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Dirty Facts About Donald Trump & Memory Foam Mattress Have In Common

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“I want to make America great,” says Mr. Trump with a messy hair and our Uncle Sam is all pretending to be nice. Uncle Sam is in a kind of situation where he has to go and plummet in the “Trump RED SEA or the Clinton DEAD SEA” (sigh…) either ways he has to take a plunge into the sea. Now for the upshot after the plunge is yet to be seen shortly. But as of now let Uncle Sam keep calm and relax and gear up for the elections.

There are a lot of fun factoids when you put side by side Mr. Donald Trump and memory foam mattress. And by going with the existing trends, I thought nothing else is better than comparing memory foam mattresses with the king of the trump tower

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam was designed for NASA in the 1960’s with a special material called as viscoelastic. The same material is now being used in mattresses which make them exceedingly accommodating and soft. These memory foam mattresses actually contours its shape according to the body in response to heat and pressure. In simple terms it helps to dole out the weight evenly. If you are looking for a great sleep, then memory foam mattresses can be the ideal solution. Being well-to-do definitely won’t make you a genius (no am not talking about Donald Trump at all…). Likewise having just any mattress won’t offer you comfortable sleep. You gotta make your choices wisely for the better future and health. Memory foam mattresses are the best picks when it comes to luxury and comfort. To know more about memory foam mattresses and our Republican nominee keep reading.

Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

Donald Trump walks like the dead (with all those bizarre zombie expressions that he makes), and the memory foam mattress helps you to sleep like the dead. Either way, you are going to be entertained to the core. Watching him speaking over a conference or a rally is as humorous as watching Jerry Seinfeld performing his comedy acts (he works a lot cleaner with his words than Mr. Trump).

Memory foam mattresses are full of support, density and offer a feeling like you have been sleeping for over a decade just in one night. If Donald Trump sleeps over a memory foam mattress he would probably wake up and say “I have built a wall across the border and dare anybody enter America”. After all, you don’t have to pay dollars to dream but you will have to catch a night full of good sleep. To sleep peacefully, you will have to invest on a comfortable mattress and don’t ever think that “expensive is the best “. There are lots of cheap and budget-friendly mattresses in the category of memory foam mattresses which offer quality sleep and those that last long. If you want to try sleeping over memory foam mattress, then here are various brands listed below.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Brands

In the meantime, let the trump card be closed. Let’s steal a look at the various memory foam mattress brands available. There are different varieties of mattress brands when it comes to choosing a memory foam mattress. Decide on the attributes like density, thickness, firmness and size etc. Once you decide, go and shop from the famous brands like Serta, Tempur-Pedic, sleep innovations etc. I also particularly like those sleek styled mattresses from Ultimate dreams. These are the most famous brands and other brands that are lesser known. However, they have great products to offer.

Some of them are Signature sleep, Amerisleep, Classic brands, Sealy, select comfort, and Astrabeds. All of these brands offer budget friendly memory foam mattresses with top notch quality. Do you know that the “Trump” brand is just so famous that he has plans to change the Republican Party to Trumpublican party very soon? There is nothing new even if he does so, as he likes things to go the Trump way than the usual way.

Similar Products

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Do you know that the leading mattress maker Serta dumped Donald Trump’s “trump home décor”? Serta came up with this decision after the billionaire mogul Mr. Trump made litigious remarks regarding Mexicans immigrants. I reckon Trump hadn’t delivered such statements. Of course, Serta has indeed done a good job.

They are not only good at showcasing their social responsibility towards the nation but they also sell pretty cool mattresses that offer luxury. Their gel memory foam mattress is one of its kinds and Serta has established its foothold in the mattress industry with this unique product. The predecessor of gel memory foam traps a lot of heat and most of the customers have a real issue dealing with this problem. But unlike memory foam mattress, gel memory foam is all about super comfort. It does not trap heat but prevent heat retention with the help of infused gel beads. This automatically improves the response time and motion transfer leading to a great sleep. Apart from Serta there are other brands like Brentwood and lucid that offer cool action memory foam gel-infused mattresses.

Serta’s iComfort gel memory foam mattress feels just like heaven and it is one of the most sought-after luxury gel foam mattresses. Yes this mattress has top ratings. No wonder why Donald Trump chooses this line of mattress from Serta for his home décor business. The only problem being its cost and I guess not all would be interested in spending so much for a mattress. If you can invest for a luxurious mattress then enjoy your sleep. On the other hand if you are looking for an alternative then go ahead read about gel memory foam mattress toppers and save some bugs.

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are a gauche billionaire like Mr. Donald Trump then probably you wouldn’t need a mattress topper as it’s meant for those who need an economical sleep for a long-term basis. Donald Trump once said “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass”. On the same perspective it really doesn’t matter whether you have a tight packed gel memory foam mattress or just a mattress topper. All that you need to count on is to sleep comfortably and to wake up enthusiastically. Mattress topper just does that and you get all the features of a gel mattress.

