatva has a 14-inch height but the Dreamcloud is 15 inches thick.

What is DreamCloud mattress made of?

The Dreamcloud mattress is made of Gel-infused memory foam and is a hybrid with pocketed coils. The construction of the mattress is similar to the saatva and most high-end Luxury mattresses. The mattress has 5 layers, a quilted top, and a cover.

How much do DreamCloud mattresses weigh?

The mattress weighs between 74 lbs (Twin XL) to 135 lbs (Cal King). You can get the full dimension and weight on the Dreamcloud mattress website at

Which mattress is better Saatva or DreamCloud?

Dreamcloud and saatva both are very similar in construction and overall quality. The choice of mattress is mostly a personal preference. I would personally buy a saatva because they have been in the market for a bit longer and their reviews are impeccable. Because the saatva mattress is manufactured in the USA, I would tend to believe that the services would be far better and the returns (if any) would be easy to process. There have been no problems with the Dreamcloud mattress in general so far and the reviews do indicate that the company does a good job in keeping the customers satisfied.

How firm is a DreamCloud mattress?

The Firmness scale of 6.5 is what the company states for a Dreamcloud mattress. This falls under the luxury firm category according to Dreamcloud but you can expect the mattress to be a bit on the softer side. Luxury mattresses do feel cozy and it may feel like it will sink in. The fact is that the mattress is soft, yet firm. You will not sink into the mattress and the mattress is very supportive. Hybrid mattresses tend to give you a perfect contouring feel and it’s one you will get used to overtime. Chances are you will love the Dreamcloud mattress after a week and cannot sleep in another mattress after that.

Is DreamCloud good for side sleepers?

Dreamcloud mattresses are great for side sleepers. Almost all hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils will help you get a good night to sleep if you are a side sleeper. The mattress adjusts itself to distribute pressure evenly giving you a perfect sleep,

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