Spinal health has a lot to do with the type of mattress that you are using. There are not many TYPES of mattresses that are good for spinal health. There are only 3 of them, the best of all – Mattress for Good Spinal Health. All you need to do is to get to know each of these and see how it is going to work for you. Each person has different tastes and health requirements. These 3 types of mattresses is all that you need to find the perfect type for your requirements. Let’s see what they are.

Latex Foam Mattress – Mattress For Good  Spinal Health

Latex foam is considered the best of all with its natural origin. The latex has springy effect much more than that it has for the memory foam. The spring effect of the latex will keep the body relaxed all throughout the night for a peaceful sleep.

The latex foam can align better to the body has is softer in feel people who like to sleep on soft surface will find latex foam suitable for their taste. Latex foam is available in varieties. It does not need body heat but can conform to the body as soon as the weight is on it.

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Latex being a natural product is hypoallergenic in nature. But there are people who are allergic to latex. Except those people, latex is one of the safest type of mattresses not just for the spinal health, for the general health also.

Memory Foam Mattresses – Mattress For Good Spinal Health

Memory foam mattresses come highly recommended for spinal health. The popularity for this type is higher because the memory foam does not cause allergies as in the case of latex foam. This material has conforming ability that is heat sensitive. It conforms to the body where the body heat is in contact with.

The quality of memory foam for spinal support depends on the density of the form. The quality increases with the density. The firmness or the comfort is also directly proportionate to the density.

Memory foam is the material to look for to make your existing mattress suitable for spinal health. Get a memory foam mattress topper for instant upgrade. Choose a thicker topper for this purpose.

Memory foam mattresses are available I combination with other materials also. There are spring coils, latex foam, quilted padding etc added in addition to memory foam. These hybrid mattresses or mattresses with multiple layers of different density memory foam can offer more support than simple foam mattress.

Spring Mattress – Mattress For Good Spinal Health

Spring coil mattress has been the most popular type of mattress for spinal alignment, until memory foam came into picture. The spring coils may be open or individually pocketed. The pocketed coils can provide better support for the joints and spine than the open coils. They work independent of each other to give you wider support for the body.

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The most advantageous feature of spring coil mattress is that it is suitable for those over weighed people. They can benefit more on these types than on memory foam or latex mattress,

Moreover, any mattress with innerspring coils as the core is also good for spinal health, as long as the mattress has a comfort level of medium firm.

Mattress for Good Spinal Health