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Domino Mattress by A H Beard – Compare Mattresses Online

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Domino mattress from A H Beard is an Australian based mattress brand. The beds are available in Australia as well as in New Zealand. There are several models of Domino mattresses with each model having 3-4 comfort levels to choose from. The beds may be all-memory foam or hybrid mattresses. The mattresses are multi-layered with high profile finish.

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The mattress price ranges from $449-2309 after the current discount. The actual prices may be $849-3299. The mattresses are comparatively affordable. The quality mattresses are available in several retail shops across Australia and New Zealand. You can also buy them online from stores like

Domino Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The User reviews of Domino mattress show that the mattresses are comfortable, cool and warm when needed. The users are pleased with the product. One and all highly appreciate the quick delivery. The mattress gets a rating of 5 out of 5 from all corners.

Best Mattress Models from Domino Mattress

There are nine models of Domino mattresses available.

  • Domino Essentials Voyager
  • Domino Essentials Empire
  • Hilary
  • Domino Essentials Dynasty
  • Domino Norgay
  • Mallory
  • Domino Messner
  • Tabei
  • Domino Brilliance mattress

The Domino mattresses are available in a total of 7 different sizes- single, long single, King single, double, queen, king, and Super King. The availability of the sizes depends on the model. The dimensions of each size are,

  • Single 92 x 185 cm
  • Long Single 92 x 203 cm
  • King Single 107 x 203 cm
  • Double 137 x 188 cm
  • Queen 153 x 203 cm
  • King 183 x 203 cm
  • Super King 203 x 203 cm

Domino Mattress Specifications

  • Domino Essentials Voyager: This is the cheapest mattress from the Domino brand. The mattress uses top quality materials to give comfort from the memory foam layers and support from the coil system. The mattress has a pillowtop finish and has breathable material. The coil system has individually encased coils for independent movements. The coils conform to the body weight and shape to give perfect support. The mattress model is available in 3 comfort levels of plush, medium, and firm. The firm mattress will have a tight top instead of the pillow top. The mattress has cooling properties in its layers and has edge support as well. The available mattress sizes are single, King single, double, queen and King.
  • Domino Essentials Empire: This model of Domino mattress uses latex layers to keep the allergens and microbes away. The bed has a pillow top with o Performa foam, stretchable fabric and ultra-soft quilting that eases pain and soothe the muscles. The support system is a 3-zone spring system where more coils are in the lumbar area to help correct the posture. The extra support will support the hips and shoulders by which the spinal health is benefitting. The mattress has the trademark edge support that helps with the lifespan of the bed. The available sizes are single, long single, King single, double, queen, king, and Super King. The comfort availability is firm, medium and plush.
  • Domino Hilary mattress: This mattress model has quilted top layers and a support layer from the coil system. There is a quilting comfort layer, and the mattress reaches directly to the support by Crest coil system. The coil system has mini coils over the contour coils. These coils have loose packing over the usual coil layer. While the top layer of coils takes part in contouring, the lower layer supports the core of the body. The edge support envelops on all the sides. The mattress is available in plush, medium, firm, and ultra-firm comforts. The mattress sizes available are single, long single, king single, double, queen, and king.
  • Domino Essentials Dynasty has ultra-soft quilting layers at the top and solid support from the Conforma coil system. The 3-zoned coil system has different spring tension in 3 areas that can give ideal support for hips, shoulders and neck region. The Performa edge-to-edge support makes the mattress surface fully functional. There are three comfort levels for this mattress model- plush, firm and medium.
  • Domino Norgay mattress has a soft quilted layer at the top, followed by a layer of comfort foam and the support system in the form of the Summit 1000 coil system. The quilted layers use the Climalux layers to allow maximum aeration. The comfort layer is memory foam. The Summit 1000 coil system has two coils in the same pocket- a mini coil at the top and 5 zone coils at the bottom. It is this dual system, and the 5 zones feature that makes this mattress model different from other models. The available mattress sizes are single, long single, King single, double, queen, and king. The mattress comforts are available as plush, medium, firm and ultra-firm.
  • Domino Mallory mattress model has the Climalux comfort on the quilting layers with vented foam and better aeration. The support system is Summit 1100 with 5-zone coils. The coils are a combination of 2 coils with a mini coil over each pocket coils. The coils are 1100 in number and have 5 zones for different support requirements. The edge support promotes better durability and can also allow maximum use of the mattress surface. There are four comfort levels of plush, medium, firm and ultra-firm. The mattress sizes available are six types.
  • Domino Messner mattress utilizes a premium quilting comfort layers and a gel-infused latex as well as memory foam layers for pressure relief. The coil system is Summit 1200 with mini coils on top of the Contour coils. This system can get you contouring and support for five different zones on the mattress. The mattress can reduce the heat buildup and can also regulate the body temperature. The comfort level available for this model is firm, medium, plush and ultra-firm. The mattress sizes are available in all seven sizes.
  • Domino Tabei has the unique combination of Climalux comfort layers in the quilting with ventilated foam, gel-infused latex and memory foam layers for better cooling effects. You may choose the firm, medium, plush or ultra-firm mattresses. The mattress is available in all seven sizes.
  • Domino Brilliance mattress is available in queen size only with different layers of foam and coil systems. The mattress uses Aerocomfort Aeroweb; gel infused memory foam, Performa foam and micro comfort coils for body molding, comfort, and support. The bed has edge support on all sides. The thickness of the mattress is 33 cm. The comfort level of this mattress model is soft.
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Domino Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

All the Domino mattresses have a 100-nights trial period offer. This risk-free period guarantees a full refund of the money if you are not happy with the bed and would like to return it.