If you are a side sleeper look for a mattress topper that is just 1 to 2 inches thick. So that your spine can sleep aligned. You can try the LUCID 2 Inch Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper that comes at an affordable price range. If you prefer to sleep on other positions, then try the 4-inch dual layer mattress topper from sleep innovations.

Best Memory Foam Mattress And Mattress Topper

A long-term butler at the Trump house says that his master sleeps hardly for 3 or 4 hours at night. But in general a normal person has to sleep for at least 6 hours a day to mend his body. Giving rest to the body allows your mind to think clearly and speak logically. No I din meant that he makes “bewildering remarks and irrational mistakes” Nope… never. I think that he lacks some serious sleep and may be his mattress is to be blamed in that case.

The quality of the mattress can largely affect the sleeping patterns. If your current mattress has started sagging, or you feel aches in your body the next morning, stop pondering over and get geared to invest on a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Again if you feel that investing on a memory foam mattress might be heavy on your pocket you can opt for a normal memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers easily blend into your existing king or queen or any size. They offer the same comfort for the years to come and are pretty easy on the pockets. There are lot of memory foam mattresses and toppers that has hit the markets with different constructions and materials being used. These hybrid mattresses and toppers tackle the heat issue and offer great sleep for hours.

Most of the brands offer memory foam mattresses and toppers but choosing the right one for your body is the ultimate aspect that needs to be well thought of. Zero out a memory foam mattress or a topper based on the firmness level you want, thickness, support and especially one that fits in your budget. Once you buy a memory foam mattress or a mattress topper, don’t forget to buy matching memory foam pillows to set the stage for a great sleep.

Best Memory Foam Pillows

Our presidential candidate comes up with innovative quotes and outrageous comments that his memes are being used in pillow cases. I specially loved those hell toupee pillow cases and trust me they are kind of funny. I have ordered one for my memory foam pillow so that before I sleep, I can find some time to get rid of stress and have a hearty laugh.

So coming to the point about memory foam pillows they actually offer comfort to the neck and head when compared to latex, feathers and microfiber stuffs. I own a set of classic brands memory foam pillow which is made of cotton blend and has a height of 5”. Compared to all the pillows I used this one actually fits my head and neck completely and I feel relaxed in Toto. You can also try other brands like sleep innovations and sleep better as even they have huge positive responses from customers. If you aren’t sleeping on a memory foam pillow then I guess you are missing all the comfort and that plushy feel.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Based On Customer Reports

Mr. Trump tweets almost anything and everything intentionally or unknowingly that bullies his opponents. Most of his tweets are now being marketed as jokes and they are selling huge like anything. I must admit that he speaks straight from his mind (am not sure whether he has one) without bothering about the aftereffects. On certain points I do agree with him especially the patriotism part. I wish he made more sense in other areas of politics. Okay it’s pretty late to mend his ways but for sure we are going to be entertained like anything for the time being.

Having mentioned a lot about Mr. Trump, I would like to get into “straight talking” just like him. Here are my top five picks of memory foam mattresses that have been the best and rated high according to customer reports.

  • LUCID Plush 14 a four-layer bamboo charcoal infused memory foam mattress is one of the best sought out mattresses and best regarding value for the price it comes. It is one of the best picks for those who expect comfort at a reasonable budget. This memory foam based mattress is best suited for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin types.
  • Ultimate dreams 13” thick gel memory foam mattress is another great pick in the category of gel memory foam mattress. It comes with a 3” comfort layers, 2” support layer and 8” base layer with a sturdy design. It comes in all sizes and one of the popular choices among mattress buyers.
  • Bamboo Gel 13 from Brentwood home is another common pick among memory foam mattress buyers. It has a multi-layer design made up of different materials. It is a cool gel mattress which offers luxurious sleep and is readily available in all sizes. This mattress also comes with a pre-made bamboo cover which is washable. If you are looking for a lower end mattress in terms of price then you can definitely go for this one.
  • Dynasty mattress makers are just so famous for their therapeutic effect mattresses. All of their products stick perfectly on pocket friendly budgets. They also offer a 15” polyurethane foam mattress with a four-way zipper cover. To make the mattress more interesting they have attached suede fabrics and stretch knit designs on the top. It offers medium firmness and is pretty gentle to sleep on. Overall this is also a great choice when it comes to buying a memory foam mattress.
  • Sleep Innovations is a popular brand in the mattress industry and well known for their quality products. If you want to buy a budget-friendly memory foam mattress then single out on the dual-layered 12” Visco mattress. It offers 2.5 inch comfort layer and 9.5” support layer for all body types and sleeping positions. This mattress targets those people who want comfort without compromising on the budget. Another interesting fact about this mattress is that it offers orthopedic support. It is great for people suffering from back pain problems. In short it is an all-rounder mattress.

Bottom line

If Donald Trump were asked to comment on your mattress, he would probably use the common phrase he used in his famous show “The Apprentice” and would have said… “You’re fired if you don’t own a memory foam mattress”. No offense to Trump lovers it’s just that am so fascinated with his way of dealing things and anyways I hope you would definitely try a memory foam mattress for a great sleep. You all gotta admit that both Mr. Trump and memory foam mattresses are just so famous for pole-apart reasons.

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