Wright Mattress

Wright Mattress is 11” tall and is available in all standard US sizes and dimensions. Click here for exact details about its measurements.

About Dr. Breus Mattresses

The doctor knows it best! Who can know more about a human body than a doctor? Sleep is an energizing and revitalizing requirement that your body needs in appropriate amounts every day without a miss and a good mattress is one of the main sources, which offers you a great sleeping experience that will leave you wide awake and refreshed. Dr. Breus, a clinical psychologist, who is a part of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Sleep Medicine decided to create his own line of mattresses that will give the user an ultimate and unparallel sleeping experience or that was what he promised. But from Dr. Breus Mattress reviews posted by various users, it looks like though phenomenal in his profession, Dr. Breus failed to offer what he promised from the performance of the product.

Dr. Breus Mattress Reviews

Well, Dr. Breus mattress has got its own share of good and bad reviews. For many, the mattress did not turn out the way they wanted it to be. The main problem that most of the customers have to deal with while using Dr. Breus mattress was sagging and dents. The mattress starts sagging and losing its firmness earlier than it should. From the reviews, it looks like the mattress gifted many with bad backs as well! But there have been some really amazing reviews as well as the product, some of the customers found the mattress worth the money they spent. There are rumors that the positive reviews have been posted by the company itself. A totally confusing product! When you look

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at the official website of the mattress you feel like it is one of the best mattresses you can ever have and then the reviews prove that to be completely wrong! Dr.Breus who developed the mattress is a reputed and respected persona in his field. The credentials and distinction that he holds are high which very few psychologists have been able to achieve it. The question is can a man of such great knowledge and experience make such a big mistake by creating a product which fails completely in its purpose, a product that is related to his expertise? For a bad product means a bad reputation! Hope the mystery unravels soon!

If you are planning to buy a mattress, make sure you go through every detail of the product from its making to its warranties and if you are buying it from a retailer and not from the company directly, be sure you thoroughly check the retailer’s customer’s reviews. A mattress is the main ingredient for a great sleep, so make no compromise in terms of quality. It is better to spend a few bucks on your mattress now than have to spend a fortune on medical bills. These mattresses have a 25-year warranty.

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