The trial period offers a replacement of the mattress if you are not sure about your decision. Send in a request for the same, and you will get a new mattress, and the original mattress gets a pickup back home. The customer must use the bed for a minimum period of 14 days.

The Domino mattresses have a 10-year warranty as well. The warranty covers any malfunctioning or defects on the mattress.

Discount Prices On Domino Mattress

The Domino mattress depends on the model and its size.

  • Domino Essentials Voyager $849-989
  • Domino Essentials Empire $679-1259
  • Hilary $779-1349
  • Domino Essentials Dynasty $899-1399
  • Domino Norgay $1069-1909
  • Mallory $1349-2429
  • Messner $1899-3699
  • Domino Tabei $2399-4799
  • Domino Brilliance mattress $3999

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Domino Mattress

There are coupon codes and promo codes available for the Domino mattresses. The coupons may be in the name of the individual model name of the mattress rather than for Domino mattress or AH Beard etc. There also are Bedworks coupon codes that may be applicable on Domino mattress only when there is no clearance sale.

Domino Mattress Return Policy

The customer may have to pay for the replacement fee if any, exchange fee, mattress pick up fee and replacement mattress delivery fee as well. You need to retain the original packaging materials as you need to use these to return the bed.

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Domino Mattress Shipping & Delivery

When you order a Domino mattress from Bedworks, you might be getting Next Day delivery for a few models. Otherwise, there is a nominal amount towards the shipping charges. The delivery team would be calling you one hour before the delivery time to make sure that you are home. The mattress will have a door delivery, and they will not be leaving the mattress outside on the curb. The standard delivery is the usual method. If you need a special delivery, there are extra charges applicable.

Domino Mattress Setup & Installation

There is no need for a special setup and installation for Domino mattresses. The mattress will be ready to use. The only thing you need to do is to remove the plastic wrap around the bed and place it on a suitable foundation.

Is Domino Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

The Domino mattresses have individually encased coils that can give precise pressure relief on each point of the body. Using a firm or medium comfort mattress of your choice would be good for those suffering from back pain problems.

Domino Mattress Firmness Analysis

Domino mattresses are available in firm, medium, plush and ultra-firm comfort levels. The use of a comfort layer changes the overall comfort of the bed. This comfort layer comes in between the quilted layer and coil system. Most of the mattress models are available in 3 basic comforts, and the ultra-firm is available with only a few models.

Domino Mattress Frames & Foundation

The best suitable foundation for Domino mattress is the A H Beard base in the proper size. You have the choice to add the foundation along with the bed while ordering. Ordering together will have them delivered together as well. This way you can start using the new mattress in a new platform for better results. You may also get a chance to choose different colors for the foundation. Generally, there are 4-8 color choices for the same.

Domino Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Domino mattress customer service phone number is 1300 654 000 for Australia and 0800 242 327 for New Zealand. Their email id is

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Domino Mattress in Stores

Domino mattresses are also available in several retail stores. You may look for the nearest store by typing in the zip code of your area. The results will have all the necessary details about the store. Even while ordering online from Bedworks, you get a choice to pick up the mattress yourself from the warehouses.

Domino Mattress Safety & Certifications

All the Domino mattress models are hypoallergenic and can repel the common allergens. The use of latex assures of the same. The latex, memory foam, cotton and all items used inside the mattresses have certification from the concerned boards. The Domino mattresses have got certifications from OEKO-TEX, National Asthma Council of Australia, HealthGurad certificate, GECA certificate, etc.

Maintenance On Domino Mattress

Domino mattresses are low maintenance mattresses. You need to keep the mattress clean, change the sheets and have a securing mattress cover or protector. The beds are all single sided and non-flipping. You need not spend time and energy on rotating the mattresses. The mattresses use premium spring coils that can sustain for a long time.

Motion Transfer on a Domino Mattress

Domino mattresses use special construction to avoid any partner movements on the surface. The individually encased coils move independently of each other so that the movement on one does not affect the next one. The Domino mattress shows extreme motion isolation capability.

Sagging Problems in Domino Mattress

There are no reports of any sagging or indentation issues on any model of the Domino mattress. The mattresses have a high resilience that can prevent indentation.

The Domino Mattress Giveaway

You can get notifications on any mattress giveaways happening from Domino mattress by signing up for their newsletter. Currently, there are no giveaways on, but a clearance sale is on for August.

The Domino Mattress Lawsuit

You can rest assured that there are no lawsuits filed against the Domino mattresses. They are a safe and user-friendly company that abides by all their claims.

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Domino mattress by A H Beard is a brand of beds that have better motion isolation to avoid any movements on the surface. The mattresses are available in different comforts and sizes. The price of the mattress might be higher, but you can quickly get them at the best price when there are same as the one that is currently going on. The flexibility in buying online, picking up from the store or seeing and purchasing it from the store makes it a versatile choice.

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