Recently, my friend asked me whether memory foam mattresses actually works for back pain? She was dealing with sciatica that robbed her of sleep. But, I wasn’t sure about the mattress. I always thought a firm mattress would solve the problem, but it was just a thought. I actually didn’t know. However, in recent times memory foam mattress have been given lot of accolades, but does it really work?

This meant research. Relying on GOOGLE!!! The review hunt began. It hit me that not only was I wrong but there are just so much info about memory foam mattress to boggle off my mind.


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What Really Causes Back Pain?

  • prolonged hours of office work
  • any health conditions or genetic factors
  • using a wrong mattress
  • worn out mattress that has passed the date of expiry
  • bringing office work to the bed
  • too much stress build-up
  • overweight that contributes to pressure on spine
  • any unfortunate accident in recent times

If you are dealing with any of the above factors, then consult your medical practitioner. If you are using the wrong type of mattress, consider mattress topper or simply replace the mattress with a new one.

Designed by the NASA in mid-1960s for airplane seats, memory foam is made from a component called viscoelastic. The prominent features of viscoelastic is energy absorbent and soft feel. What people loved is the way it takes shape of your body thus enhancing a good beauty sleep.

Will Memory Foam Mattresses Work On My Back Pain?

Turns out memory foam mattresses are genuine ones. Here’s why. Known for their ‘adaptable’ feature, the mattress softens and bends thus relaxing itself to provide good support to your spine.

When the spine is placed in proper alignment, stress on the spine and other pressure points are alleviated. It turns out spinal pain occurs due to bad alignment that usually happens when we sleep. There are many who are stomach sleepers, side sleepers, or just any other weird position that can mess up not only the spinal alignment but also their digestive gut. Just like me.

ME??? I LIKE TO SLEEP THE JESUS POSE!!! I need my own space and as I enter deep sleep, my hands go wide apart (at times, right on my husband’s face) scaring him out of his wits. Oh, ya, it’s true…!!!

Coming back, memory foam mattresses keeps the body in right structure. This cuts the stress on the hips and shoulders which when ignored can lead to back pain.

“Pressure Points Are Quite Crucial In Deciding Which Is The Best Mattress For You.”

For those who are not aware (including me), pressure points are basically small surface of areas that handle large proportion of the body weight. For instance, your hips, shoulders and knees. Apparently the memory foam mattress responds to the warmth of the body. The result is a softer and more conforming mattress. Memory foam goes easy on the pressure points providing additional comfort for your back.

Comfort Is A Prominent Factor As You Don’t Want To Toss And Turn All Night To Get The Position Right

Spinal injuries call for adequate rest. They take their own time to heal. The healing process of the body occurs when it you are sleeping. So,  uninterrupted sleep is vital when it comes to quick heal of any back injuries. Memory foam mattress has many qualities that provide optimum healing and comfort.

  • they are temperature sensitive as in they wick away the excess heat from the body keeping you cool
  • comes with hypo-allergenic properties that is necessary for those suffering from skin allergies or sensitive skin
  • absorb pressure and energy with absolute ease thus providing motion transfer